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To add us to your ROKU channel lineup:
Simply click the link or here. If you have to sign in to your Roku account do so then come back here and click the link again. To manually add us: go to your Roku account, click add private channel and then add channel code 2KMVR.


New Featured Videos

Video Name Category Sub-Category Views
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e39 - 24 June 1956 - Momentum   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  400 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e38 - 17 June 1956 - The Creeper   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  396 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e37 - 10 June 1956 - Decoy   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  342 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e36 - 3 June 1956 - Mink   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  358 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e35 - 27 May 1956 - The Legacy   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  396 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e34 - 20 May 1956 - The Hidden Thing   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  295 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e33 - 13 May 1956 - The Belfry   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  309 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e32 - 6 May 1956 - The Baby Sitter   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  329 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e31 - 29 Apr. 1956 - The Gentleman From America   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  308 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - S1e30 - 22 Apr. 1956 - Never Again   Vintage TV  Alfred Hitchcock Presents  428 
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By Demand Video Problems

On Windows and MACBased Computers:

You need to install silverlight from microsoft.

If the link above shows that you have silverlight installed, click the uninstal tab follow the directions then REBOOT your computer and come back here and reinstall silverlight. Alot of times other video players and/or windows updates and Browser updates will corrupt silverlight. uses default settings so no customization is required.

On windows Phones android devices and computers that just can't stream silverlight:

You will see the above image just under where the silverlight should play. click the cell phone link for a standard based MP4 video file link. If that does not work, bring your device to a professional to get it repaired. (fees may apply).


Live Stream Problems

The Majority of live streaming problems are easily fixed.

On Windows based Computers and Laptops (windows xp - windows 10) You must have windows media player installed. Most problems on windows machines result from a corrupted installation of windows media player or another media player installed is conflicting with windows media player. You can fix this by reinstalling windows media player. this link will take you to to get a verified windows media player. This link also contains information for Macs and windows phones!


On Android devices (Note Google does not directly support windows video streaming anymore in an effort to force everyone to use Youtube and google video only and limit enduser options, BUT old school computer nerds like us at found a utility to overcome thier forced limitations of your rights).. VLC video app from the google app store will do the trick and is best (AND FREE) video app on the market for all android devices. We have found that even poorly maintained android devices benefit from this app not just on but all streaming video sites (even fixes problems with netflix!) this link will take to the google app store.


On mac and other devices all you need is an rtsp video player and then click the link directly below the live stream.