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### Video Name Video Description Category Sub-Category Views
1 Chris Valentine - 911 Tribute   Chris Valentine is a noted Musician and Videographer. In this musical video he performs a tribute to America.

Music  Bands  865 
2 Monocycle Crash  

Watch this Monocycle (thats a one wheeled bike) as it crashes everywhich way till tuesday!

Comedy  Crashes  529 
3 Boo Hoo Mr. Bush  

Oh Oh Georgies Crying Just another stumbling of our good old Pres.

Comedy  Politics   
4 Wild Priest  

Yeah believe it or not this is a real Priest

Comedy  Misc  692 
5 Episode 10  

Episode 10 - November 06, 2006

This week on KinFit, reducing trans fat, a wine a day is ok, fried Coke, Bosu squats for skiers and we get poppin' with poppies!

Health  KinFit  367 
6 Episode 11  

Episode 10 - November 20, 2006

This week on Kinfit, new Bosu DSL Trainer, Taco Bell goes "DONG" on trans fat, online fitness tracker, and sweet potato!

Health  KinFit  391 
7 Episode 17  

Episode 17 - February 12, 2007

This week, the New Canada Food Guide, the 6 o'clock scramble, Powerballs, easy balance exercises and we introduce the Pomelo!! (Note: We only noticed during editing that our wireless mic was not plugged in properly during filming so it ended up recording with the camera mic instead, therefore you will hear a bit more background noise than usual and a change in audio volume, SORRY!!)

Health  KinFit  366 
8 Episode 18  

Episode 18 - February 26, 2007

This week from Mountain Equipment Co-op, how to lose 9 lbs in 6 weeks with the Nintendo Wii, how to select snowshoes with Patrick Tremblay, and we tell you why we love MEC!!

(Note: We used our better external mic for this episode due to high interference with our wireless inside the store)

Health  KinFit  404 
9 Episode 21  

Episode 21 - April 16, 2007

This week, Nike+ site, new Nike Running Lounge, Body Worlds 2 exibit in Montreal, getting interactive with Office Ergonomics, and we get guacalicious with avocados!

Health  KinFit  382 
10 Kinfit Episode 26  

Kinfit Episode 26 - July 09, 2007

This week, Montreal Nike Running Lounge opens on Ile Notre Dame, prevent Alzheimer's with mind games, lower blood pressure with dark chocolate, workout tip, frozen desserts and we hang out at the Canadian Centre for Architecture!

Health  KinFit  419 
11 Episode 28  

Kinfit Episode 28 - September 03, 2007

This week, beer bike tour, run for a good cause, 24 hour step challenge, physical activity at work and 8 foods you should eat everyday! Sorry, no bloopers this episode!

Health  KinFit  381 
12 Episode 30  

Kinfit Episode 30 - October 01, 2007

This week, Nike Native American running shoes, fight tooth decay with cranberries, workstation installation tool, make your own ergonomic chair, and we SpeakUP with Andrew Lissade at Velocity Sports Performance Montreal!

Health  KinFit  585 
13 Teddy Fine Entrance Video  

Teddy Fines Entrance Video, produced by "unknown"

Sports  Loco Wrestling  745 
14 November 12 2005  

Novemeber 12th 2005

Sports  Memphis Wrestling  468 
15 November 4 2006  

Novemeber 4th 2006

Sports  Memphis Wrestling  541 
16 DL TV Episode 1  

Welcome to the first episode of DL.TV! Our show streams live over the Web every Tuesday at 9pm EST (6PM PST) and brings you a mix of product reviews, news, tech help and more!

You'll need a fast Internet connection and the Windows Media Player loaded on your system to view that live stream.

When we've got all the wrinkles ironed out, you'll also be able to download freshly encoded video of the live show any time you want... at least by Wednesday morning after the show. (Hey, encoding a 45 minute show takes some time!)

Our next live show is Tuesday, August 25th, 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific. We're looking for tech questions to answer on the show, so if you have one, email us at

Here's the deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  771 
17 DL TV Episode 2  

Kevin Rose joined Patrick Norton on our second episode of DL.TV.


Here's the deets:


News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  665 
18 DL TV Episode 3  

Sam Kennedy from joined Loyd Case from ExtremeTech, Robert Heron from PC Magazine, and Patrick Norton on our third episode of DL.TV.

Here's the deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  707 
19 DL TV Episode 4  

Here's the Deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  685 
20 DL TV Episode 5  

Here's the deets:

  • The iPod nano rules, at least if you don't want FM or a built in recorder. PCMag's review is most excellent.
  • BRIAN FROM TROY, New York saw our review of the $99 Dell 1100 laser printer last week and aks "Do you have to order replacement toner from Dell for the 1100, or can you get it from major retailers?" From what the propaganda inside the 1100 printer drivers says, Dell is the only source for the toner cartridges.
  • Nahid from Brampton, Ontario tipped us off to the Samsung ML-2010. No restrictions on where you buy toner. Available for under $100 if you shop carefully (and don't mind rebates), 22 ppm engine. Rumor has it the printing isn't as good as the Dell 1100.
  • Jeremy Atkinson from gave us the scoop on the ButtKicker Gamer, a $150 gadget to help you .... feel .... the frags.
  • We love Firefox. Firefox 1.5 BETA is out. Patrick's running it, Robert doesn't trust browser betas.
  • The current Firefox browser has a security issue with how it handles IDN (International Domain Names) that can allow a naughty site to execute a buffer overflow. You can learn more here, or go straight to the Mozilla page with the patch that disables IDN for now.
  • The beta of OpenOffice 2.0 is out. The latest version of the free office suite is heaps faster, considerably sleeker looking, and chock full of good stuff for folks that don't need to drop the cash on Microsoft Office. For a more technical intro that covers the finer points of compatibility with MS Office, check out PCMag's review
  • A combo DVD/projector? Robert Heron gave Optoma's MovieTime DV10 front-projector an Editor's Choice!
  • Garnett Lee from gave us the scoop on three great (free!) game demos for your PC. You can download AGE OF EMPIRES 3 and F.E.A.R. now. The SERIOUS SAM II demo will go out next week!!!
  • Thinking about Windows Vista? MS just dropped a new beta. In other Vista news this week, Microsoft revealed its plans to offer 7 different versions of Vista. DVORAK mocks it better than we can and suggests Microsoft offer a porn version. 

Got a question? Send us an email at

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  896 
21 DL TV Episode 6  

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron hosted our sixth episode of DigitalLife TV. Mark MacDonald, the Executive Editor of Electronic Gaming Monthly, came back from the Tokyo Game Show to give us his review of the Nintendo Revolution controller. 

Here's the deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  701 
22 DL TV Episode 7  

Jim Louderback joined us on the seventh episode of DL.TV and brought in some inexpensive, but not necessarily cheap, DVD players. Later, Jason Cross gave us the story on ATI's new Crossfire cards, and Dan Hsu from Electronic Gaming Monthly compared the Sony PSP with the Nintendo DS. Patrick Norton and Robert Heron hosted.

Here's the deets:

Got a question? Write us an email at

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  693 
23 DL TV Episode 8  

Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine got us up to speed on the DARPA challenge, right after Jim Louderback fired up his homemade NAS on the 8th Episode of  DL.TV. Patrick Norton and Robert Heron hosted the show.

Here's the deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  798 
24 DL TV Episode 9  

Joe Rybicki of Official Playstation Magazine joined hosts Patrick Norton and Robert Heron on the 9th episode of DigitalLife TV!



Here's the deets:


  • Stanford Racing wins the DARPA Grand Challenge! ExtremeCyborg sent a reporter down to cover the race

  • Jim from Singapore Wants to know if broadband boosters that "decrease latency" work?

  • Do you live for SMS? We looked at LG's VX9800. It might be your perfect phone, at least if you want a keyboard, stereo speakes and a big screen. Patrick showed off the QWERTY keyboard in action, along with Verizon's VCast video, and talked about the problems of browsing the web on a phone, even over the fairly fast EVDO network.

  • Wondering what PS2 users in Japan live for? Simulations like Guitar Hero Joe Rybicki, from Official PlayStation Magazine, brought the game in and showed us why it got a 9.8 out of 10.

  • You've sent us a ton of HDTV questions... Robert's got answers on the show!
  • Joel from Pittsburgh PA asks...
    I was wondering since my computer monitor has a resolution of 1280x768, would the picture be similar to what you would see on a 720i/p HDTV?
  • Ismael, from Queens, NY asks...
    I was wondering what the cheapest way to 720p is? Flat, Tube, Rear
    projection, front projection?
  • Jeff, from Elkhorn, Wisconsin asks...
    Is there a noticable difference between 720p and 1080p?

  • Tip of the hat to for putting free antispyware and free antivirus tools thru the lab wringer. Like free software? Check out Free Software: Good, For Nothing
  • Robert's "most highly recommended tool" for beating back spyware is SpywareBlaster (works with all popular browsers; no program to run in the background; easy to use): You have to purchase the software for autoupdates, and the free version requires manual updating. (They also offer a new tool for analyzing EULAs for interesting words and phrases.)
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  665 
25 DL TV Episode 10  

Here's the deets


  • Tyler Kovacs, CTO of Zvents talks us thu AJAX, Ruby on Rails, how they relate (AJAX on Rails) and why they're the biggest buzzwords on the web right now.
  • Wondering if you've ever seen AJAX in action? Try, Google Maps, or Netvibes. Or Zvents
  • Dana Jongewaard tells us why The Sims 2 on PS2 doesn't measure up to the PC version.
  • MS dropped a new Windows Vista beta yesterday.  PCMag shared tonsof new Windows Vista screenshots with us..
  • Viewer Question: the pros and cons of hosting a webserver over your home broadband line.
  • 50,000 folks showed up for the DigitalLife event last weekend. Jim Louderback shows us the niftiest stuff there.
  • Viewer Question: Robert explains why waiting for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, might be a bad idea if you need dual layer DVD data storage now.

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  658 
26 DL TV Episode 11  

DL.TV Episode 11 aired live on 10-25-05.

Here's the deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  652 
27 DL TV Episode 12  

Here's the deets:


  • Check out the DL.TV viewer map on Frapper, and add your location!
  • Viewer Question: Matthew wants to know why we have commercials. They pay our bills! (And we have fewer minutes of advertising than most broadcast TV offerings.)
  • Want a free way to convert video to play on your video iPod? Use Videora's iPod Video Converter.
  • Need help getting video on your PSP? Try PSP Video 9.
  • The $800 Universal Electronics NevoSL: the "Ultimate Control Solution For The Networked Home," or just a super-expensive remote control?
  • Logitech's Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote took top honors for programmable remotes in PCMag's roundup - and it's about 550 bucks cheaper!
  • Viewer Question: Can I replace my TV with a projector?
  • Is the force with Star Wars Battlefront II? Dan Hsu from Electronic Gaming Monthly reviews the game sequel.
  • Viewer Question: Is it OK to install my copy of Windows XP more than once in my home?
    • Viewer Question: Bruce from Visalia is shopping for a GPS. Do we like TomTom's Go or Garmin's StreetPilot better?  
    • We love the TomTom... but read Get There From Here for all the info on latest GPS offerings for your car from Garmin, TomTom and Magellan.
    • Robert says don't forget GPS options for your notebook... we'll have a roundup on those soon!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  660 
28 DL TV Episode 13  

The live show aired on 11-8-05.
Here's the deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  706 
29 DL TV Episode 14  

DL.TV Episode 14 - our first Thursday episode -  aired live at 1pm PST, on November 10th.

Here's the deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  688 
30 DWF No Boundries  

Devastation Wrestling Federation Presents

No Boundries

November 18th 2006

Matches Include:

Cartoon vs. Fierce Fuego

Amadeus vs. Frankie Frizzo

Vinnie The Fixxer vs. Nikolai Volkoff

Shiek Ali/Russian Assassin vs. Patriot/Big Slam

Crazii Shea vs. Twiggy Ramirez

Patch vs. Glen Osbourne

Sal Sincere vs. Angel Gonzalez

Sports  DWF  2343 
31 Episode 15 aired live at 6pm PST, this Tuesday, November 22nd  

Episode 15 aired live at 6pm PST, this Tuesday, November 22nd 2005

Here's the deets:

  • We've torn into the Xbox 360& is it too early to care?
  • Xbox 360 launch titles: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • DriveRight's carchip E/X with Alarm: check the engine light and spy on the kids when they drive!
  • Hollywood and BitTorrent make a deal. So, when did hell freeze over?
  • Patrick's back from Baja, did he really use a digital compass?
  • MP3 players and harsh environments& and why duct tape is helpful.
  • And, as always, we answer your questions and dish out the latest news.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  663 
32 DLTV Episode 16 HD TV Special  

Here's the deets:

  • Wondering what HDTV is? Robert Heron says it's two things: an HDTV screen and HDTV content.
  • Big glass tubes, front projectors, rear projectors, plasmas, LCD, OLED... they all have their strong points.
  • Plasma vs. LCD
    • : why there's no such thing as the 'perfect' thin HDTV.
    • Going HDTV shopping this holiday? Loyd Case tells Patrick how to find his ideal HDTV.
    • Your HDTV checklist: Loyd's got a list you should check twice before dropping the big bucks on your.
    • Get the hook-up on HDTV connectors, and what you'll need to get your PC, DVD, cable or sat TV hooked up!
    • Wondering where to find the best HDTV content? Jim Louderback walks us thru his favorite sources, from TiVo to over the air
    • Trust us, that old UHF antenna is far from dead!
    • Looking for some of our favorite TVs? Check out the ultimate 'bang for the buck' guide to big HDTVs.
    • As always, we tackle your tough viewer questions.
    • And much more... this is a big one, folks, around an hour!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  711 
33 DL TV Episode 17  

streaming live at 6pm PST, this Tuesday, November 29th 2005.

Here's the deets:


  • Pong turns 34 today--we'd like to wish the venerable video game pioneer a happy birthday.
  • Did you go to the store last week, just to find every Xbox 360 sold out? Here's your chance at redemption: grab one of a huge shipment of Xbox 360s that hit stores this week.
  • Open Office 12 not so open, according to this report. Wait, does this mean the name is just for marketing purposes??
  • The next Mac Mini will gun for Tivo, and XP Media Center, according to ThinkSecret. June 2006 release anybody? 
  • Firebox 1.5 is released (at least to the mirror sites). Find out what's new, and what they recycled from the browser parts bin.
  • Yahoo's Konfabulator 2.1.1 is now free! Confused by the name? Click here to find out what it does.
  • VLC Media Player earns the distinguished title of "swiss army knife of video players." And yes, it's free, GPL licensed, and works on almost any platform.
  • Viewer Question: Hey fellas, will I notice an increase in performance if I go from 512MB to 2GB of RAM? I do a lot of 2D and 3D editing, as well as gaming.
  • Break out the textbooks and fill your kegs, because it's time for BitTorrent 101! First lecture: how to set up a BitTorrent server, with Ron Gorodetzky, Director of Technology at Revision 3.
  • Our crack team of technical analysts tackle smore of your tough viewer questions.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  652 
34 NOAH Wrestling Video  

NOAH Wrestling Video 08/10/2007

Sports  NOAH  449 
35 Pro-wrestling Noah Jr. heavy weight Tag  

Pro-wrestling Noah Jr. heavy weight Tag league.
KENTA/Taiji Ishimori vs Masamichi Marufuji & Kouta Ibushi
July.15.2007 Nippon Budokan, Japan

Sports  NOAH  421 
36 DL.TV Episode 18  

DL.TV Episode 18 aired live Thursday, December 1st 2005

Here's the deets:



News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  717 
37 DL.TV Episode 19  

DL.TV Episode 19 aired live this Tuesday, December 6th 2005

Here's the deets:


  • Digital SLRs deliver amazing performance, and prices are dropping. We've got the deets on 4: the Nikon d50, the Canon EOS Digtal Rebel XT, the Pentax *ist DL, and the Fuji FinePix S9000. Guest which two walk away with the hightest honors?

  • Patrick takes apart over $3000 worth of digital cameras without breaking any...yet.

  • Chip makers are driving to deliver $20 cell phones by 2007. Patrick's got a $30 cell phone already. (Dude... he needs a better cell phone.)

  • Phishing still sucks: it's time to learn how phishers slip through the loopholes, and build your phishing IQ.

  • Viewer Question: Do you guys have girlfriends, or are you like every other geek out there?

  • Answer: Patrick is married, but Robert is single and on the prowl. Send your proposals, photos, and Hot or Not ratings to

  • Glide Effortless wants to make sharing on the web easier. Getting consumers to adopt the website might be a little harder...
  • Viewer Question: How is it that the 320x240 video you release for the iPod is bigger than the 480x360 H.264 file?
  • Answer: Ask Apple. We've been using the iPod codec settings in Quicktime. (We're rolling our own this week... wish us luck!)

  • Viewer Question: Brian asks (along with about 490 other viewers), "Why don't you have a widescreen version of the show?"
  • Answer: well, we've only got one widescreen camera right now, but soon, soon you'll be able to see the glorious walls to the left of Patrick and Robert. Must see IPTV! In Widescreen. (Maybe we should leave the panoramic vistas to old John Ford movies...)

  • And, as always, a heaping helping of even move of your viewer questions!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  725 
38 DLTV Episode 20  

DL.TV Episode 20 aired at 1pm PST, this Thursday, December 8th.


Here's the deets:


  • Few video games are innovative enough ( and, frankly, weird enough) that we simply must play them on the show. Animal crossing is definitely one of these games! Jennifer Tsao joined us from Electronic Gaming Monthly to demo the new Nintendo DS title.
  • The pre-release of IE 7 won't be out until 2006, which means internet users may have to wait up to a year for new IE 7 features like tabbed browsing, and one click cache erase. Of course, they could just download Firefox...
  • Speaking of Firefox, version 1.5 has an unpatched vulnerability in the history.dat file that could lead to a nasty denial-of-service attack, and malicious execution of code.

  • Some smart guys at Caltech set a new internet world speed record: they peaked at 150 gigabits per second--that's 130 dvd movies in a minute! BitTorrent users will have to wait for that kinda speed at home, though.

  • The EFF is suing sony...why??? Danny O'Brien, activisim co-ordinator for the EFF, justified the lawsuit over Sony's SunnComm DRM ( no, it's not for the rootkit), and told us how to identify CDs that put stuff on your system.

  • Patrick's SLRs (cameras, that is). In case you missed Tuesday's show, we brought the budget D-SLR cameras back on the set.

  • Viewer Question: What is a good, free RSS aggregator?

  • Answer: There are lots of good RSS readers out there, but if your looking for a free one try SharpReader, or the Yahoo reader that comes with every Yahoo account.

  • And, as always, more viewer questions are answered, fewer are ignored, and we all learn something...
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  703 
39 DLTV Episode 21  

DL.TV Episode 21 aired live at 6pm PST this Tuesday, December 13th.

Here's the deets:

  • Kevin Rose, Founder of, is coming on the show to talk about the latest on the social news site--including a new design, sites that copy Digg, and venture capital.
  • The latest Windows patch fixes something that Sony's rootkit fix left behind--no, it's not a good sign when Microsoft has to clean up after you.
  • Luckily for Sony, Blu-ray is winning the next-gen format war with 90 percent of the CE industry, and seven movie studios now backing the Blu-ray Disc.
  • Microsoft's Live Local map service is up and running, and it's got tons of features that Google Maps doesn't. We especially like the birds eye view that lets you change the camera angles and see more than just rooftops.
  • Coca Cola + Coffee = Coca Cola Blak. Our favorite geek beverages; together at last!
  • Photo printer frenzy!  We've got four printers that earned an Editors' Choice rating from PCMag, and range from $160 to $800: the HP Photosmart 8250, Canon Pixma MP500, Epson PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition, and the Epson Stylus Photo R2400.
  • Viewer Question: Soonamy asks, "When and where can I see DL.TV aired live?"
  • Answer: Good question Soonamy! It's at 6pm PST on Tuesdays, and 1pm PST on Thursdays (just take GMT, subtract 8, and you're there!)
  • Viewer Question: Michael (and a few other folks) ask "what's the URL of the site Robert mentioned that hosts torrents for feature length movies with expired copyrights?"
  • Answer: Robert knows a few good ones from Public Domain Torrents, and The Internet Archive.
  • Plus, the hottest news, even more viewer questions, witty banter, and more...
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  740 
40 DLTV Episode 22  

DL.TV Episode 22 aired live at 1:30pm PST this Thursday, December 15th.

Here's the deets:

  • Ruby on Rails 1.0 has finally shipped--of course, programmers have been using the popular open-source framework for months.
  • IE and Mozilla collaberate on a new RSS Icon. Apparently they all agree that the best way to ensure consistency is to change the icon.
  • Can Brasso clean iPod scratches? It can, and Patrick demonstrates why you should only use it in a well ventilated environment.
  • Noise isolating headphones work--sometimes too well. Good places for isolating 'phones: airplanes, buses, and construction sites. Bad times for isolating 'phones: while flying airplanes, driving buses, or working in construction sites.
  • Traffic bites: but, if you live in SF, Seattle, or LA the TrafficGauge can help you avoid the gridlock.
  • Viewer Question: Nikki from San Francisco, CA asks "How do I go about finding an ISF-certified tech that can calibrate my LCD TV without ripping me off?"
  • Answer: Well, as long as Robert passes the ISF test he might help you out. Otherwise, use your best judgement!
  • Gamers rule... Child's Play raises toys, games, and cash for sick kids in Childrens Hospitals. Hillary? Mr. Lee? Are you listening?
  • Viewer Question: Chris from Germany asks "Can I connect a VGA output to the HDMI port on an HDTV?"
  • Answer: No, and it definitely pays to get a video card with DVI output: they're cheap, and you'll have a much cleaner signal for your HDTV.
  • Plus, all the critical geek news, your latest viewer questions, and much more!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  663 
41 DLTV Episode 23  

DL.TV Episode 23 aired live this Tuesday at 6pm PST (2am Wednesday, UTC).


Here's the deets:

  • Hybrids: they're not just cars, but the future of hard disk drives. We explain why magnetic disks and flash memory chips are a winning combination, and what technologies are most likely to make it to your local Fry's or CompUSA.
  • Addictive games: these free time-wasters are so hard to quit they should be illegal.
  • December is wrapping up, and the 2005 Google Zeitgeist is finally here. The top gainers of 2005 inlcude (not suprisingly) Myspace and Wikipedia, with 'Janet Jackson' as the top Google News search--clearly the public is focused on the hard news.
  • No free antivirus program is perfect, but we like AVG, Avast 4 , and AntiVir better than some more expensive programs. We recommend you only install one antivirus program, so choose wisely. 
  • Do you really need Hi-Def DVDs for Hi-Def playback? Robert checks out the NeuNeo HVD2085 DVD player, to see if the upconverting player lives up to the hype.
  • Plus, everything on Hi-Def DVD players: upsampling vs. upscaling vs. upconverting, 3:2 pulldown, resolutions, low cost solutions, and more from our expert/co-host Robert Heron.
  • Viewer Question: Travis asks What's your take on the 'HDTV' torrent downloads of TV shows?  Not the legality issue, of course, but the quality issue.
  • Answer: HD is always compressed to get the file size down, and resolution reduction is usually part of that process--but they can still look pretty good. As far as the legality issue...
  • We analyze the latest technology news, from our tech-centric San Francisco studio.
  • And, as always, we take a swing at more of your viewer questions.


News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  955 
42 DLTV Episode 25  





Episode 25 of DL.TV streamed live in the new 4pm PST (7pm EST) time slot, on Tuesday, January 10th.

Here's the deets:

  • You asked for an all-questions show, and we're giving it to ya (plus a little Macworld news.)
  • Apple's new MacBook Pro and iMac systems feature Intel's Core Duo processor. The Intel chips should bring a much-needed performance boost to the Mac platform--Apple fans rejoyce!
  • Also announced at Macworld: the iPod Radio Remote. Listen to FM radio on your iPod, just like the name says.
  • Viewer Question: Dan asks "I use iTunes to download Podcasts, but I want a Bittorrent downloader to save bandwith for the guys who make the podcasts. Got any 'podcatcher' reccos?"
  • Answer: We'd like to see some podcatchers that use P2P, but for now try Juice or iPodder if you're looking for a capable downloader.
  • Viewer Question: Joel asks "I've got a Athlon 64 3500+ (Clawhammer) with a Zalman heatsink and it runs hot (48C at idle, 65C load). How do I get the temps down?"
  • Answer: Those temps are normal for a Clawhammer core, but make sure your thermal compound is evenly spread on the heatsink. Otherwise, think about getting a newer 90mm core Athlon--they run a lot cooler.
  • Viewer Question: Kyle asks "What do you guys think of Toshiba's prototype 42" SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display)? Is this the display of the future?"
  • Answer: SED displays have a couple of big advantages: they're ultra-thin (less than 1cm), and have super high contrast ratios (up to 100,000:1), for great black levels. They'll sell if the price is at all reasonable...
  • Viewer Question: Rick asks "I've got a 42" HD Sony that I connect to my cable box with an S-Video cable. Will I see an improvement in image quality if I replace it with an HDMI connector? Is it worth the $40?"
  • Answer: Yes, Rick, yes you will. That old S-Vid connector can't support HDTV signals, which means the precious 'HD-ness' of your TV is going to waste! Get a HDMI, DVI or component connector immediately, and sin no more!
  • Plenty more of your viewer questions!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  682 
43 DL TV Episode 26  

Patrick says: "Welcome to another fine, blended edition of DL.TV!" The show streamed live at 4pm PST (7pm EST) this Thursday, January 12th.

Here's the deets:

  • Google's video store is live. The pay-per-show ($0.99 and up) service isn't quite finished, but it'll get there (this is Google, remember). Be sure to check out their episodes of Charlie Rose!
  • Nikon UK drops film cameras from their product lineup. Does this signal the end for film? Patrick knows...
  • Macworld hits San Franciso--and it's literally four blocks from our studio! We explored the show floor and found the very cool MacControl iPod connector/remote, which brings iPod controls to regular Macs.
  • We eye a few more Macworld products: XtremMac's Tango iPod dock ($199), Elgato Systems EyeTV 2 ($49), and the Intego VirusBarrier X4 ($69.95).
  • David Pogue knows something about Macs. Patrick caught up with him at Macworld to get his opinion on Mac antivirus software.
  • Nintendo's Electroplankton is more of a musical instrument than a Nintendo DS game. 10 'breeds' of plankton respond to the DS touch screen and microphone by generating sounds. 1up guys Garnett Lee and Andrew Pfister get us in the groove.
  • You asked us about free CD/DVD burners on Tuesday's Show, and we answered...eventually. Check out DeepBurner and CDBurnerXP Pro.
  • Viewer question: Brady asks "I noticed you keep changing the set TV on your show. Why?"
  • Answer: We change TVs for a couple of reasons: we can't afford our own so we have to borrow Robert's review sets, and because the confusion keeps our interns on their toes.
  • Plenty of fresh viewer questions to entertain and inform you, and more cool stuff. 
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  706 
44 DL TV Episode 27  

Episode 27 of DL.TV streamed live at 4pm PST (12am GMT), this Tuesday, January 17th.

Here's the deets:

  • In the news: 'DVD Jon' declares intent to crack next-gen DVDs. Given his track record, the question isn't "Can he do it?" but "How long will it take?"

  • Microsoft shipped its first Vista security patch, for beta testers of the new Windows OS; the first of many, we expect.

  • And, Windows XP Service Pack 3 gets packed into a 2007 release. Hey, we're just happy to get a vague release date.

  • The Fatal1ty 1010: gamer mouse extraordinaire, or one too many Fatal1ty branded products? Jason Cross reviews the smallish, $49, offering from Creative.

  • Viewer question: Jason asks "Should I go with a Mac or PC for 'prosumer' video editing? I've only got $1200-$1400 to spend."
  • Answer: It depends on what video editing software you'll use--which, FYI, could cost as much as the hardware! In either case, make sure you've got a fast CPU, and plenty of RAM.

  • Robert reveals the hidden secrets of his new gaming PC--for the first time on non-network television!

  • A brief history of Linux (oops, we mean GNU/Linux), along with our reccos for Linux bundles and where to grab open source software.

  • Plus, more viewer questions, commentary and escalating drama to come. Stay connected.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  764 
45 DL TV Episode 28  

DL.TV Episode 28 streamed live at 4pm PST (midnight GMT) this Thursday, January 19th.

Here's the deets:

  • The U.S. government wants Google to hand over their search results for use in finding pornography on the web. We know several ways to protect your family from explicit content--and they don't require government intervention.

  • A 2006 version of 3DMark, the industry-standard gaming benchmark, is out. And, Robert's hefty new PC scored over 5000 points. Beat that gamers!

  • Salvaging old monitors: a weird connector (like Apple ADC) doesn't mean you should trash a good display. Dr. Bott's SGI Saver and DVIator may be all you need to convert outdated signals into fresh signals.

  • DOS games are not dead--but DOS compatible video cards may be. We'll help you set up a DOS box just for playing those classic titles.

  • Full Auto (for XBox 360) is what happens when you combine fast cars, machine guns, and a bad pun. Matt Leone, Preview Editor of, takes us through the visually stunning game.

  • Backing-up DVDs is easy with the right tools. We found apps for Windows and OS X that can burn a disc faster than Patrick's oxy-acetylene torch!

  • Getting the best mp3 encoding--DL.TV Audiophiles Patrick and Robert discuss the fact and fiction of joint-stereo and lossless compression.

  • Our favorite cheap headphones pump out clear sound for around 50 bucks (or less). Grado's SR 60s made our list, along with some others.

  • News, and plenty of conversation-starting viewer questions to come.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  709 
46 DL TV Episode 29  

Here's the deets:

  • Pixel Corps claims to be a "martial arts dojo for the digital artist." Founder and Chief Architect Alex Lindsay gives us a tour of the site and demos the software app. that lets you do pro-level CG in your spare time.

  • Firefox 2.0 is due by summer. The new version of 'Fox will totally update the look and even add an inline spell checker.

  • The new ATI X1900 is now the fastest uber-expensive GPU available. But, is it really available?

  • Tune-up an out-of-whack display for cheap: Cohost/HDTV Guru Robert Heron calibrates an HDTV with the Monster/ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD ($29.95).
  • Viewer Question: Scott asks "Ubuntu has a program called 'Ship It' that will ship you 2 The install CD will even re-size your Windows XP partition and make room for the Linux install. Have you guys heard of it?"
  • Answer: Yes! If you're looking for a free distro of Linux, definitely check out Ubuntu's Ship It as well as these old-school and Bittorrent solutions.
  • Viewer Question: Jason wants to know "Is it possible to build a $500 gaming PC that will play just about every new game, or should I buy a Voodoo or Alienware system?"
  • Answer: Patrick says yes, Robert says no. Fortunately, a petty argument proved to be unavoidable.

  • And, as always, plenty of hot news and more viewer questions later in the show.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  735 
47 DL TV Episode 30  

DL.TV Episode 30 streamed live at 4:00pm PST (well, about a 1/2 hr. later, this time) on Thursday, January 26th.

Here's the deets:

  • Don't be evil--unless there's a whole lot of money to be made. Apparently, that's the logic behind Google's decision to self-censor its Chinese search system.

  • We play with the new video-capable, 30GB Creative Zen Vision:M ($330). Does it deserve the title of "iPod killer?"

  • Andrew Pfister of hates 25 to Life ($40, PS2). Is it really the worst game of the year, or do "gansta" themes salvage this tactical 3d shooter?

  • A whole bunch of you guys wrote-in about nLite,
    the free tool for slipstreaming Windows XP. We love it 'cause it lets
    us create an XP Install disk with all our Windows updates pre-loaded.

  • Viewer Question: Patrick asks
    "Hello from Jakarta, Indonesia, guys! Why do US cellphone providers
    have such limited phones to choose from when there are cool and better phones available in Europe and Asia?!"
  • Answer: We agree, and we're all
    for bringing back phones from overseas. Just make sure ya know what
    you're doing, or you might end up with an expensive paperweight.
  • Viewer Question: Brendon asks "Is it possible to take iPod videos and make them viewable in a standard DVD player?

  • Answer: Sure it is. But you're gonna to have to work for them, son.

  • We can only squeeze-in so many viewer questions, but we had time for a couple more on the show. Keep 'em coming!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  673 
48 Episode 31- Tuesday, January 31 2006  

Episode 31 streamed live on Tuesday, January 31st 2006.

Here's the deets:


         ATI beats Nvidia on Video accelleration, tho you might never notice. 
         Fire up the rumor mill: Google in talks to buy Napster?

         Been sharing software? UK ISPs ordered to turn over user info
         We asked if you want video game coverage... and boy, did you answer. 
         Microsoft releases IE 7.0 Beta 2: read PCMag's review
         The short version? Lots of interface mods, some new security features, and it brings IE up to par with Firefox. 
         It's really for developers and folks that love testing beta software, but you can download the beta.
         Thanks to everyone that emailed us with information on the Maxthon browser. (Underneat, it's IE 6!) 
         What is 'Fair Use' anyway? Danny O'Brien, Activism Co-ordinator, drops by from the EFF to discuss. 
         Want some help influencing your local representative on tech policy? Go to the EFF Action Center
         What were those camcorders we talked about?

         Looking to spend under $500? Hitachi's DZMV780A records to a DVD-R or DVD-RAM

         Just about any Sony or Canon is workable in that price range.

         Thinking sub $1000? We showed off Canon's Elura 90 and Panasonic's PV-GS250

         We also mentioned Canon's Optura 400. (It picked up PCMag's Editor's Choice award.)

         Sony's changing over their camcorder models. You might score a deal on a, Sony DCR-HC90
         Heads up: chances are that company offering a video camera camera for hundreds less than everybody else.... 
         ...wants you to pay top dollar for an 'accessories package' or isn't going to ship you the camera at that price.. 
         Ask us how we know.
         StarForce Technologies threatens BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow

         The company seems rather upset that he called it "anti-copying malware." 
         We had time for a few viewer questions, too. Keep 'em coming!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  704 
49 DL.TV Episode 32 - Thurs. Feb 2 2006  

DL.TV Episode 32 streamed live Thursday, February 2nd 2006

Here's the deets:

  • Patrick broke the Vista Beta box. it wasn't Microsoft's fault. Blame the RAID 5 array.
  • So we'll have our walkthu of the Windows Vista Beta on next Tuesday's show. For now, you can peruse PCMag's mad collection of Windows Vista coverage.
  • Worried about the Blackworm/Kama Sutra worm that's attacking systems February 3rd? You're probably safe. Update your antivirus and run a scan. For more info click on Security Watch: Blackworm Blows Up On Friday.
  • Game coverage? Jane Pinckard brought by Curious George. One for the kiddies. Robert picked it. Really.
  • We also reviewed Apple's iPod Radio Remote... great FM, but Robert says fifty bucks for an FM radio is a ripoff. We also gave our opinion on the very nifty TrafficGauge.
  • Patrick used it to dodge holiday traffic, his wife thinks it's great entertainment since she doesn't drive the nightmare that is Highway 101 every morning.
  • And, as always, plenty of hot news and more viewer questions later in the show.

Got a tech question? Send us an email at

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  679 
50 DWF/Loco - Unrated - April 26th 2008 - Match 5 - Cannibal Damian Pain vs. Crowd favorite Johnny Fearless  


DWF/Loco - Unrated - April 26th 2008 - Match 5 - Cannibal Damian Pain vs. Crowd favorite Johnny Fearless

Cannibal Damian Pain vs. Crowd favorite Johnny Fearless. Damian Pain was led to the ring by Dark Angel CJ. Once in the ring it was revealed by the ring announcer that it was his birthday. So his grandmother brought out a cheesecake and wiped his face with it.
Once the match kicked off it was all business. These two have battled before and this was just a continuation. Johnny Fearless took the fall with a powerbomb.
After the match Johnny tried to shake hands with Damian, only to be clotheslined and slammed on a couple of chairs.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1852 
51 DWF/Loco - Unrated - April 26th 2008 - Match 6 - X'ed -VS- The Nigerian Nightmares  


DWF/Loco - Unrated - April 26th 2008 - Match 5 - X'ed -VS- The Nigerian Nightmares

The next match of the evening was for the AWFR tag team championship. The team representing AWFR was Warlock and Slayer, better known as X'ed led to the ring by Philly Fury DC Lurie and Matt Wylde. The were facing The Nigerian Nitemares. They were led to the ring by The Ultimate Stud Jimmy Clydesdale and their handler Mutumba. Most of the match The Nigerian Nitemares were in control but X'ed would not be denied. They took control and managed to get the win. After the match, Jimmy Clydesdale was complaining to the announce team that X'ed had cheated and he demanded a rematch. Just as he was about to leave The Nigerian Nitemares took him out. At that point Philly Fury DC Lurie ran into the ring and carried Jimmy Clydesdale out of danger. Mutumba was on the mic dissing the Pennsauken crowd.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  904 
52 DWF/Loco - Unrated - April 26th 2008 - Main Event - Bobby Piper -VS- Sheik Sheil Ali DWF Heavy Weight Title  

DWF/Loco - Unrated - April 26th 2008 - Main Event - Bobby Piper -VS- Sheik Sheil Ali DWF Heavy Weight Title

The Main Event! Bobby Piper challenging for the DWF heavyweight championship. Shiek Shiel-Ali and Bobby Piper fought tooth and nail. Lots of outside interference by Shieks manager Shiek Farwad Muhammad better known as Outlaw Frankie G. In the end Shiek Shiel-Ali held onto his title. On his way to the back, first he punched a fan sitting in the crowd. No word yet on any lawsuits. Then at the entrance way he blasted Tim The Fan with a chair punching and kicking him while he was laid out. Again no word yet on any lawsuits. We'll keep you posted.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1061 
53 DWF/Loco Freezone II Southern Justice vs Southern Enforcer  

The Southern Enforcer finally got his shot at the DWF Title and Southern Justice Dalton James. Was this enough or does TSE want more? Only time will tell.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  928 
54 Kage and IB Green take on The Empire  

Kage and IB Green defended their DWF tag team championship against Mack Daddy Ron Starr and Ty Reno. The Empire was at full force for this one. The Bulldozer had threatened to get Ron Starr earlier that evening. Would he make his presense known?

This was DWF/Loco MonsterMash 2010 Oct 23rd 2010 at Devastation U.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  775 
55 DWF/Loco Monster Mash Halloween Show 2010  

DWF/Loco Annual Halloween Show 2010


Ron Starr introduced The Empire. Loudy and Bulldozer Matt Justice were fired. Nick Suave was brought out as the new manager.

JoJo defeated Mike Goldstein and Zito in a Loco Heavyweight contendership match.

The Southern Enforcer Defeated Da Law

Latin Enforcer challenged The Southern Enforcer

Blackie Defeated Joey Spades to retain The Loco Cruiserweight Title

The Latin Connection defeated La Famillia

Kage and IB Green defeated Ron Starr and Ty Reno due to outside interference by Bulldozer Matt Justice

YGW came out with WNJC and WBCB Dj's

Columbian Cartel and YGW Amadeus and Slayer no contest

Fans were shocked as Amadeus was carried off a bloody mess.

Autumn Breeze and Simply Divine battled to a draw. Then battled beyond. They had to be pulled apart.

Dr. Ruthless defeated Jonny Casteda Jesse Logan and Slim Whiskey to regain the New Jersey State title.

Demitrious Arion defeated Chill Sean Carr and Dalton James to win the DWF Heavyweight title.

Sports  DWF  4801 
56 Trash Talking Radio Sept. 28th 2010  

Listen here 

Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe
No one has trained more successful wrestlers than this Legend. He is the owner of the Monster Factory and has more ringtime in one year of his active time than most indy guys will see in a lifetime. If you want to be successful, you work with someone with a track record.


Monster Factory

Wann be a wrestler? 856-933-0500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              856-933-0500      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


GPW Update
This weekend in CT GPW Returns to Shelton for a FREE Show.

Live family friendy professional wrestling event with 7 big matches including the GPW Championship Match. Special afternoon start time of 3:00 and admission is FREE! Come early for best seats. Doors open at 2:30.

Shelton Boys & Girls Club
1 Positive Place
Shelton, CT



The Big 10
The Skip Program, a charity supporting children in Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, is participating in the Pepsi Refresh Project for a 250,000 grant. Skip has joined several organization across the nation in a joint effort to win grants to improve the lives of others. The Big 10 (Skip Program and nine partners) are asking for your help to make children's dreams come true, save the lives of animals, fund community needs through the arts, and heal the nation! Skip Program is asking for your vote and your support of our partners. Voting information can be found on the Skip Program website

 Skip Program 


Johnny Romano
He is one half of the Hype and is headed to a town near you to show you what he is all about. Don't take our word for it. The Hype is here, the hype is now


Johnny Romano

The Hype


News & Views & more



Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  382 
57 Trash Talking Radio Oct. 5th 2010  


He has remained fairly quiet after leaving the TNA roster. We will have him on in a very rare interview this week. We will talk all about the Dawg Pound as well as many of the people that he has helped rise to stardom in Pro Wrestling.


GPW Update
This past weekend saw the return of Sheik Ziballa as he and "Supernatural" Samir Ahmed II, made it known that they were not happy with the management. We also saw the united Front with Sheik Ziballa and Big Daddy Ruthless.



On June 27th 2010 “G-Bear” a 15 year old girl was tragically hit by a drunk driver and sustained sever medical injuries including losing her left leg. Unfortunately to make matters worse the driver of the vehicle and owner did not have insurance and this degree of medical care that she needs is not cheap! G-Bear (Gioanna Romano) and her family are friends to many of us here at DWF/Loco and we asked for the support of many other organizations to help us put on a benefit show. All proceeds are going to her family to help cover the millions of dollars of medical bills she has already accumulated. Please help us help them lighten the burden by coming to the show and making a small donation of whatever you can afford to give. There will be NO CHARGE for the show all donation money will be given to the family.

Sat. October 9th 2010 DWF/loco with AWFR
7:30pm Bell Time Doors open @ 6pm
Holmesburg Boys Club
7725 Dittman Street
Philadelphia PA
For tickets
For information


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  472 
58 BREAKING NEWS: Explosion And Fire At Chevron Natural Gas Well In Pennsylvania  

At around 6:45 this morning a fire was reported at a Chevron natural gas well in Greene County, Pennsylvania, just north of the West Virginia border. As of early afternoon, one person had been injured and another was still missing, according to statements from the company.

Twenty workers were on the scene at the time of the fire. While Chevron did not initially know the cause of the blast, the fire chief on scene recently said it was caused by natural gas. According to Chevron spokeswoman Lee Ann Wainwright, the well was in the final stages of being put in production.

“State Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Jefferson, said state police have closed the roads around the well on Bald Hill Ridge Road in Dunkard Township,” reported the local Observer-Reporter. “State Department of Environmental Protection spokesman John Poister said police have set up a half-mile perimeter around the well site following the explosion.”

A specialized fire-handling crew is on route from Texas to the scene of the explosion, but it will likely be at least several hours until the fire is under control, according to the Observer-Reporter.

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett recently proposed allowing gas drilling in the state’s parks and forests after a four-year ban, listing energy independence and economic security as reasons to ramp up fracking the massive Marcellus Shale region. Drilling on public lands fragments the land via pad construction, roads, and pipelines and makes the habitat more vulnerable to chemical spills or explosive fires.


News  Misc  878 
59 Anchor Confuses Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne  

WARNING: This is the MOST PAINFUL interview we've ever watched -- an L.A. news anchor just mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne ... on live TV ... and Sam Jackson completely lost it.

Jackson was sitting for an interview about his new movie "RoboCop" this morning on KTLA -- and for some reason, Entertainment anchor Sam Rubin decided to ask Sam Jackson about his new Super Bowl commercial.

But there's a HUGE problem -- because Sam Jackson did NOT do a Super Bowl commercial this year. Laurence Fishburne did. And that's when Sam Jackson GOES OFF on Rubin.

Rubin scrambles like 90s cable porn ... and desperately tried to apologize ... but Jackson will NOT let him off the hook. It's amazing.


News  Misc  922 
60 A massive sinkhole collapsed part of Kentucky's National Corvette Museum on Wednesday, damaging eight historic cars.  

A massive sinkhole in western Kentucky opened up early Wednesday morning below the National Corvette Museum, swallowing eight rare and historic Chevrolet Corvettes that were on display to the public.

No one was hurt in the incident, which was recorded at 5:44 a.m. by motion sensors at the museum in Bowling Green, just miles from the General Motors plant that builds new Corvettes. Six of the cars had been donated to the museum by enthusiasts, while two were on long-term loan from GM.

“It’s just kind of a sad day in the Corvette mecca of the world,” said Wendell Strode, executive director of the museum, which is home to roughly 80 Corvettes in total and attracts about 150,000 visitors a year.

The sinkhole measured about 40 feet across and 25 to 30 feet deep, the museum said in a statement, citing local fire department personnel on the scene. The museum is closed for the day as engineers assess the safety and stability of the ground and other structures on the property.

The eight Corvettes were among 25 to 30 cars on display in the Skydome, a cone-shaped building on the museum’s property that measures 140 feet in diameter and features a 100-foot-high glass ceiling. The remaining cars in the Skydome have all been removed, Strode said.

It’s too early to tell the extent of damage the sinkhole caused the vehicles, but Strode wasn’t feeling optimistic. “It’s not looking good,” he said. “There were a lot of tears this morning as [employees] were having to deal with what’s in there.”

The six affected cars the museum owned were a black 1962 Corvette, a 1984 custom pace car from the IndyCar World Series, the 1 millionth Corvette and 1.5 millionth Corvette ever built, a 1993 Ruby Red 40th anniversary Corvette, and a 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette.

The museum is in the process of reaching out to the people who donated the cars.

“They were all very special cars to those individuals,” Strode said, the weight of Wednesday’s loss evident in his voice. “Each had a unique story and each had a unique place in their hearts.”

“This is going to be devastating to them,” he added.

Also damaged were two cars GM had lent the museum: a one-off design concept of a 1993 ZR-1 Spyder -- a model that was never built, and the original 2009 ZR1 “Blue Devil” show car.

Both of GM’s Corvettes probably were worth more than $1 million apiece, according to Chevrolet spokesman Monte Doran. But they weren’t vehicles an owner might drive (the 1993 Corvette was for static display only).

“They were both one-off, highly collectible cars,” Doran said. “Great museum pieces, but these weren’t cars you could use as daily drivers.” The status of the two donor cars is “hard to gauge at this point,” Doran said.

Yet Chevrolet was thankful no one was injured in the incident and the company had every intention of doing whatever it could to help the National Corvette Museum get back on its feet, Doran added.

The museum will spend the next several days assessing the effect of the sinkhole on the rest of the facility’s grounds with the help of civil and structural engineers, as well as staff from nearby Western Kentucky University, Strode said. It will make the decision on what to do with the Skydome after that.

“This is something we will overcome,” Strode said. “Corvette is America’s sports car and its museum will continue to be America’s sports car museum. We’ll come back stronger than ever.”

News  Misc  978 
61 9/11 Truth  

9/11 conspiracy theories are conspiracy theories that disagree with the widely accepted account that the September 11 attacks were perpetrated solely by al-Qaeda, without any detailed advanced knowledge on the part of any government agency. Proponents of these conspiracy theories claim there are inconsistencies in the official conclusions, or evidence which was overlooked. In a 2008 global poll of 16,063 people in 17 countries, majorities in only nine countries believe al Qaeda was behind the attacks. 46% of those surveyed believed al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks, 15% believed the U.S. government was responsible, 7% believed Israel was and another 7% believed some other perpetrator, other than al Qaeda, was responsible. The poll found that respondents in the Middle East were especially likely to name a perpetrator other than al-Qaeda.
The most prominent conspiracy theory is that the collapse of the Twin Towers and 7 World Trade Center were the result of a controlled demolition rather than structural failure due to fire. Another prominent belief is that the Pentagon was hit by a missile launched by elements from inside the U.S. government or that a commercial airliner was allowed to do so via an effective standdown of the American military. Possible motives claimed by conspiracy theorists for such actions include justifying the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as geostrategic interests in the Mideast, such as pipeline plans launched in the early 1990s by Unocal and other oil companies. Other conspiracy theories revolve around authorities having advance knowledge of the attacks and deliberately ignoring or helping to assist the attackers.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and media outlets such as Popular Mechanics have investigated and rejected the claims made by 9/11 conspiracy theories. The civil engineering community accepts that the impacts of jet aircraft at high speeds in combination with subsequent fires, not controlled demolition, led to the collapse of the Twin Towers.

News  Politics  800 
62 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Opening Cinematic  

The End of Days has begun:

The next chapter in Sanctuary's epic saga has been unveiled. Originally debuted at gamescom 2013 on August 21 in Cologne, Germany, this is the opening cinematic for Diablo III's first expansion set, Reaper of Souls. For all the latest news and information regarding this major update to the critically acclaimed Diablo franchise, visit

Shorts  Misc  986 
63 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Gameplay Teaser  

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Gameplay Teaser

The End of Days has begun:

Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom, returns as the Angel of Death in Diablo III's first expansion set: Reaper of Souls. Having seized the Black Soulstone and slain most of the guards protecting it, it now falls to players to track down Malthael and stop him before he unleashes irreversible havoc on the world. Fortunately, a new hero is ready to join the cause and bring Malthael to justice—the Crusader, a fierce melee warrior whose command of the battlefield is matched only by his unwavering conviction and uncompromising dedication to the Light.

This is the first official gameplay teaser for Diablo III's first expansion set, Reaper of Souls, originally debuted at gamescom 2013 on August 21 in Cologne, Germany. For all the latest news and information regarding this major update to the critically acclaimed Diablo franchise, visit

Shorts  Misc  1004 
64 S7E7Twelve Annoyed Men and Women   Twelve Annoyed Men and Women - Having to serve as foreman on a jury that cant come to a consensus may force Dick to miss a New England Patriots game he and George have tickets to.  Vintage TV  Newhart  263 
65 S7E12Cupcake on My Back   Cupcake on My Back - Michael cannot afford the extravagant lifestyle Stephanie has become accustomed to on his salary as a shoe salesman, while accusations of cheating at poker threaten Jim and Chesters friendship.  Vintage TV  Newhart  323 
66 S7E13Another Saturday Night   Another Saturday Night - Michael and Joanna endure a torturous evening at Larry, Darryl, and Darryls house. Dick gives a commencement speech at an exclusive school.  Vintage TV  Newhart  297 
67 DL.TV Episode 33 - feb. 8 2006  

DL.TV Episode 33 streamed live Febuary 8th 2006

Here are the deets for today's show:

  • Need source code? There's a new search engine called "krugle" just for you. It's in beta!



  • We promised not to talk about the *P*d for a week, but Joe pushed us over the edge:


    "I would like to see you guys try not talk about the new 1gb nano and the recent price drop of the shuffle."

    Thanks for telling the folks at home about the new Nano and low priced shuffle for us, Joe! 


  • Our Windows Vista Beta Tour is delayed until Thursday.

    Vista is still installing!!! Patrick's staying up all night until he gets it to run...

    In the meantime, here's a slideshow that covers installing Vista




  • Is film dead? the Sony CineAlta HDC-F950 is the camera that shot SIN CITY and REVENGE OF THE SITH...


    Alex Lindsay of Pixel Corps shows off the camera and gave us some insight as to why

    film will be leaving a theater near you.




  • 2006 Demo: "The premier launchpad for emerging technologies." Louderback shows off what caught his eye.


Got a tech question? Send us an email at

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  788 
68 DL TV Episode 38 2/24/2006  

Went out live Thursday, February 23 and is available for download now.

  • We're talking about fiber to the home. (A lot of you love your fiber!)
  • We show off the new CTP of Windows Vista, has a great tour of Build 5308.
  • A lot of ya love curling, too... thanks for the email!
  • DL.TV download speeds: 100Kbps to multiple MB per second.
  • We give you a tease of the Democracy Player (We'll go in depth with it next Tuesday).
  • Google debuts Page Creator.
  • Game review o' the week: Black
  • X Prize Foundation drafts rules for Luner Lander Challenge.
  • Apple sells it's 1 billionth song.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  721 
69 DL TV Episode 39 2/28/2006  

What's in the show?

  • Tools for your IPTV addiction: FireAnt and the Democracy Player
  • Sony's got a release date for Blu-Ray
  • Apple's Announcement = Two new minis and a portable
  • Cheap power supplies... No problem, or no computer?
  • update: it works with cell phones!
  • ExtremeTechs' best mouse under $20)       
  • Doorknobs, gerbils and lamers...
  • And, as always, a heapin' helping of your viewer questions!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  706 
70 DL TV Episode 40 3/3/2006  

Here's the deets:

  • A $3500 USB thumdrive?!? Robert is not impressed.
  • DL.TV downloading slow? Help our network provider Limelight trace the problem by [[Limelight has a ton of data now, and asked us to pull the link. Thanks for all the responses!]] downloading TracePut.exe, and running it on your system. Wow... it was after 1AM when we posted that TracePut link. We get cc'd on every one. There are a lot of you up late!
  • Computerworld reports that Google won't store search records in China.
  • Senator Ron Wyden is our new hero& he's battling the telcos with the Internet Non-Discrimination Act of 2006. Patrick goes nuts.
  • We gave Ray from Portland, OR some help with his SATA ports, and talked about some sick new hard drives that has benchmarked.
  • Would you like 10,000 RPM, and a clear glass window? Check out Western Digital's Raptor X 150GB . Perhaps 400 or 500 GB for quite a bit less cash? Check out ET's review of Seagate's Barracuda 7200.9 500GB and the Western Digital Caviar RE2 400GB. Heads up: the Seatgate sells for lots less than it did when the testing was done!
  • The Drizzle (Auburn Hills, Mi) asks if Bluetooth headphones are worth listening thu? Our man at PCMag says these three headsets get 4 stars each& Logitech's, Wireless Headphones for MP3, Logitech's, Wireless Headphones for iPod, AirLogic's icombi AH10, but with a BIG caveat.
  • The rotating sockets of are all over the geek email threads this week& the rest of the world noticed em last summer, we think. No ship date yet..
  • The PowerSquid may be the coolest power cord ever.
  • Has anybody but us noticed that wall warts are a lot better designed these days?
  • We drop a little taste of ZD's next show: CrankyGeeks, hosted by PCMag's John C. Dvorak.
  • We also kick around on viewer questions about and give you the inside scoop on tools you can carry on the plane: 7 inches in the magic number, and no knives!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  684 
71 DL TV Episode 42 3/9/2006  

We've got a special treat. Assuming he hasn't come to his senses, Jeff Bates, aka Hemos, aka the co-founder of Slashdot will be on the show, talking about what's up with /. (I still had all my hair when I started reading Slashdot!)


We've also got ExtremeTech's fearless leader, Loyd Case., who's all kinds of amazed by Intel's next processor, code named Conroe. He's gonna tell us why it doesn't suck (not even a little), along with the scoop on this week's Intel Developer Forum.


You want more? Sure!


Microsoft keeps gunning for Google: Windows Live Search just hit beta.

Should google be looking over its shoulder? The mapping was pretty good...


The Yellow Machine: Anthology Solutions offers up a high end 1TB NAS for the home.

Is it worth the hefty $999 pricetag?


The Intel Mac mini: will we gut it like a fish, or just review it?


Unlocking phones....

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  683 
72 DL TV Episode 43 3/14/2006  

Here's the deets:   

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  788 
73 DL TV Episode 44 3/16/2006  

The Deets:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  948 
74 DL TV Episode 45 3/21/2006  

Here's the deets:

  • DOJ gets 50,000 search queries from Google
  • What a bummer: the team that made Katamari ... Dissolves.
  • Warner Bros HD-DVD titles will ship in Late April
  • The Kell factor means you might want that HDTV sitting closer to you than your old NTSC TV.
  • Need to share an external hard drive between OS X and Windows machines? If the files are under 4GB, a drive partitioned in FAT32 will do.
  • Our capture files typically run bigger than 10GB, so we format the external drive with OS X's HFS+ and run Mediafour's MacDrive 6 on the PCs. OS X will read NTFS formatted drives. It won't write to them! 
  • Want to slow down your 802.11G network? Let 802.11B cards in!
  • Viewer Question: can you use an HDTV as a desktop monitor?
  • Viewer Question: How can you get Windows Audio to encode over 192Kbps?
  • Viewer Tip: AOL's In2TV only runs on Windows XP or Windows 2000. We should have tested it on Linux or OS X:
  • We promise to look at web services on other platforms as often as we can.
  • The RSS feed for DivX is up... we're experimenting with new deinterlacing tools for our H.264 and iPod feeds.

A few minutes after we got locked into our studio, Microsoft announced that Windows Windows Vista will ship in January 2007. At least for consumers. The business version will ship in November 2006. Mary Jo over at Microsoft-Watch is all over this one!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  715 
75 DLTV Episode 46 3-24-2006  

Here some of the deets from tonight's show:

  • Microsoft: Vista to Launch in January 2007
  • Microsoft Confirms  'Highly Critical' IE Hole
  • Security Watch: Adobe, Apple, Microsoft All Issue Fixes
  • Samsung Execs Plead Guilt in US DRAM Probe
  • VOiP and 911: Less than perfect?
  • The physics rule, the AI doesn't, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the Xbox 360 begs for an HDTV
  • Dan Hsu tells us how hard the game rocked... and his secret weapon for spousal approval of a 56 inch HDTV
  • Electronic calendars are popping up all over: we demo
  • ... and wonder about tying up your friends, family, Flickr, MySpace and 5 days worth of weather inside today's date.
  • The show was spiced, as always, with your questions, and at least one plea for  Linux segment
  • Our demo o' free software for analyzing file sizes/finding fat files on your hard drive will be next Tuesday...
  • ...ya'll sent in some great software for us to check out!
  • Oh yeah...Patrick embarrasses himself and Robert has another rant.  Was a fun night!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  619 
76 DLTV Episode 47 3-28-2006  

The deets:

  • Bluetooth Hops on Intel's Ultrawideband
  • Toshiba Trades Notebooks for Thumdrives (In Canada.)
  • Robert's shocking admission about recycling... really, Robert, you should recycle electronics. And cans. And plastic.
  • AllofMP3 (and 40 other overseas bargain priced MP3 sites) = random credit card fraud claims UK's
  • And the international partner of the RIAA claims is illegal, even tho the Russian legal system hasn't taken the site out.
  • Blogger Uses Packet Sniffer to Catch Cheating Girlfriend.
  • Our condolances to Len on the breakup, and on not making Digg's home page until he blogged this... normally he writes more technical posts.
  • Reminder: use a spyware tool that can sniff out keyloggers on your system...
  • and remember: chat and email is almost always terribly easy to read on your local network!
  • A portable media player that plugs into a TV. Does Iomega's ScreenPlay measure up?  
  • Robert's fave 50 inch plasma HDTV: Vizio's P50 HDM. It's a bargain for the size, too!
  • Viewer Question: Is the Westinghouse LTV-27W2 any good?
  • Low cost HDTV buying help!
  • Viewer Question: Some sites offer a bewildering variety of video codecs. Divx? Xivid? Theora? Is there one format that's the best choice?
  • Viewer Question: I've installed my new hard drive, why doesn't it show up in Windows XP?
  • Partition and format it!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  688 
77 DLTV Episode 49 4-4-2006  

What's on the show? Here ya go:

  • Robert starts his journey with OpenSUSE Linux
  • Patrick shows off the new look (Think "Ribbon") in Office 2007
  • We get info on the best tools for fighting spyware
  • Toshiba releases first HD-DVD player in Japan
  • Samsung postpones release of first Blu-Ray player (to June)
  • Movielink and CinemaNow!
  • Bulk microfiber cloths for screen cleaning on the cheap...
  • Apple vs. Apple: it's trademark, not copyright, dummies!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  782 
78 DLTV Episode 50 4-6-2006  

What's on the show? Here's parts of it:

  • Boot Camp: Apple brings XP installs to the Intel macs. You asked, we're showing it off.
  • Yup, gaming on the MacBook Pro notebook and a mo' basic mini kind o' XP experience.
  • Pioneer's Inno XM2GO: a quick preview of the new portable XM satellite/MP3 player.
  • Dang, is that thing small!
  • What's a $6000 PC look like?
  • One more disk tool: JGOODIES JDiskReport. It's Java, so it runs runs on darn near anything...
  • Movielink: Download to Own, the same day the DVD gets released. (That's a new twist.)
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  645 
79 Vampiro's Movie Trailer (1st)  

Vampiro Announces his biographic movie..

This is the official Trailer.

Sports  Misc  734 

a video from wcw when sting and vampiro had a rivalry.

Sports  Misc  729 
81 WCW - Vampiro & Sting vs Ric Flair & Lex Luger  

Back when Vampiro and Sting were known as "The Brothers in Paint"

Sports  Misc  733 
82 Suicide 6  
One of the most innovative matches takes place EXCLUSIVELY in Xero Underground!
Sports  Xero Underground  474 
83 Suicide 6 Part 2  
One of the most innovative matches takes place EXCLUSIVELY in Xero Underground!
Sports  Xero Underground  526 
84 Suicide 6 Finale  
One of the most innovative matches takes place EXCLUSIVELY in Xero Underground!
Sports  Xero Underground  529 
85 Danny Danger promo Feb 15th BWO Southern State show  

Danny Danger Talks about his last open Challenge and the new open Challenge to anyone in the lockeroom on feb. 15th in hightstown. for more info go to

Sports  BWO SS  834 
86 Steve Off promo Feb 15th BWO Southern State show  

Steve Off talks about how he's going to destroy "The Lone Wolf" Evan Myers in their no count outs match on February 15 in Hightstown, NJ for BWO Southern State

Sports  BWO SS  828 
87 Chrono Chris promo Feb 15th BWO Southern State show  

Puerto Rican Prodigy" Chrono Chris speaks about his upcoming match with Anhell Gonzalez on February 15th, 2008 in Hightstown, New Jersey

Sports  BWO SS  901 
88 Brock Lesnar -v- Akebono IWGP title  

Brock Lesnar defends his IWGP title against Akebono at the most recent New Japan tour ender at Sumo Hall

Sports  Pro Wrestling Misc  349 
89 moments Kurt Angle with Cris Benoit  

Kurt talks strategy with benoit

Sports  WWE  332 
90 NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Safe Guard Your Prescriptions  

NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial 

Teens may not be getting all of their illicit drugs from the streets.

Sports  NFL  745 
91 NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial The Future is Ours Under Armour  

NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial The Future is Ours Under Armour

With Under Armour, the future of athletics begins now.

Sports  NFL  786 
92 NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Diet Pepsi Max: Nod  

NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Diet Pepsi Max: Nod

Diet Pepsi Max is the cure for the common sleepy-head.

Sports  NFL  762 
93 NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Godfather Audi  

NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Godfather Audi

Moe Greene wakes up screaming, but this time it's not because of a horse's head.

Sports  NFL  765 
94 NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Diet Pepsi Max: Nod (Extended Version)  

NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Diet Pepsi Max: Nod (Extended Version)

This parody of Saturday Night Live's popular "Night at the Roxbury" skit will keep people awake with a humorous take on the before-and-after effects of drinking Diet Pepsi MAX. This behind-the-scenes look features LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott and Macy Gray. The ad will premiere during the Superbowl.

Sports  NFL  752 
95 NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Pepsi Stuff: Justin Timberlake  

NFL Superbowl 2008 Comercial Pepsi Stuff: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake takes some hilariously hard knocks for your enjoyment.

Sports  NFL  754 
96 Sunshine  

Short film shot at Virginia Beach. Stars Jimmy Norton and features music by Matt Costa.

Music  Misc  710 
97 Danny Pagan clears the air  

John Solo interviews Danny Pagan, regarding some recent accusations about Pagan’s personal life. NOTE: This is not a storyline.

Sports  Force One Wrestling  763 
98 Top 10 K1 knock outs Grandprix 2007  

Top 10 K1 knock outs Grandprix 2007, Mighty Mo, Nortje, Jimmy Eimers,Hansuk Wor Petchpun, Musashi, Randy Kim, Ray Sefo, Semmy Schilt, Fujimoto,Badr Hari, Fujimoto, Karaev, Diender, Orono, Melvin Manhoef, Karaev, Hong Man Choi, UFC, MMA, Elitexc,

Sports  Kick Boxing  466 
99 Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video  

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

Song & video, featuring a star cast, by of The Black Eyed Peas. Inspired by Barack Obama's 'Yes We Can' speech.

It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation.

Yes we can.

It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom.

Yes we can.

It was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness.

Yes we can.

It was the call of workers who organized; women who reached for the ballots; a President who chose the moon as our new frontier; and a King who took us to the mountaintop and pointed the way to the Promised Land.

Yes we can to justice and equality.

Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity.

Yes we can heal this nation.

Yes we can repair this world.

Yes we can.

We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.

We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics...they will only grow louder and more dissonant ........... We've been asked to pause for a reality check. We've been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope.

But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.

Now the hopes of the little girl who goes to a crumbling school in Dillon are the same as the dreams of the boy who learns on the streets of LA; we will remember that there is something happening in America; that we are not as divided as our politics suggests; that we are one people; we are one nation; and together, we will begin the next great chapter in the American story with three words that will ring from coast to coast; from sea to shining sea --

Yes. We. Can.

Celebrities featured include: Jesse Dylan,, Common, Scarlett Johansson, Tatyana Ali, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriquez, Kelly Hu, Adam Rodriquez, Amber Valetta, Eric Balfour, Aisha Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger and Nick Cannon

News  Politics  666 
100 Fired Up, Ready to Go  

"Why Obama?" Three brothers share their story. Joe Bergevin watched Senator Barack Obama tell a story about one person, Edith Childs, who energized others with a "fired up, ready to go," chant at one of his campaign stops. Inspired by Obama's "One voice can change the world" speech, Joe wrote some lyrics and rough chords then called his brother Jon to help him compose and arrange the song. They named it after Edith's chant. After many phone calls, emails, and sleepless nights, they had assembled the team. Ten days later an epic recording was born with the intention of spreading Obama's hopeful message. Contributors include lead singer Reverend Pat Wright and her renowned Total Experience Gospel Choir, drummer Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam, lead singer Jake Bergevin, other top studio musicians, sound engineers, video teams, photographers, caterers, local news teams and a renovated theater with recording studio. From the first word written to the last note performed, this entirely donated and collective effort demonstrates Senator Obama's unifying message and Americans' desire to act on it. We were in awe of how freely people said, "Yes!" to this project. His words "For that is our unyielding faith-that in the face of impossible odds, people who love their country, can change it" demonstrate that great leaders motivate others. Barack is a great leader.

"I would have never imagined participating in an event like this, suddenly having a bunch of people come together on behalf of a political candidate; contributing immediately, so fully and unconditionally," said Stephan Schier, one of the project contributors.

Edith Childs said in the Greenwood Index Journal "I just had no idea that something done spontaneously would go this far -- in a good way," Childs said. "But as far as the song, I think it's cool. And I'm going to go online and see the (music) video when it comes out. But look, I did (the chant) in June, and I had no idea this is where we'd be on January 25."

Stay in touch with the project at:

Watch related video:

Featuring the following artists:

Composition: Bergevin Brothers Music - Lyrics and Music (Joe), Music and Arragement (Jon)

The Band:
Jon Bergevin - Piano, Musical Direction
Osama Afifi - Electric Bass
Matt Cameron - Drums (Pearl Jam)
Arturo Rodriguez - Latin Percussion
Frank Seeberger - Electric Guitar
Jessica Howard - Tambourine

The Singers:
Pastor Pat Wright - Lead Vocals and Choir Direction
Jake Bergevin - Lead Vocals
Grady A. Austin - Spoken Vocal and assistant choir direction
The Total Experience Gospel Choir

Sound Engineering:
Chip Butters - Sound Engineering
Mark Yeend -- Sound Engineering

Neill Barham - Director and Editor
Paul Killebrew - Producer
Tony Tibbetts - Jib Arm Camera & Technical Advisor
Sean Orr -- Camera

Stephan Schier

News  Politics  717 
101 Funny MMA Moments  

Some big names and some no names all showing the lighter side of MMA by making fools of themselves, joking around and just being downright rowdy. See more at

Comedy  Sports  421 
102 XU's Frontline; CTX Promo  

A promotional video for Xero UNderground's February 23rd event

This event is Now Available on PPV!!

Sports  Xero Underground  829 
103 John McCain Sings "Bomb Iran"  
He has served his country in the military, the Congress, and the Senate. Now he serves America in song.
News  Politics  646 
104 Friday Night Madness 2  

Team Ryouko is Toronto's first and only Extreme Martial Arts Performance Team. Inspired by the achievements of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and many others, Team Ryouko was founded by veteran Martial Artists, Break Dancers, and Stuntmen, with the single vision of exploring the limitations of the human body. Armed with a diverse background of skills, Team Ryouko has developed their own unique style to leave their mark in the world.

Today the team has become a fast paced, action-packed fusion of martial arts, acrobatics and break dancing, resulting in the most intense martial arts performance in Toronto.

The team consists of professional dancers, actors, and stunt artists who have had extensive experience performing both on stage, in theatre, and for film and television. Each team member is unique and brings with them a vast vocabulary of knowledge in varying disciplines. The team members are subject to a strict training regime to ensure quality performances. It is this combination of talent and disciplined training that has allowed Team Ryouko to explode into both the martial arts scene and the entertainment industry.

more @

Sports  Team Ryouko  430 
105 Friday Night Madness 3  

Team Ryouko is Torontos first and only Extreme Martial Arts Performance Team. Inspired by the achievements of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and many others, Team Ryouko was founded by veteran Martial Artists, Break Dancers, and Stuntmen, with the single vision of exploring the limitations of the human body. Armed with a diverse background of skills, Team Ryouko has developed their own unique style to leave their mark in the world.

Today the team has become a fast paced, action-packed fusion of martial arts, acrobatics and break dancing, resulting in the most intense martial arts performance in Toronto.

The team consists of professional dancers, actors, and stunt artists who have had extensive experience performing both on stage, in theatre, and for film and television. Each team member is unique and brings with them a vast vocabulary of knowledge in varying disciplines. The team members are subject to a strict training regime to ensure quality performances. It is this combination of talent and disciplined training that has allowed Team Ryouko to explode into both the martial arts scene and the entertainment industry.

more @

Sports  Team Ryouko  450 
106 Friday Night Madness 1  

Team Ryouko is Torontos first and only Extreme Martial Arts Performance Team. Inspired by the achievements of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and many others, Team Ryouko was founded by veteran Martial Artists, Break Dancers, and Stuntmen, with the single vision of exploring the limitations of the human body. Armed with a diverse background of skills, Team Ryouko has developed their own unique style to leave their mark in the world.

Today the team has become a fast paced, action-packed fusion of martial arts, acrobatics and break dancing, resulting in the most intense martial arts performance in Toronto.

The team consists of professional dancers, actors, and stunt artists who have had extensive experience performing both on stage, in theatre, and for film and television. Each team member is unique and brings with them a vast vocabulary of knowledge in varying disciplines. The team members are subject to a strict training regime to ensure quality performances. It is this combination of talent and disciplined training that has allowed Team Ryouko to explode into both the martial arts scene and the entertainment industry.

more @

Sports  Team Ryouko  431 
107 Loco Wrestling We Won  

Loco Wrestling despite all the controversy, all the people and organizations who fear and tried to stop them, announces thier VICTORY and the opening of thier Professional Wrestling school!

First day of classes begins Monday March 10th 2008 Doc Diamonds' DWF University.

Sports  Loco Wrestling  1984 
108 Amy Winehouse -You Know I'm No Good  

Amy Winehouse -You Know I'm No Good

2nd single from Back to Black

Music  Amy Winehouse  554 
109 Amy Winehouse - Do me good  

Amy Winehouse - Do me good


Do me Good
Got Back Together With My Man Last Night
But I Think I Was Dreaming He Didnt Feel Quite Right
I Pressed His Chest Under My Fingertips
Beside Myself I Sighed And Reminded Of His Lips

Im Confused And Quizical
Funny Dontcha Know
I Just Wan Get Physical
Let Me Tell Ya How

Do Me Good Ill Tell You Anything You Want To Hear
Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good
Do Me Good And All This Craziness Will Disappear
Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good

Its Like He Was Designed With Me In Mind
Hes So Good From Behind
Hes Beautifully Defined
I Miss Him Most Of All When It Got Late
Attempt To Hear Him Breathing
Or Feel His Shifting Weight

Im Confused And Quizical
Funny Dontcha Know
I Just Wan Get Physical
Let Me Tell Ya How

Do Me Good Ill Tell You Anything You Want To Hear

Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good
Do Me Good And All This Craziness Will Disappear
Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good Do Me Good

Music  Amy Winehouse  541 
110 LocoAcademy Promo  

The Loco era has begun! Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at Devastation Wrestling University. Loco and DWF have come to an agreement and Loco Academy is now open. 2309 Haddonfield road Pennsauken New Jersey.

Sports  Loco Wrestling  845 
111 media vs Barack Obama/Rev. Wright and the truth!!  

You probably heard the Fox and MSNBC report of Reverand Wright's speech. You probably have not heard the counter report, The truth, that mainstream media attempted to hide from the American Public. You Porbably did not miss the wrongfull accusations made by the Mainstream media in an effort to remove Barack's momentum towards the Presidency. But you probably did miss the internet posted video that not only shows the truth and sets the record straight but also exposes the mainstream media for what it truely is... Anti-American, government controled feeders of misinformation. After you see this video, PLEASE PLEASE right to the FCC and file an official complaint about any and all news agency that ran this story with the misleading video and stated claims that Barack's minister was the source of the statements. The media that ran these stories need to be punished, and we should not let them get away with it any longer..

Long Live the freedom of the internet to expose the tyranical actions of media, Death to mainstream media...

News  Politics  764 
112 Obama - Chipmunk song  
The Chipmunk Song for Barack Obama - bbama
News  Politics  665 
113 Hulk Hogan Endorses Barack Obama  

Wrestling legend and host of American Gladiators, Hulk Hogan, endorses Barack Obama for president.

Download daily Catch and Release Comedy™ political cartoons to your mobile phone or iPod at

News  Politics  632 
114 Barack Obama and Hulk Hogan: Real Americans  

Barack Obama has some new muscle behind his campaign, thanks to the endorsement of wrestling hero Hulk Hogan. If the Obama campaign wants the support of real Americans, this is how the next television spot should look.

News  Politics  705 
115 Hogan Votes for Obama  

Hulk hogan Supports Obama

News  Politics  703 
116 Sabrina Salerno performs her single "Gringo".  

Sabrina Salerno performs her single "Gringo".

Music  Sabrina Salerno  388 
117 sabrina - boys  

Sabrina Salerno performs her single "Boys".

Music  Sabrina Salerno  762 
118 Sabrina Salerno - Yeah Yeah  

Sabrina Salerno performs her single "Yeah - Yeah".

Music  Sabrina Salerno  793 
119 Sabrina Salerno live at Festivalbar '88 "All of Me"  

Sabrina Salerno live at Festivalbar '88 "All of Me"

Music  Sabrina Salerno  845 
120 Sabrina Salerno "My Chico" live Festivalbar '88  

Sabrina Salerno "My Chico" live Festivalbar '88

Music  Sabrina Salerno  429 
121 Jeanette Biedermann-Right Now  

Jeanette Biedermann-Right Now

Music  Jeanette Biedermann  396 
122 Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why  

Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why

Music  Kid Rock  444 
123 Festus Vs.Undertaker - Smackdown - 4/11/2008 Part 1  

Festus Vs.Undertaker - Smackdown - 4/11/2008 Part 1

Festus was trained at Doc Diamond's Devastation University ( gets a big push against the Phenom


Sports  WWE  416 
124 Festus Vs.Undertaker - Smackdown - 4/11/2008 Part 2  

Festus Vs.Undertaker - Smackdown - 4/11/2008 Part 2

Festus was trained at Doc Diamond's Devastation University ( gets a big push against the Phenom


Sports  WWE  783 
125 DL TV Episode 52 Thursday April 13, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 52 Thursday April 13, 2006

What's on the show:

  • Streamed live Thursday April 13th at 4PM.

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  700 
126 DL TV Episode 53 Tuesday April 18, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 53 Tuesday April 18, 2006

What's in the show?

  • HD-DVD Decks Hit Stores, Sell Out Toshiba has 10,000 units total for this run.
  • Microsoft Vista: Expect a Premium Push (with Premium Prices)
  • In other Vista news: Microsoft Set to Deliver a New Build
  • Apple Gets Sued, Again. This time it's over possible patent violations in iTunes...
  • ...the company suing, Burst, settled with Microsoft for $60 million in a similar suit.
  • Feedburner says, Podcasts Outnumber Radio Stations... but what about actual radio programs?
  • Rasterbator: it's all about the mural size posters. And your printer. And lots and lots of ink.
  • Use it online, or download the standalone version. (Yes, it does color, too!)
  • Props to ReadyMade Magazine for turning us on to, uh, Rasterbating (Great DIY magazine if you've never seen it: been reading it since issue one!)
  • Speaking of great DIY magazines: we'll be at the Maker Faire Saturday, April 22nd
  • Light, low cost gaming notebook? Tough call. Try HP Pavilion dv5000z or HP Pavilion dv5000t if you're on a college budget.
  • If you don't mind melting your plastic, Dell's XPS M1710 is the fastest gaming notebook four grand can buy!
  • Loyd Case goes deep on that Dell's graphics in GeForce Go 7900 GTX: For Hardcore Gamers on the Go
  • Viewer Question: Tools for making and burning ISOs?
  • Check out ISO Recoder ( Free). Robert reccos Alcohol 120%.
  • There are tools in Nero and Easy CD Creator, too... I've burned tons of disks from ISOs in either one of these... never had a reason to create one tho. Any other applications y'all like?)
  • Wondering what an ISO image is?
  • Viewer Reponse: Joey's really upset with Robert (Deathmatch!!!) and he got a sponsor to pay for a $3000 gaming machine! Joey... what's the deal on the sponsorship??? Lots of folks want to know!
  • Viewer Question: 720p vs. 1080i, or "Does 1080i suck?"
  • Viewer Queston: What's our source on the Dell Axim news we dropped last week? (Dell!)
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  663 
127 DL TV Episode 55 Tuesday April 25, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 55 Tuesday April 25, 2006

What's in the show?

Welcome to a well pre-blended edition of DL.TV.  Patrick is in Las Vegas at NAB finding new and cool ways to make better DL.TV.

  • News:
    • Reverse Hyper Threading?
    • 750 GB Hard Drives
    • The World's Largest Rasterbation
    • Sony Ericcson W810i.  Robert's dream phone is now in his hands.  Does he still like it?
    And a whole bunch of viewer questions:
    • HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.  Why buy now?
    • What do you guys know about FreeRIP?
    • Looking for a MP3 player with lots of memory around $300?
    • Someone found something better than Alcohol.
    • Is a 2.15 GB Hard Drive worth anything?
    • Details on how Joey got his $3000 gaming PC.
    • Hint: we didn't have a thing to do with it!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  628 
128 DL TV Episode 56 Thursday April 27, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 56 Thursday April 27, 2006

On the show today:



  • Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2: Wow, that's a new look. Interesting tab handling. Phishing philter, too.
  • You can download it now. Warning: beta means "It's not finished and might crash on ya."
  • It definately breaks some web pages.
  • Patrick's not giving up FireFox yet.


Viewer Questions and Contributions:


News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  667 
129 DL TV Episode 57 Tuesday May 2, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 57 Tuesday May 2, 2006

A Finely Pulsed Almost All Viewer Questions Edition o' DL.TV.

Show notes for Episode 57:


Viewer Questions:

  • Will the Toshiba V803T work with my SIM card from T-Mobile?
  • What antivirus protection would you recommend to a Mac user?
  • How will the quality of an up converted standard DVD would measure up to the new Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats?
  • Is the W810 CDMA compatible?
  • Should I wait for the next gen Mac?
  • Is my computer "Vista Compatible"?
  • What you do guys think of Dell TVs?  Their 32" LCD is only $1,399 right now.
  • The DL.TV H.264 file looks like a slide show on my Cingular 8125.  Shouldn't it have better processing power than the iPod Video?
  • I deleted some system fonts.  How do I get the basic Windows Fonts back? How to add fonts to Windows XP
    Free fonts? Try

And the JVC DVD player Robert mentioned:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  678 
130 DL TV Episode 58 Thursday May 4, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 58 Thursday May 4, 2006

We're Back with a jam packed edition of DL.TV

Show notes:

Product Demos:

  • Samsung Q1 The first Origami/UMPC we've gotten our hands on. Think baby Windows XP Tablet PC.
  • We know at least one viewer it's perfect for. What do we think? Watch the video!
  • Fortune Fountain's DialKeys brings the thumb keyboard to the Q1... thought you should know.
  • Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder
  • Costs $130, grabs 640x480 MPEG4 video, available at Target, and it works pretty darn well.

Viewer Questions and Feedback:

  • Can I get in trouble for dropping Cain and Able on a school computer? (Yes!)
  • What can I use to convert the Coax signal from my Dish reciever into something my monitor can use?
  • I've got a Mac Antivirus tip for you!
  • Are used CD/DVD/console game stores in touble?
  • Lots of T9 suggestions... thanks Tom, Jeffrey, Nic, Geuis, JDub, Adam, Owen, Jesse, Tyler and Dave!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  664 
131 DL TV Episode 59 Tuesday May 9, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 59 Tuesday May 9, 2006

We're redecorating the studio, so today's show is short 'n sweet!

Show notes:


Product Review:

  • Toshiba's HD-A1: our first HD-DVD player
  • Gorgeous HD-DVD video.
  • Slow controls. No 1080P. $500 price tag.
  • If you're not an early adopter type... wait.

Viewer Questions:

  • Jim's looking for advice on playing back MPEG4 video: set top DVD player, or PC?
  • Alex from Ohio: "Does the PS3 pricing seem high?"
  • Ryan asks about normal DVDs and HD-DVD players.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  578 
132 DL TV Episode 60 Thursday May 11, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 60 Thursday May 11, 2006

In the show today:


Picture Tour of NAB 2006:

  • A tour of National Association of Broadcasters show floor: from holographic storage (Maxell and InPhase) to HD cameras, AM antennas, 'the world's first' surround sound mic, helicopters, The Red Digital Cinema Camera, ARRI's new 16mm film cameras, big honking cables and quite a bit more!

Product Review:

  • Cingular's Cingular 8125: Windows Mobile 5.0 with a keyboard.
  • Doesn't offer the phone performance of hte Cingular 2125, but if you're in need of a bigger screen and a keyboard, it's an option.

How To Tip:

  • Transcoding Video 101, or "How do I get better looking video on my portable?"
  • Step one: RTM and learn the specs for your device!

Viewer Questions:

  • Pedro wants an HD-DVD checkup
  • Jeff's looking for a judgement call: Dell or Apple for a notebook?
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  709 
133 DL TV Episode 61 Tuesday May 16, 2006  

Digital Life Television Episode 61 Tuesday May 16, 2006

What's in the show:


  • Skype Offers Free Phone Calls!
  • Apple Introduces the New MacBook (So much for the iBook)
  • DARPA's Building A Man-cannon
  • Creative Sues Apple, seeks iPod import ban
  • US cities sue travel sites


  • Windows Media Player 11 (and MTV's new audio shop: Urge)
  • Real video without the RealPlayer: It's Real Alternative

E3 2006 Wrapup:

  • The event of the year for folks that love video games!
  • John Davison, the chief kahuna of ZDM's Game Group talked us through the announcements at the show.
  • John's picks from the show floor? Mass Effect, Warhawk for the PS3 and Halo 3
  • The editors from ExtremeTech, 1UP, EGM and the rest of the crew gave us their fave picks from the show floor
  • Wii, good???  Dan Hsu of Electronic Gaming Monthly got his hands on a on the next generation Nintendo console.
  • Did he like it? What about the 'Wiimote?'

Field Trip:

  • A taste of the Maker Faire, an amazing full of DIY (do it yourself) folks.
  • Patrick joined Dan Huard and the crew from Systm to put together a video covering the fair.
  • Sponsored by Make Magazine, it was quite the gathering of folks that build things for fun.
  • Flamethrowers? Welding? Toyoa Prius hacking? Folks that embed RFID chips in their hands?
  • You can see all that and much more of the Maker Faire at Revision3 or

Viewer questions:

  • No love for the Aussies? (Yes, yes, it is a continent.)
  • Celeron D or Pentium 4 for gaming?
  • Can we help with DVD ripping?
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  737 
134 DLTV - Episode 62 - Thursday May 18, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 62 - Thursday May 18, 2006

We have a finely ground show for you today, hosted by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron.




  • A Feast of flash players... watch out iPod nano!
  • mobiBLU B153 (2GB) Amazing battery life (153 hours???), but the interface and bass could use help
  • SanDisk Sansa e260 It's hard to tell if the Sansa or the
  • iRiver clix is the best iPod nano alternative out there. Patrick's vote is for the clix!
  • mobiBLU's DAH-1500i Cube doesn't have the battery life of the 153, but we like the audio better.

Viewer Questions:

  • Dodging sketchy stock spam... what's up with those PDF attachments.
  • Urge rocks: but what happens to the tunes I download during the free 14 day trial? Um, you loose access to them... it's a DRM thing.
  • Windows Vista and the new MacBooks: Will it run? What about Aero/Glass?
  • H.263 vs. H.264
  • Choosing LCD panels for use in bright sunshine.

Additional Weirdness:

  • Robert Heron warns us all about canned air, projector bulbs and accidental flamethrowers.
  • Apple's new store in NYC will be open 24/7/365 (Will there be bouncers to protect the staff?)
  • The Ultimate Big Red Button from MIT's dorms will be in Tuesday's show next week.
  • PS - Robert's a bit miffed for mentioing the NeuNeo/Helios HVD2085 upscaling DVD player. Apparently it has some issues with film-based DVD movies. In the mean time, stick with a name brand upscaling DVD player (Panasonic, Samsung and Sony come to mind). 
  • BTW, the Oppo OPDV971H has caught his eye and he's looking at getting it into the lab ASAP.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  723 
135 DLTV - Episode 63 - Tuesday May 23, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 63 - Tuesday May 23, 2006

Time for another perky edition of DL.TV.  Hosted by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron

In the News today:

  • US Veterans' Data Exposed
  • EMI Profits On iPod Sales
  • Judges Approves Sony Rootkit Settlement
  • Samsung Will Sell PCs with Flash Drives
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 Released

Products to play with:

  • Windows Vista Hardware Requirements: No, Virginia, Vista doesn't need DX10 to do Glass.

  • Vista Beta 2 (Did NOT like our 6600GT graphics card, at least not with lots of windows open.)


  • Defrag happiness! Robert says defragging won't help system performance.
  • Patrick says it's a nice way to boost performance a bit on machines where you're constantly moving files on/off and around. (Especially if you've into double digit fragmentation.)

Your viewer questions:

  • Carlos asks "Why do none of these tech shows that have risen from the ashes of TechTV mention this potential breakthrough and explore it for its validity and real world applications?
  • Max says "I was searching Google Video and found quite a bit of copyrighted material: Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force... Trigun and Gundam Wing... Doctor Who... South Park. Will anyone crack down on this?" (You know, a lot of those videos look like they've been submitted by the copyright holders, which means they'd be all kinds of legal!)
  • Cameron asks "Can you make a ultra-deluxe version of DL.TV, say a gig for each episode or at least twice the current size? I want my quality dang it!"
  • Joel from Pittsburgh, PA asks "Do SpywareBlaster and SpyBot Search and Destroy's immunize feature really work? I use both and seem to detect the same amount of spyware that I did prior to using them." (Props to Neil Rubenking over at PCMag for some great info to help Joel!)
  • Steven from Union, NJ asks "Can a PCI Express graphics card be used in a regular PCI expansion slot?"
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  648 
136 DLTV - Episode 64 - Thursday May 25, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 64 - Thursday May 25, 2006

Another DLTV episode packed full of tech goodness!

In the News:

  • Student Faces Expulsion For Web Post
  • Nintendo Indicates Wii Pricing
  • FCC Won't Investigate NSA Phone Logs
  • Teen Suspects Charged Over MySpace Extortion
  • Free Nationwide Broadband?
  • Microsoft Reveals Rival for JPG Format

Gaming Goodness:

  • SiN: Episodes, Emergence: Awful or Awesome... Thanks to 1UP's Garnett Lee for dropping by w/ the review!
  • Wii Pricing: Did Nintendo pick $250 so they'd sound serious? Why not $199???
  • Email us your opinion on that. Put "Wii Pricing" in the subject!

Product Round-Up:

  • NAS Mini-Roundup: ExtremeTech's Victor Loh on Network Attached Storage

Viewer Questions:

  • Lukes says: Dudes, Adult Swim is not a live stream, those are the times for the broadcasts!
  • Matt asks for low cost in ear headphones options. We give him two, plus an over the ear choice.
  • Cameron asks "How good is that ATI $50 trade in?"
  • Bryan wants to know if 802.11b will take full advantage of his cable modem.
  • Brian asks about video editing: MacBook Pro, or wait for the Intel PowerMacs? Dude, go mobile if you're not doing scads of rendering. And check out the MacBook, too... it's got serious performance once you get over the graphics.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  630 
137 DLTV - Episode 66 - June 1, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 66 - June 1, 2006

We've got a jam packed episode o' DL.TV for ya today!

Show notes:

In the news:

Other stuff:

  • Nintendo DS Lite VS. Nintendo DS
  • Fuel Cells Vs. Klein HHO Gas
  • Recommendations for a Tablet PC
  • Bluetooth Headsets
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  663 
138 DLTV - Episode 67 - Tuesday June 6, 2006  

Episode 67 - Tuesday June 6, 2006

Patrick's in New York City at the DigitalLife Event pre-show, so we pre-taped today's episode in Robert's HDTV Testing Lab.


  • FBI/AG Wants ISPs to Keep Your Web Usage Records for Two Years! (AOL, Microsoft, Google, Verizon, Comcast and more!)
  • Viewer Question: Is BellSouth blocking MySpace and YouTube?

HowTo/Product Help:

  • Thinking about buying a new PC? You might want to wait till July.
  • Intel's new Core2Duo and Core2Extreme chips promise to wipe the floor with anything you can buy today.
  • ExtremeTech's Loyd Case has done the benchmarking and has some buying advice!

Viewer Questions:

  • Tim from San Jose, CA asks "What happend to the pictures, or better yet, videos of Robert Heron's infamous HD lab? What kind of PLASMA, DLP, LCD, or SED (yes SED) displays, is Robert playing 5th Element on?
  • Brian says "My dad is asking me for advice on a good 50" plasma for a new home we are building. I'd like 1008P support. What's best deal out there in the $2k to $4k range?
  • Bill asks "When I plug my new HDTV into the computer, I only get 800x600 or 1024x768. Are there drivers I can download to get a 16:9 resolution? I hate the stretched video I'm getting now!"
  • Jon from Oceanside, CA says "I saw your recent episode where a user posed a question about the life of span of CD's. We use archive grade CD's with a gold reflective layer that have an estimated life expectancy of 300 years. Check out MAM Archive Grade CD-R and DVD-R media.
  • Paul from Toronto, Canada wonders if we "know of any good bluetooth gamepads that will work with my PowerBook? I'm looking for something that looks nice and is comfortable." This is the only one we've seen, it'd designed to wrap around a cell phone. Anybody have a better option?
  • Michael was "wondering why Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose on Diggnation talk openly about software piracy and hacking, and while you guys seem almost scared to talk about it. Both of you have sponsors, what/s the deal?" Truth is, neither DL.TV or Diggnation is gonna tell you how to crack copy protected material!
  • Rick asks if we "could review Mobile Internet Access from Internet in Motion. He's looking at wireless broadband from Verizon or Cingular and wants to know if if IIM might perform better. It's new to us, but we'll see if we can demo it.

Time Killer:

  • Looking for a soothing time killer? We don't know who is... but they've got style. Check out Levers... if you don't mind loosing your mind while balancing odd objects into a virtual mobile. Heads up: it'll run on any system with a browser that can play flash.
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139 DLTV - Episode 68 - Thursday June 8, 2006  

Episode 68 - Thursday June 8, 2006

Here we go again with another well versed edition of DL.TV

We are back in the studio.

In the show today:



  • Apple, MacBook, $1099-$1499
  • Sony Reader
  • Future TV Tech. Picture tour of SID. Society for Information Displays

Windows Vista Beta 2 Download:

Plus your Viewer Questions:

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1054 
140 DLTV - Episode 69 - Tuesday June 13, 2006  

Episode 69 - Tuesday June 13, 2006

It's time for another edition of DL.TV.  Hosted by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron.
In the show today...


Jim Louderback is on today to show off some notebooks:

Viewer Questions and more today on DL.TV

It's time for another edition of DL.TV.  Hosted by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron.
In the show today...


Jim Louderback is on today to show off some notebooks:

Viewer Questions and more today on DL.TV

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1058 
141 DLTV - Episode 70 - Thursday June 15, 2006  

Episode 70 - Thursday June 15, 2006

DIY Cell Phones!


  • Cars the Videogame... rocks. And not just for the 6-12 year olds it's aimed at. Thanks to 1UP's John Davison for the review.
  • The first of the notebook backpacks, Skullcandy's LINK Pack. Nice backpack, but, man, those speakers need more oomph and less hiss! We've got notebook backpacks from Spire, Jansport, Oakley, Targus and Booq on the show Tuesday, June 20th. Our testing has been ... interesting.

Viewer Questions... er... Answers:

  • Eli from Chicago says we should take laptop heat seriously, 'cause "hot laptops can be a cause of male infertility."
  • Robert says Patrick's midwestern roots are showing: Brazillian Ethanol doesn't come from corn!
  • Or maybe they weren't: Brad says we shouldn't forget domestic hyrbid and flex fuel vehicles.
  • Ethanol: Domestic fuel? Check. Lower MPG than gasoline? BIG check.

Hard Drive vs. 20 Ton Hydraulic Press

  • Guess what? A 20 ton press can do serious damage to a HD.
  • We hate it when hard drives die and take data with them.
  • Back up today... and wear eye protection when you crush a hard drive.
  • Anybody know where we can get a good deal on a plasma cutter?


  • Bill Gates to 'retire' in 2008! Not exactly...
  • AOL/Netscape Copies Digg Kevin Rose says "I feel bad that AOL cloned us right now.. when they see digg v3 they'll have to redesign their site"
  • RIAA: Illegal Song-Sharing Is 'Contained'
  • BigChampaigne: Really? P2P Users Up 15% Over Last Year... 10 million on average!
  • NASA Videotapes Metorite Impact On Moon
  • iPods Built By Abused Workforce? Apple responds...
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1870 
142 DLTV - Episode 71 - Tuesday June 20, 2006  

Episode 71 - Tuesday June 20, 2006


  • Shuttle's SN27P2: The best small form factor PC yet?
  • Festival of Backpacks: Can a notebook backpack be worth $300?
  • Backpacks from Lexie Barnes, Ripley; JanSport, Alt Pack LiveWire BT; Booq, Python XM; Targus,15" Getta Backpack;  Targus 15.4" Drifter Backpack; Spire, Volt XL


  • Sony Pictures Delivers First Blu-ray Titles
  • Samsung Blu-ray Players Ship to Retailers
  • Sen Stevens and his Deal On Net Neutrality
  • MS Halts Vista Torrents
  • Apple Negotiating for iTunes Movie Downloads

Viewer Questions:

  • Maximize the life of your notebok battery
  • DDR vs. DDR2 Memory
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1082 
143 DLTV - Episode 72 - June 22, 2006  

Episode 72 - June 22, 2006

On the show today:

  • 42" Plasma HDTV Reccomendations
  • Is Linux prettier than Vista? Check out Xgl on OpenSUSE
  • Help finding WiFi on vacation: Netstumbler and WiFi Antenna tips
  • AT&T Owns Your Data
  • Nokia: No More CDMA Phones
  • Samsung Blu-ray players are in the stores!
  • Fun with Robert and Picasa Web Albums

Our Tricaster, the box that streams the show, is having server technical difficulties. We're going to have to pull the live stream. Our apologies to our live viewers, but the show will be available as usual for download Friday, June 23rd.

Hmmm... we've got the Tricaster up and running again... looks like the Tricaster VM (a specialized control panel) died. Watch out Tom Green!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1094 
144 DLTV - Episode 73 - Tuesday June 27, 2006  

Episode 73 - Tuesday June 27, 2006



Our Blu-ray Festival:

  • One burner and a player, either costs a grand. As in $1000.
  • Samsung's BD-P1000 standalone Blu-ray disc player:
  • Pioneer's BDR-101A Blu-ray Burner: Got 42 minutes? You can back up 25GB

The Other Free Browser

Viewer Questions and Answers:

  • Forget about you can get 25GB of FREE online storage: check out StreamLoad, say Justin, Will, another Justin, Dean, Greg, David, Zak, Kirat, Teemu and 'Anyone Anyone.' There's a catch on the free version, tho!
  • Nate says "Just bought a Toshiba Qosimo G35-AV650 with an HD-DVD drive. Seems that being on the bleeding edge with HD drives has it's problems regardless of which HiDef camp you choose."
  • "After watching the section about XGL on suse on Thursday, I thought I would recommend you suggesting an XGL live CD ." You can try out Xgl witout breaking your system. Thanks to Chris and Luke for the heads up on Zak from Portland, OR says "The ten-window interface you showed in Xgl is not called a dodecahedron as you stated, but a dodecagonal prism." Our bad!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1528 
145 DLTV - Episode 74 - Thursday June 29, 2006  

Episode 74 - Thursday June 29, 2006

Viewer Questions and Answers:

  • Smartphones: Treo vs. Blackberry: Which is the best for Prager's brother?
  • Remember the VA data theft? Annette's the wife of a vet, and says the VA "is taking this very seriously."Hey... The story broke post-show that the stolen laptop was recovered, and the FBI doesn't think the data was accessed.
  • Free Disk Partitioning Tools for Maria: Destructive vs. Non-Destructive, and why folks love PartitionMagic 8 One free destructive tool:, Ranish Partition Manager
    One free non-destructive tool, Ntfsresize, is built into quite a few distros.
    Got a better idea for Maria? Email us! (Wow, you've already come up with two we've never heard of!)
  • JT asks"Are the new Blu-ray disks region coded like thier predecessors?"
  • Is there a new dress code for DL.TV? Allison, from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, says it's time for Patrick to step the wardrobe up a notch. For all the geeks. Please. (Which is why this is The Suit Jacket Episode.)

Backup Awareness Month T-shirt Giveaway:

  • Ya'll have some horror stories! And some of you just want a blue T-shit. (Wow... we didn't expect this kind of response.)
  • We've only got one shirt, but we'll see if we can get a few more.
  • We've got stories from DL.TV viewers with some insane backup, rescue and data loss stories.

Is AT&T Feeding The NSA Your Packets?

Blu-ray Wrapup:

  • Robert's thrilled with Samsungs BD-P1000 ... but not so thrilled with the first Blu-ray movie transfers.
  • Watch the show to find out why.

Guitar Hero 2 And a Game Pricing Survey:

  • Guitar Hero 2 is coming for you.
  • 1UP's Garnett Lee looks like a rock star with the plastic guitar in his hands. Patrick just looks goofy.
  • Garnett would love to hear what you think PS3 (and any other) games should cost.
  • $20? $40? $100? Email us at with the subject "game prices" in the subject.


News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1155 
146 DLTV - Episode 75 - Thursday July 6, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 75 - Thursday July 6, 2006

New Set:

  • Say 'G-bye' to the big blue wall. We're finally redecorating the set. Don't ya just love our plastic tarp sheet thingy?

Viewer Q&A Is In Full Force:

  • "Getting sick of the bloatware that is Adobe Reader on Windows. Any ideas on an (hopefully) free alternative?" We got 'cha covered, Mike. You want Foxit reader!!! It's a simple, small, and reads Adobe PDF files no problem. It's free for personal use
  • There's no install for Foxit Reader. We walk you thru how to place it (or any other .EXE file) into your Programs Folder on the show.
  • Spherical Desktop? Duncan and Chris want Robert to check out SphereSite's Spherical Desktop in his search for a ... spherical desktop. 
  • Jamie asks "Will the folks that came up with AGP come up with an alternative to PCI Express?" They already did. Kind of.
  • Brandon says he wished he had our PayPal advice a little earlier: he was ripped off for $1000! 
  • "Can windows read the Mac HFS+ system or OS X read and write NTFS?" Billy from Gurnee, IL just bought a Macbook and wants to share an external hard drive. He needs MacDrive 6 and an HFS+ formatted drive. We showed how it works in Episode 45.

Better Free Partitioning:

  • The best free partitioning tool? Non-destructive? Create, resize or destroy FAT, NTFS, HFS and HFS+?
  • Bradley, Brett, Ian Stewart, Wesley, Johan, Nicolas and two Jasons all swear by the "GParted LiveCD!"
  • Brad, Nicholas and Johan (from Helsingborg, Sweden!) added in deets and suggestions for safer use.
  • All in response to the software we showed in 74. Thanks for the tip! GParted is awesome.

How To Burn an ISO disk:

  • BTW, the bootable GParted disk comes in ISO format. Don't just burn the ISO to a data CD. It won't work.
  • If you don't have CD burning software (or can't figure out how to open the ISO file in what 'cha got) try downloading ISOBurn 1.6. It's fast and easy.

LOTR Fans Get Your Gaming On:


Live Nude Geeks?

  • Thankfully, we're not talking about Robert or Patrick. Nope. It's an animation from the always entertaining Michael Fry (The co-creator of Over The Hedge) You can watch Live Nude Geeks here!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1530 
147 DLTV - Episode 76 - Tuesday July 11, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 76 - Tuesday July 11, 2006

The full show notes:

Robert Gets Nuked By a Virus:

  • Welllllll... maybe not nuked, but he had a Trojan try to sneak a keylogger onto his system...
  • Trend Micro's free online virus scan sorted him out.... he still won't run an antivirus on his gaming system.
  • BTW: be careful where you download files!

Viewer Questions:

  • "If I own a VHS tape of "The Matrix," is it legal to rent and copy a DVD of the Matrix, to ensure my investment is in more permanent format?" asks Ryan, from South Dakota. (Morality vs. the DMCA... guess which one holds up in court... and guess which side disgruntled parents with DVD thrashing toddlers falls on?)
  • "Is there a cellphone that can replace my digital camera?" Chad from Grand Rapids, MI wants "3 megapixels at least!" We know of one such phone in the US, Nokia's N80, demoed it a bit, and talked about a similar phone heading towards Verizon users.
  • HDTV or monitor shopping? Doug from San Marcos, CA wants to know "about the Contrast Ratio specification. Is a higher number better or a lower number?" The answer might surprise you.
  • DL.TV on his PSP: David should check out PSP Video 9
  • iPod Video vs. MPEG4 vs. H.264... William's wondering if they're all the same thing. (Nope!)


  • Robert shows everybody how to turn on file exertions (and some other nifty things) in the Windows XP Folder Options. Man, y'all love file extensions, Robert's got the email to prove it, and it's a nice way to figure out when something is a nasty 'ol .exe file instead of a nice safe .txt file!
  • If you've seen this message: "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." you need to open that link with an RSS reader instead of your browser. Unless you've got, say, Sage loaded in Firefox, or use IE7's new built in RSS reader. Or the RSS reader built into Google or My Yahoo. You get the idea.


What Was That?

  • A couple folks asked about the t-shirt Patrick was wearing. It's a Hank III shirt from his last tour. The dude is amazing live if you can catch him! (Didn't like the picture on the front? Be happy you didn't see the back.

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1237 
148 DLTV - Episode 77 - Thursday July 13, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 77 - Thursday July 13, 2006

Howdy Folks,
It's been a real interesting day. We're re-rendering most of the video for EP 77 due to a major audio glitch. A vile high pitched hiss was sitting on top of most of the compressed video, so re-captured it and started over again.

In the mean time, I'm rebuilding the EP 77 site entry. For reasons I'm sure I'll never know, Telligent's Community Server decided to publish the admin tools for the site in this space earlier when I posted an update as to when the video would be available for download. That's a new one... I'm kinda hoping the error was between my keyboard and chair, tho, frankly, I'm not sure how I could publish the admin tools.

In any case, Sorenson Squeeze is humming along on your video, and we should have all the formats posted for download by 5:30.... er, make that 6:15PM PDT/9:15PM EDT/01:15 GMT/UTC.

Our apologies on the delay... hope you enjoy the show!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1185 
149 DLTV - Episode 78 - Tuesday July 18, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 78 - Tuesday July 18, 2006

The not nearly complete show deets:

  • A bit deeper on the Core 2. Will the power in Intel's latest make it your next processor Or will AMD drop prices so much, there's still a good reason to go Athlon? ExtremeTech's Jason Cross joins us on this one!
  • Help quieting your (my) PC Part One: the SPL meter and hope for noxiously loud fans in your computer.
  • A Festival of Viewer Questions!
  • 4GB SD Cards, Microsoft's suing somebody, IM Attacks Climbing, YouTube serves up 100 million viddys a day?
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1156 
150 DLTV - Episode 79 - Sunday July 23, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 79 - Sunday July 23, 2006

What's on the show?

  • What happened to the live show on Thursday, or "just because the Internet means redundency doesn't mean connection won't choke."
  • Terabyte hard drives, increasing areal density with heat, and a whole lot more: Patrick sat down w/ Brian Dexheimer, an Executive VP from Seagate
  • The Quiet PC Part II: the graphics card cooler gave us a huge drop in noise!
  • Curtis from Calgary, Alberta, CA reminds us: dB is a relative measurement
  • Domain Name Tests, IP Tests, Hostname Tests... one seriously useful website
  • A very nice treat for the first person to correctly answer our obscure movie reference! (And some other great movies that have a black case that glows.)
  • The power died on his external HD: Bartholomew wants to know what to do next.
  • Buy a notebook now, or wait? Gary needs help on buying  a notebook, and Mermo's around the corner. (And would a desktop be a smarter choice?)
  • Colin from Ames, IA has the scoop on who will win the Blu-ray/HD-DVD battle... the answer may surprise you..
  • NCAA FOOTBALL 2007: Thumbs up or down?
  • Judge rejects US request to drop on AT&T eavesdropping lawsuit: the battle between privacy and national security scuffles on.
  • gives MPAA new tool to fight piracy. Wonder if it'll show up on YouTube soon...
  • A kinder gentler Microsoft: 12 steps, and Google as a search option.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1287 
151 DLTV - Episode 80 - Tuesday July 25, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 80 - Tuesday July 25, 2006

Episode 80 went live at 4PM PDT on Tuesday, July 25th.

5 Tips for Better VoIP Calls:

  • Hardware reccos, Process Priority tweaks and the secret to hosting voice conferences that don't suck.
  • Is it your VoIP client or the network? Check out TestYourVoip for free help sorting that out.

Vista Update:

  • Build 5472: finally... performance tuning has begun
  • Robert's got the word gaming on Vista, the speed of the install and more.
  • Driver support: Creative... it's time to pony up a decent XFi driver! 
  • We need to find out when the public beta folks get these updates!

Viewer Spiel:

  • The first HD movie on a disk didn't come on Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Jason asks "how T2 Judgment Day Extreme Edition compares to Blue-ray and HD-DVD?"
  • Jeffrey Klassen says "Thought you guys might like these. I was working on some water drop photos, and decided to make you something special!" Thanks for offering up the high res images to everybody, Jeffrey, and tell us how you shot these!
  • "What exactly will ReadyBoost do to improve Vista performance?!?!" Info for Bob from Cincinnati. on ReadyBoost, Vista, USB drives, data caching and why his 1GB Attaché ain't cutting it.
  • We really need to do some thumd/USB drive speed tests!
  • Thanks to our audience tippers for the heads up on GParted LiveCD back in EP 75 . Maria from Puerto Rico, says "it was the best. I resized my windows partition, installed Linux and to my amazement, the windows installation was untouched."
  • The new background sucks? Josh says "it should be retired." We hated the blue wall. What do you think of the new one? Email us at We forgot to mention on air that Josh is going into the hospital for surgery soon. Throw some mojo his way (in the best Wil Wheaton sense!)


One last thought:

  • We know, we know: It's Seagate, not Segate... the offending speller from last week's show has been beaten, and we apologize for the error.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1253 
152 DLTV - Episode 81 - Thursday July 27, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 81 - Thursday July 27, 2006

Episode 81 went Live at 4PM PDT, July 27th.

The full show notes minus the video processor questions:

Great MP3 Encoder:

  • JD's on the hunt for a better MP3 encoder than WMP or iTunes, hears that the LAME MP3 encoder is great, but doesn't want to roll with its command line utility.
  • No worries: there are tons of easy to use GUIs that sit on top of LAME so you don't have to go near a command line:
  • Exact Audio Copy is an awesome tool for making high quality audio.
  • Razerlame is Robert's fave front end for LAME.
  • dBpowerAMP is pretty slick, and offers tons of codec support (tho' you have to pay for MP3 support these days.


  • Reviewing Sony's Sony HDR-HC3. PCMag's Terry Sullivan gave it an Editors' Choice. Great video... but be forewarned: there's no mic jack, and the manual controls are a bit... odd.
  • A good 'real vs. CG" test? George says he's got one for Robert, Autodesks's Fake or Foto? It's pretty disturbing. Anybody seen a test like this for Photoshop hacked photos? Let us know!
  • The Return Of Sam and Max!!! Darren Gladstone stopped by from CGW to give us the scoop on our favorite freelance police duo. This time... this publisher... it's really gonna ship.


Viewer Questions:

  • Bluetooth headsets and VoIP clients like Skype: we've got info for Chad.
  • You had a ton of questions about the Whitehourse video processor/scalar Robert uses in the lab! We'll have those questions and links (from HTPCs to dScaler to cheap alternates to the Whitehorse) up shortly.


Comments being censored?

  • Wha? We started moderating comments (which means they don't post to the site until we approve them) yesterday on this page after a spate of folks posted pretending to be Patrick ran amuck in the feedback. We always pull spam, info that's false, or particuarly nasty personal attacks on our guests/staffers. Beyond that, it's pretty much open season out there. BTW, if you email us at we'll do our best to explain why we do what we do. Comments are back to being unmoderated again.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1257 
153 DLTV - Episode 82 - Tuesday August 1, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 82 - Tuesday August 1, 2006

Episode 82 went Live at 4PM PDT, August 1st.

We pinballed thru a selection o' topics on the show:



  • Ageia's PhysX physics accelerator for gaming. Worth the $300, or spend you gaming dollar elsewhere?
  • Belkin's Wireless G Travel Router: a palm full o' 802.11g routery goodness (The Linksys WTR54GS Wireless-G Travel Router with SpeedBooster is pretty sweet, too.
  • Yes, Adam, the US gets a lot of the cool cell phones well after they've hit the streets in the UK or Japan... and 550 (US $1040) sounds steep to us for a PS3 pre-order.
  • And for everybody that's emailing... yup, November 17th is the US release date for the PS3. We forgot.


  • "Should I buy a wireless router now or wait for the real 802.11n?" asks Hal from Sioux Falls, SD.
  • The answer depends on whether it's for a business that needs industry standards, or if it's for use just in your home... and, yes, there is a performance difference between Pre-n and Draft-n& and both smoke 802.11g.

Questions for the DL.TV Crew:

  • No HyperTerminal in Vista? Mark's looking for a "good open source terminal emulator" to replace it when connecting to the console ports on routers and switches.
  • Know a good open source/ad-free utility for printing PDF files? email Robert!


  • E3 Downsizing: The biggest party in gaming is going small.
  • Dell Investigates Second Laptop Fire
  • Hi-Def Add-On Coming for iPod: why?
  • Animaniacs Vol 1 on DV.... woot!


  • Baldwin from Iceland was miffed, but we're cool now He thought we were mocking Iceland's broadband penetration in episode 81.
  • No way. We love Iceland! We were mocking US broadband penetration!(Tho wiring a country of 300,000 is easier than wiring a country of 300,000,000!)
  • Iceland's EVE isn't quite #2 behind WoW in popularity: check out MMOGCHART to find out just how many folks are playing your favorite massively multiplayer online game
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1394 
154 DLTV - Episode 83 - Thursday, August 3rd  

Episode 83 streamed live 4PM Thursday, August 3rd.


  • Availabots, Nabaztag the WiFi Technobunny... er, "lapin communicant,", and the future of odd gadgets that 'speak' to you without your monitor or speakers.

Free Tools From The DL.TV Crew:

  • Wow, you guys had some pretty solid ideas about how to print to PDFs for free!
  • Never printed to a PDF? It's like printing to a document on your desktop, instead of a physical printer.
  • Most of you recommended: CutePDF Some folks prefer PDFCreatorPrimoPDF was also popular.
  • Other ideas? Use something with it build in, such OS X, OpenOffice, or Office 12! (Well, when it ships.)

Viewer Questions:

  • Intentsly wants to know when the new Merom notebooks will arrive&We've got a rough date, and NoteBookreview has a good preliminary list.
  • What's making video playback shake on my monitor? What kind of tech would we buy if $2000 fell out of the sky? More!


News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1287 
155 DLTV - Episode 84 - Wednesday August 9, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 84 - Wednesday August 9, 2006

We shot Episode 84 live on Wednesday August 9th at 4PM PDT (7PM EDT, 23:00 GMT/UTC) instead of our usual 4PM Tuesday time slot. The show will be available for download Thursday, August 10th.

What's on the show? Viewer questions! Big honking piles of them:

  • Extended warranties: good or bad, asks Brett?
  • Allister asks "What hardware do I need to connect a Cable TV box to a Media Center PC? What type of interface will I have? "
  • Can I get an adapter for my old ATA drives if my new motherboard has SATA ports, asks Jason?
  • CRT to LCD... will I notice a difference, especially if I use a DVI connection to my computer? We're on it, Ben.
  • dot19408: is looking for help setting up an email server over his home DSL line... we say let an ISP handle that... but email us with your suggestins for whether dot should try to run Sendmail from home.
  • Rich wants to know the proper way to pronounce Linux. (We've got the word  from Linus thanks to Paul Sladen.
  • Allister asks "What hardware do I need to connect a Cable TV box to a Media Center PC? What type of interface will I have? " 
  • Jason asks "If I get a motherboard that has SATA connections,  can I get adaptors for my old ATA drives?"
  • We had a stack of URGE questions to follow up on... Ty adn Jeff were especially curious about what happens to the tunes you download after the 14 day free trial ends!
  • John from Iowa wants reccos on a long distance WiFi setup... it depends on how far = long distance!
  • Converting CDs to Vinyl? Kelly's on a mission! Companies like CustomRecords can make short runs of records for you, but they aren't cheap. 
  • Nate's more geek than you... he tried dropping a Core 2 Duo (Merom) procesor into his Core Duo notebook... and gave us the heads up on what happened. Thanks Nate!
  • What about live phone calls on DL.TV???
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1248 
156 DLTV - Episode 85 - Thursday August 10, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 85 - Thursday August 10, 2006

• Were Apple's announcements at the WWDC kinda boring?
• Microsoft Says No Virtual PC for Intel Macs
• Update Windows XP!!! Microsoft Fixes a Dozen Security Flaws, Nine Critical
• MS to Pay Reparations for Vista and Office Delays
• Microsoft To Expand Genuine Advantage Program says "We expect to do more to make Windows more differentiated when it's genuine, and so Genuine customers get a truly different experience than non-Genuine customers."

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1215 
157 DLTV - Episode 86 - Tuesday August 15, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 86 - Tuesday August 15, 2006


• Dell Announces Massive Laptop Battery Recall
• Is your notebook affected? Follow the instructions at Dell's Battery Recall Page
• Three solid MP3 players that aren't iPod nanos: Creative's Zen V Plus, the SanDisk Sansa e260 and iriver's clix
• Are the new Intel powered Mac Pro desktops fast? Greg thought "we mind find MacInTouch's H.264 benchmarks of interest." Damn right we do; we're looking to get our hands on one ASAP.
• Garrett reminds us that the WiFi at most truckstops isn't free... but lots of motels have free WiFi when you're on the road. Just... park...near... them.
• Is it DLTV, DL.TV or DigitalLife TV? We've got answers for William. Kind of.
• What to do with that old iBook 366? We've got a laundry list of idea for Kings5 (from Germany) and all of 'em are much more interesting that using it as a paperweight!
• MP3 cell phone? We showed off LG's Chocolate for a minute... the controls take some getting used to.
• Derek wants to stream MP3s from his hard drive.
• Pacemakers and 2.4 GHz wireless: Ryan from NY chimes in.
• US Offers RFID Passports to Public.
• Microsoft XNA $99 Kit For User Created Xbox 360 Games.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1777 
158 DLTV - Episode 88 - Tuesday August 22, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 88 - Tuesday August 22, 2006

• Google Opens Up Writely
• SanDisk offers 8GB Sansa for the Price of a 4GB iPod nano
• Black-Boxes Will Not Be Required in Cars
• Sony says PS3 isn't in production yet...
• Ahhh... Sony's already made some clarifications... Props to our buddies at 1UP for the heads up on that.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1189 
159 DLTV - Episode 89 - Thursday August 24, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 89 - Thursday August 24, 2006

• Apple Recalls 1.8 Million Laptop Batteries BTW, Apple has a corrected list recalled batteries.
• Apple Announces $100,000,000 Settlement with Creative... Apple gets to end the lawsuit, Creative promises to make iPod accessories.
• Microsoft: No HD Playback in 32bit Vista? That's the rumor, tho it looks like it will ultimately depend on the HD playback software makers and the studios.

• ATI Radeon X1950 XTX... the latest in the graphics wars. if you're looking for a detailed review and tests of ATI's Radeon X1950 XTX ExtremeTech's Jason Cross did a great job.
• We can't wait to get our dirty little hands on the new Shuttle X100... it's tiny!
• Solid State Notebook Drives... very robust. Very pricey. Thanks to DV Nation for lending us a notebook to check out, they've got quite an array of flash drives for sale... A 32GB model will run you $1799!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1305 
160 DLTV - Episode 90 - Tuesday August 29, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 90 - Tuesday August 29, 2006

• Vista Update... what is the story w/ Blu-ray HD-DVD playback (it ain't a 64bit/32bit thing, it's a third party thing), 30 minute installs, UAC tweaks, and RC-1 is on the way...
• Microsoft To Plug FairUse4WM WMV Crack.
• Software Pirate Earns Jail and Fine And, yes, "Federal pound me in the [[something]] prison is an Office Space reference... now go file those TPS forms.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1189 
161 DLTV - Episode 91 - Thursday August 31, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 91 - Thursday August 31, 2006

• Antispyware roundup! Our top two reccomendations... and why a firewall won't help much.
•  Saint's Row: GTA clone, or decent game?
• DL.TV on your PSP: We like the 2.8 firmware upgrade! It can play the DL.TV iPod video.... and load from RSS feeds!
• Intel Quad Core Coming Q4
• Hackers hit AT&T
• Purple Dinosaur Gets Sued...
• Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2 = XBOX 360 media sharing without Media Center Edition
• Will the bird breakfast video finally make an appearance?
• Also on the animal front: anybody got a humane way to save Robert's car from The Evil Cats?
• We've got a launch date for our new website!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1247 
162 DLTV - Episode 92 - Tuesday September 5, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 92 - Tuesday September 5, 2006

• Little Tiny Portable Machines that can browse the web: Sony's VAIO VGN-UX180P Micro PC, Nokia 770, and the PSP
• OK, Sony's VAIO VGN-UX180P Micro PCis a lot more than a browsing tool... it's like a slightly more usable (and not pocket sized) OQO. Need to edit audio files down? A free utility for that can handle MP3s? No problem, Luke. Check out Audacity. It's free, it works great, and there's versions for Mac OS X and Linux, too!

• More on why Meatwolf might not want to substitute a pricey PC monitor for his television. (It can work... just be ready to work around the problems and the price!)
• Sholom wants to know if we're going to be at the DigitalLife Event. Yup, we'll be there, but we won't be taping a live show. Want us to have a meetup while we're in NYC? Email us!
• The worst Geek 101 ever: Bits, bytes, and the annoying difference between the Gigabytes your OS uses vs. the Gigabytes used by the folks that build hard drives. BitCalc rules if you hate dividing by 1024!
• Huh... the FAA lets carriers decide whether or not passengers can use GPS devices when the plan is at cruising altitude. Passive devices or no, don't cross the flight attendants if they tell you to shut it off!

• More Battery Recalls This time, it's Mastsushita
• Vista Pricing Confirmed Upgrades will cost $100 to $259
• MySpace To Sell Music but only from bands that haven't signed
• Microsoft Experimenting With Automatic Code Zapping: More tools to protect IE...
• Heads up: we've got spam problems in the comments section o' DL.TV, so until the new site launces September 21st, we're going to moderate all comments to keep the spam off the page.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1176 
163 DLTV - Episode 95 - Thursday September 14, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 95 - Thursday September 14, 2006

• Robert's at the CEDIA show in Denver. This time it's Patrick flying
• LCD HDTV buying guide... what Robert's looking for!
• 32" LCD Reccos for Akshay in NYC: Robert rates Sharp's LC-32D40U Aquos as tops, followed by the Westinghouse LTV-32w3 HD.
• Vizio's L32 isn't the steal the 50 inch Vizio P50 HDM is.
• Wii Have A Ship Date!
• Expensive Audio/Video Cables: Real Deal or Ripoff? We're on it, Gerald.... and you should know, Monster cables aren't that expensive... at least compared to some we've seen.
• "Is it OK to use my MP3 player as a USB drive for backups and storage," asks Christopher.
• Joe from Tampa wants to know: Should I upgrade my MP3 collection from 28Kbps?
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1426 
164 DLTV - Episode 96 - Tuesday September 19, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 96 - Tuesday September 19, 2006

• Robert's report from CEDIA!
• iTunes 7: Performance issues? You're not alone.
• Universal Backs Out Of Blu-ray.
• New Cyber Czar at Homeland Security.
• Wii Have A Ship Date!
• $800 TiVo Series3 HD DVR (+ $13 a month fee) vs. free Cable Co. HD DVR at $13 a month.
• iTunes movies: 16x9 or 4x3? Fun w/ aspect ratios.
• Mike's rule for buying audio gear... a nice way to look at the expensive cable question.
• External PCI slot expansion? Anish, it's not cheap...
• Laptop coolers for Mike?
• Reviving a drive with a bad format... we'll walk you thru it, Sporn!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1292 
165 DLTV - Episode 97 - Thursday September 21, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 97 - Thursday September 21, 2006

• Welcome to the new site!
• 17" notebooks vs. airport security. Dan, it's your toothpaste that's gonna be a problem.
• SeatGuru, says Robert = not getting the suxor seat on the airplane.
• Traffic Shaping: We talk to Packeteer's Mark Urban to learn more about the way packets get managed on the 'net.
• Got somebody you'd like to see us interview? Email us:!!!
• Linux Hackers Get First Dibs on New DVR
• Universal and Blu-ray? Rob says we're idiots.
• LCD Computer Monitor Shopping? We've got tips on the specs you need
• Windows Vista: should Tosh install the 32bit or 64bit version?
• Daniel from Portland wants a good video codec for Linux users, and help making the audio sound better.
• Aspiring Audio Engineer on MP3 vs. AAC.
• Dance Dance... Immolation?
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1334 
166 DLTV - Episode 98 - Tuesday September 26, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 98 - Tuesday September 26, 2006


Internet Explorer Zero-Day VML Exploit: Go to a web page in IE, get infested. Run Firefox or Opera.
• Or patch IE with this string: regsvr32 -u "%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VGX\vgx.dll"
• Or run Microsoft Windows Update. Microsoft just posted a special update just to plug it.
• Leo, congrats on the Podcaster of the Year award!
• Windows Media Player 11: No DRM license backups... The Inquirer is pissed about this... we get Microsoft's response.
• We've got Fall Intel Developer Forum coverage... ExtremeTech's Loyd Case gives us his take
• 80 core processors later... Intel Quad-Core Processors in November
• Notebook hard drive help
• Ron asks about video of the 'real' iPod video
• Hands on with the new iPod and iPod nano and
• Free MP3 editing software? John, try out mp3DirectCut instead of Audacity... we tell you why on the show.
• Perpendicular recording and notebook hard drive uprades. We've got info for ya, Carl.
• Mike's looking for his own Geek shirt That shirt came from ThinkGeek, check out, too!
• Got a fave free or low cost web host? Emails us at
• A word from our sponsors: Help support DL.TV. For every person that signs up for 50 free songs at the DL.TV emusic page, we get a bounty. Forward the link to your friends!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1353 
167 DLTV - Episode 99 - Thursday September 28, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 99 - Thursday September 28, 2006


• Tokyo Game Show: 1UP's Garnett Lee was there, and he's got the PS3 scoop! 1UP's Best of TGS ... MotorStorm looks epic on the PS3
• Holographic data drives from Maxell and InPhase Technologies not coming to your notebook soon. (BTW, the 1.8 inch drive in the new 80GB iPod uses perpendicular recording. Thanks Danebert!)
• Cheap web hosting reccos from the DL.TV Crew: was the most recommended, followed by DreamHost. We list six more in the show.
• Rob thinks we hate the PS3, and wants us to talk HDMI 1.3!
• John's looking for an HTTP server he can run on his home PC. We mentioned Apache and Microsoft's IIS
• Real geeks use wireless mice and keyboards? No way, Andrew, they use vintage 'boards with Alps mechanical switches!
• Why don't we encode over multiple boxes when we're live to cut down the time you have to wait before downloading DL.TV? We've got an answer for Bill!
• HP Buys Voodoo and Voodoo is stoked!
• Peter Jackson To Helm 'Halo' Game Expansion (Robert wants Hobbit Hunting in there!)
• Oh... BTW, Jordan in Michigan is selling his car on Craigslist... careful about hitting SEND to ALL! Email us if you're near Grand Rapids and need an 89 Honda Accord.
• Help pay for DL.TV: sign up for a free trial at emusic!
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168 DLTV - Episode 100 - Wednesday October 4, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 100 - Wednesday October 4, 2006

• Thank you to everybody that's been watching for the first 100 episodes!!!
• How we make DL.TV: Roger Chang takes you from the ideas in our brains to the video you download.
• Why no DL.TV on TiVo? Sam, you should contact TiVo and ask them to add us!
• Where's the blue DL.TV wallpaper? Right here, Duane!
• Richard's son wants a $100 gaming mouse: will it make him a better gamer?
• Corey needs some advice: he needs to email 100MB to CD sized files to friends. Got a recco? Email us!
• Rhett says, "Apple actually lets you re-download all of your iTunes music again ONCE!" This is the link on Apple's site that Rhett used. So it's not just Wil Wheaton.
• Of course, Apple says you can only download it once Back Up Your Tunes!!!
• Can you review PeerGuardian 2? Sure, Jorge.
• We've got interviews coming up with folks from Opera and Mozilla (the Firefox folks). Email us with questions you'd like us to ask them!.

• No HDMI for Xbox 360 HD-DVD. Our man Rob found the info on the AVS Forum ...they vouch that it's MS VP Amir Majidimehr posting.
• Got the messiest desk ever? Photographic proof wins a free poofy Sumo lounge thing at UNEASYSilence! The pictures are just... nasty.

DL.TV Gathering... emusic Fix!
• Our gathering is free, and if you email us, we can get you a code so you can get tickets to the DigitalLife Event free! Put 'free DigitalLife tickets' in the subject line!
• Did you sign up for the free emusic trial and only get 25 songs? We can fix that! go to emusic customer service and put the URL in your email and you'll get the extra 25 songs. Our apologies for the glitch!
• Why emusic? DRM free tunes, and we get a bounty when you sign up for a 50 song trial on emusic.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1926 
169 DLTV - Episode 101 - Thursday October 5, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 101 - Thursday October 5, 2006

• 9-12dBi of WiFi boost for pennies? Look for the EZ-12 instructions on If you can be trusted with scissors and a glue stick, you can make this.
• Test Drive Unlimited Quite the driving game... at first.
• Really. No HDMI for the Xbox 360. We've got the word from Microsoft.
• Dell sent Chris' battery replacement. Can he keep the "defective" battery and use the new one as a spare? What's the chances of HIS laptop battery exploding?
• Neil asks, "Will you put out a DVD set?"
• Sorenson Squeeze giving you fits, David? We're not surprised. All the 'low cost' sub-$600 prosumer video compression tools have issues.
• DL.TV and party it's October 14th, 5PM at the DigitalLife Event, Javits Center, New York City Beverages will be served, and you can meet up with the Gearlog folks along with Roger, Robert and Patrick from DL.TV.
• BTW, if you email us, we can get you free tickets to DigitalLife! Put 'free DigitalLife tickets' in the subject line!

• No More Contracts for AT&T DSL Cheap broadband with no commitment. Cool.
• More DRM Free Music: Amie.ST The tunes start out free... if they get popular, the cost goes up. Huh.
•  Wibree: It's a Bluetooth Competitor It's all about power consumption.
• Transporter, Step One 18 inches of 'beam me up' goodness.

• We had a hefty respone from the DL.TV Crew when we asked how you email huge files. We'll go over your responses on next Tuesday's show.
• We've got an interview coming up with folks from Mozilla (the Firefox folks). Email us with questions you'd like us to ask them!.
• Wanna help support DL.TV? Sign up for's free 50 song emusic trial. No DRM!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1854 
170 DLTV - Episode 102 - Tuesday October 10, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 102 -  Tuesday October 10, 2006

Robert, Roger, Jim and our party at DigitalLife...
• Robert's in NYC setting up for the DigitalLife Event... Roger Chang and Jim Louderback are guest hosting.
• We're throwing a party in NYC Saturday October 14th... Do us a favor and register on our page so we can get a head count on who's going, please! (And thank you!)
• Yes, adult bevvies will be available (free!), and, yes, we will be checking IDs.
• The party is free, and you can get free tickets for the DigitalLife Event if you email us at with "Free DigitalLife Tickets" in the subject.

• What cables can carry 1080p video? Robert's got an answer for Rob.
• Jim demos the best tools for making tight coax connections (Better signal = better video from your cable or satllite box!)
• Jim owns a ridiculous number of TiVo boxes.
• More WiFi Booster Goodness (Lukas asks what if your WAP doesn't have an external antenna? Shane wonders if it'll work at both ends? And what's up w/ that glue stick, Patrick?)
• Your first two reccos on ways to send huge files! (And a comment from at least one viewer, Matt, that isn't too thrilled with the most popular hosting site the DL.TV crew suggestion...)
• Anthony's looking for a cheap way to get Photoshop like tools (Photoshop CS retails for $699.) without stealing 'em off the net. We say try Photoshop Elements, The GIMP and BTW, if you havent seen Bert Monroy's work, check it out! (He's got a new instructional series at Revision3, PixelPerfect, that's pretty cool, too.)
• Chad wants us to poll the DL.TV audience on every episode. Let's give it a shot. How about an external hard disk enclosure that sleeps the drive when its inactive? All the OS X users in the studio said "Get a Mac." Got a recco for Chad? Email us at

• Google Buys YouTube for $1.65 Billion There's some partying going on in San Mateo!
• North Korea Tests Nuclear Weapon. Scientists debate if it was a real nuke, misfire, or a giant pile of TNT
• October 18 is IE 7 Release Date BTW, are you totally toolbar happy?
• 64% of Online Gamers are Women
• US Commerce Department Hacked Again
• And a quick shout out to all the sailors that were in town for Fleet Week!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1332 
171 DLTV - Episode 103 - Tuesday October 17, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 103 - Tuesday October 17, 2006

Update 5:30AM PDT: Roger just kicked the chair in the cubicle where I've been sleeping: Episode 103 is finished (Roger's been editing video all night, I've been on standby.) and the rendering process has begun. It'll be downloadable by Noon today. Roger's going to go home and take the rest of the day off. This one fought us pretty hard... hope you like it!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1142 
172 DLTV - Episode 104 - Tuesday October 17, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 104 - Tuesday October 17, 2006

• Hack iTunes, turn Podcasts into Netcasts.
• Adding Art in iTunes
• Map tricks without Google Maps
• Backup Before Boot Camp?

• IFPA Declares War on P2P
• Google Goes Solar in a Big Way

Hey DivX viewers! The DivX is fixed. Thank you for your patience and thanks for watching!!!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1209 
173 DLTV - Episode 105 - Thursday October 19, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 105 - Thursday October 19, 2006

• Major DIY hard drive recovery help from Scott Moulton of Forensic Strategy Services and, which has great presentation on how to repair drives. Scott recommends's software for recovering data.
•  Cheap GPS Nav systems? Pat, we've got two great options: Streets & Trips 2007 and Garmin's StreetPilot i3
•  Where did the DL.TV Flash video with the individual segments go? Click on the picture, and the big Flash video player will pop right up.
•  Kim wants to know if flat speaker wire sounds as good as the round stuff.
•  About that iTunes hack for Netcasting... it didn't work so well on Windows iTunes, some clever viewers have a better way to make it work.
•  Family Guy, the video game reviewed. Sam Kennedy joins us from Mature audiences only.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1233 
174 DLTV - Episode 106 - Wednesday October 25, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 106 - Wednesday October 25, 2006


Today on DL.TV, Patrick was driving back from Colorado, so Jim Louderback joined Robert Heron on DL.TV. And as the "guest host", Jim got tagged with writing the shownotes, so here they are!
• Firefox Launches and it's party time! PC Magazine covered the launch of version 2.0, and also the more than 400 parties that are happening worldwide to celebrate the event. This episode of DL.TV, in fact, was one of those parties.
• Want to download Firefox 2.0? It was a bit congested earlier in the day, but you can find 2.0 setup here:
• Apple Finally added the Core 2 Duo processor to its Macbook notebook lineup. That means a bit more heat, and a bit more speed to the portable lineup.
• New Bittorrent support added to nine routers and NAS boxes. This is a key development,as you can serve and receive torrents without leaving your PC on.
• In a stroke of twisted genius, a malware writer adds antivirus software to its Trojan, ensuring that any compromised machine its loaded on will be dedicated solely to its nefarious purposes. But what happens when two or more Trojans adopt the same technology?
• Roger Chang came on and showed how you can add media center streaming capabilities to an older Xbox, breathing new life into the aging platform. The capabilities are very cool, and Roger showed an easy way, step by step, to make it happen. You can find out more at
• It's also a great time to upgrade your system. ExtremeTech editor Loyd Case just wrote a great fall upgrade guide, and we brought him on in our own version of "Ask Martha" You can read all about Loyd's picks here.
• Finally, we had time for just one question. Robert, Jim and associate producer Scott Asnault shared their favorite RSS readers.
• I prefer Feed Demon,particularly because it lets you store feeds and read them offline :
• Robert shows off Sage, a Firefox plugin that works with 2.0;
• And Scott is particular to the new Google Reader which is drop dead easy to use
• Whatever you use, remember that most sites let you autodiscover feeds. In Sage, you use the magnifying glass when you're on that site in Firefox. And make sure that your reader lets you export your feed subscriptions as an OPML file. Then you can import that list in another reader, without tracking down all the feeds and re-entering them manually.

Thanks to Robert, Roger, Scott, Patrick and Annaliza for letting me sit in for Patrick. It was fun! See you at What's New Now!


News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1530 
175 DLTV - Episode 107 - Friday October 27, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 107 - Friday October 27, 2006

• We've got forums! Thanks to Jim over at for setting up forums for us. Just click on the Forums tab on and scroll to the bottom of the page. Please let us know what additional forum sections you'd like!
• Chris is looking for older DL.TV episodes: We've got 'em all on the Archive page. (Look in the Navigate section.) Having that and an 'Episodes' section is a tad confusing, isn't it? Urg.
• Worried about Bully? Don't. 1UP's Scott Sharkey tells us why this PS2 game scored 10 out of a possible 10, and really is teen friendly.
• Jim wants a hard drive recovery recco. How about Forensic Strategy Services, since the founder, Scott Moulton, was kind enough to share some good info on DIY drive recovery in Ep. 105? Another popular option is DriveSavers.
• IE7: Why did I do that? Mark, a new Firefox users, chimes in on the woes of 65 vertical pixels lost.
• Vidabox: Superior PCs for the home theater? The totally silent Zero is one of the coolest cases we've seen, David, but they're deffo expensive.
• $485 stereo knobs for better audio quality? Interesting idea, Edward.

• OEMs Reveal Vista Upgrade Plans Vista come free with -some- systems this fall.
• Lik-Sang Closes Doors After Sony Lawsuit One less source for European gamers to buy PSPs.
• DoubleTwist Plans To License DVD Jon's iTunes FairPlay Crack to Businesses Could allow other companies to offer iPod compatible downloads...
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1235 
176 DLTV - Episode 108 - Wednesday November 1, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 108 - Wednesday November 1, 2006

• Congrats to Producer Scott: He and the Mrs. just had a healthy baby girl!
• Daylight Saving 2007 might just break your clocks, says Nikki
• Locking down USB ports, Ken? Superglue will do it. Microsoft has a registry hack you can use to disable USB storage devices.
• Is banking at work safe, Richard? Err to the paranoid, and make sure your bank's website is secure.
• Going Secure on Gmail?( )
• Xbox 360 Enhanced... 85 tweaks, including 1080p output
• Stopping Annoying System Tray Popups
• Dan says DL.TV forums are good... but what's with asking for personal information to register?
• Larry wants to know if the new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro should be his first Mac. Jamie gives us a list of why the new C2D MacBook Pro is "the notebook we've wanted since January"
• Oh... one last thing: William says "WE SUCK."

• No more Daily Show clips on YouTube... maybe.
• More UWB (Ultrawideband) Stupidity: Another format.
• Windows Media Player 11 Ships... Old Window Injection Flaw Reappears in IE 7
• Sale... It's no
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1337 
177 DLTV - Episode 109 - Friday November 3, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 109 - Friday November 3, 2006

• Intel Quad-Core CPU is out! We've got PCMag's benchmark numbers.
• Spy agencices develop a Wiki for intelligence gathering.
• Explosion at PayPal offices.
• YouTube to go mobile. Do you really want to watch video on a phone?
• New drivers from Nvidia support Blu-Ray and HD-DVD playback.

• Final Fantasy XII. 1UP's Garnett Lee gives us the lowdown on this long running RPG series.
• We take a peek at Gateway's new performance PC.
• Mousing performance not up to snuff? Rob and Jim offer up gadgets to soup up your mousing.
• Is it good time to buy PC parts or should wait 6 months?
• PS3 or Xbox 360. Which should buy this holiday season?
• Did I mention we have benchmark numbers for Intel's new Quad-Cores?
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1174 
178 DLTV - Episode 110 - Wednesday November 8, 2006  

 DLTV - Episode 110 - Wednesday November 8, 2006

• SEMA 2006: the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas is an amazing show of cars... and a fair amount o' car tech. We've got Patrick's slide show from the show floor!
• Secure Gmail: Stephen says "I use the CustomizeGoogle Firefox extension to force GMail to secure (https) mode." Alexander reminds us that HTTPS:// only secures you connection to the server --not-- the contents of your email. Paul has a hot tip on why your connection might not be secure in the office!
• JD is curious about the Samsung HL-S5679W we used to demo the Xbox 360's new 1080p update
• Martin needs help with 5.25 inch floppies. Anybody know if 5.25 inch floppy drives will connect to the 3.5 inch floppy connector that's still on almost every modern mobo?
• JD is curious about the Samsung HL-S5679W we used to demo the Xbox 360's new 1080p update.
• Flaming dog game for the PS2? That'd be Okami, Steve!
• Got an HDTV question for Robert? Join him in the HDTV Forums on


More Stuff
• Go to to sign up for a free 50 song trial! No DRM, the files are yours forever, and we get a bounty for everybody that signs up. Woot!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1293 
179 HHH Fires back at Steiner  

HHH fires back at Steiner/TNA

HHH had an interview at a press conference lately in which he fired back at Scott Steiner. Steiner recently made some comments about HHH only getting where he is by sleeping with Stephanie McMahon, and some nasty comments about Flair and HBK in the same shoot interview.


Now HHH takes some shots at him and TNA by saying he can understand that Steiner feels frustrated now he's a failure, and "out of the limelight", so he has to take it out on HHH and others from WWE just to get noticed. He also says that more people than just HHH and Shawn Michaels love Ric Flair, obviously. But he completely understands Steiner, the best way to get booked as some small indie star is to say that people like him bury him in WWE, and if he meets Scott tomorrow, he'll get along with him just fine.The entire interview can be found right here.

He also addresses his position as the Son-In-Law of the boss..

Sports  WWE  1024 
180 Randy Orton on Brother Ray  

Short before his "accident," Randy Orton was interviewed by WrestleCast. The interview is now available. Perhaps the most interesting part of it is Orton refering to former WWE, and current TNA, wrestler Brother Ray:

"I never liked him (...) I never liked what he did because he only thought of himself. In the match my foot was broke, it was his fault... Bubba Dudley is the most out of shape, fat, non-work-ethic-having person I knew. And you had a bad taste in your mouth when you met him."

Sports  WWE  565 
181 Clementon Park 08-23-2008  

Wrestle Reality Debutes at Clementon Park. Featuring The Sandman's Son "Twisted Sand" Verse Kvein "I Feel No Pain" James and all the stars of PWU, DWF and Loco Wrestling.

Sports  Wrestle Reality  2432 
182 Nikolai Volkoff joins the Million Dollar Corporation  

Nikolai Volkoff joins the Million Dollar Corporation

From 2 seperate Monday Night Raws in 1994, first Volkoff explains how he is now broke and short of cash while Jerry Lawler mocks him, and then Ted DiBiase buys his services and humiliates him

Sports  WWE  424 
183 The Howard Stern Show - Turban Prank Call  

Sal the stock broker and Richard Christy make another prank call.

Comedy  Misc  1245 
Sports  High School Lacrosse  675 
News  Misc  944 
186 Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7  

How has Windows evolved, as a general purpose operating system and at the lowest levels, in Windows 7? Who better to talk to than Technical Fellow and Windows Kernel guru Mark Russinovich? Here, Mark enlightens us on the new kernel constructs in Windows 7 (and, yeah, we do wander up into user mode, but only briefly). One very important change in the Windows 7 kernel is the dismantling of the dispatcher spin lock and redesign and implementation of its functionality. This great work was done by Arun Kishan (you've met him on C9 last year). The direct result of the reworking of the dispatcher spin lock is that Windows 7 can scale to 256 processors. Further, this enabled the great Landy Wang to tune the Windows Memory Manager to be even more efficient than it already is. Mark also explains (again) what MinWin really is (heck, even I was confused. Not anymore...). MinWin is present in Windows 7. Native support for VHD (boot from VHD anyone?) is another very cool addition to our next general purpose OS. Yes, and there's more!

Tune in. This is a great conversation (if you're into operating systems). It's always great to chat with Mark.

News  Misc  1146 
187 Neal Christiansen - Inside File System Filter, part I  

File System Filters are kernel-mode non-device drivers that monitor inbound and outbound FileSystem IO.

A prime example of an FSM is anti-virus software (the primary function of an AV app is to monitor IO stream content looking for virus patterns, after all).

Anyway, we were introduced to Neal by Dana Epp (he's working with the filter driver team to build a new security system and helped us during this interview) and we were impressed with Neal.

Why? Well, he's built two operating systems himself. More on that later, but hope you enjoy the first part of this, second part to come Monday.

Here, he takes you on a tour of the depths of Windows. Inside the kernel and the world of so-called kernel-mode drivers.

News  Misc  1320 
188 The Latin Revolution Joins Loco Wrestling  

On November 30th 2008 The Internationaly reknowned Tag Team from NY City "The Latin Revolution" signs a deal with Loco Wrestling to perform on up coming events.

Sports  Loco Wrestling  4873 
189 Lady D Makes Her Debut  

On Novemeber 23rd 2008 Devastation University Student Lady D made her debut as a professional Wrestler for Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling in Tennessee.

To become a Pro wrestler your self

Sports  DWF  2309 
190 DWF/Loco "A Devastated Christmas Goes Loco" 12/6/2008  

A Devastated Christmas Goes Loco Dec 6th in Pennsauken New Jersey..There was an absolute capacity crowd in Devastation University to witness what many called the very best show that DWF has had in a long time. The show started off with Kevin James vs. A DWF favourite Anhell Gonzalez. Kevin got the crowd riled up but Anhell stopped Kevin..


Winner Anhell Gonzalez

After that match The Southern Enforcer and Legendary Doc Diamond came to the ring to talk about Amadeus and Downtown Raphael. It didn't take long for them to hit the ring..Amadeus and Raphael got the upper hand 2 on 1 but Doc Diamond promised them something for later on in the evening.

The second match of the night was Arrogance vs. Loco Cruiserweight champion Alberto Libre Jr. What?? Arrogance is a bit big for a cruiserweight. First surprise of the evening.. Unannounced guest Mikey of the Spirit Squad came out to referee. This caught everyone by surprise as noone knew he would be in the building.
Alberto used his speed for much of the match, however the power of Arrogance caught up to him. Arrogance didn't seem to like the way Mikey was calling the match though and he got himself disqualified. Alberto climbed to the top rope while Arrogance was arguing with the ref and hit him with a dropkick. Mikey and Alberto then tossed him out of the ring. Celebration time Spirit Squad style!

Winner Alberto Libre Jr.

The next match was Corky vs. Dark Angel Slayer. Dark Angel got the crowd angered and Corky did his usual. They heavily favoured Corky. Corky was able to bring down the bigger Dark Angel and get the pin.

Winner Corky

The next match was the grudge match between The Latin Connection and The Lost Boys. This is a bitter battle that has been raging since the summer. This match was no different. It went back and forth with both teams hitting each other with all they had. Strange music started playing and out came The Latin Revolution. They let it be known they were here for gold...All of the Gold. A challenge was issued and accepted. Jan 24th a 3 way tag match. Then an all out was erupted, resulting in a double dq.

Match thrown out no winner.

After intermission a birthday girl was brought into the ring by Santa J. After the crowd sang Happy Birthday to her Santa J was presenting her with a cupcake and out came The Latin Revolution. They pushed the cupcake in her face and tossed Santa J into the ring. They then left Santa J layed out in the ring. The poor guy needed help to the back.

The next match was Victor Cohonnes vs. Dr. Ruthless.. clearly a mismatch in size Victor didn't want to be out there and his cohorts managed to get him disqualified. The big man then treated the crowd to a dance.

Winner Dr. Ruthless

The next match was another grudge match..Loco Hardcore champion Damien Pain vs. Crazii Shea. This match was brought on due to Crazii Shea throwing Damien off of a steel cage back in September! The match went all over the building, into the crowd and up on a balcony! It had weapons being used and trash cans! But in the end they were both knocked out. After the match they seemed to have forgotten they were mad at each other.

winner no winner

The next match of the night saw DWF Heavyweight champion Rockin' Rebel team up with WWE Hall of famer Nikolai Volkoff to take on a team of Sheiks managed by Bobby Reidel. Rebel was Rebel and Nikolai's big boots are still very effective.

Winner Rebel and Nikolai

The next match was a rematch from back in the summer. Bobby Piper vs. King Bash Manta. Bash was brutal but Piper was able to keep up. One sleeper hold later the match was over.

Winner Bobby Piper

And the main event of the evening....

Downtown Raphael and Amadeus vs. The Southern Enforcer and Doc Diamonds surprise.... Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart!
This was a quick match. Looked like TSE and Anvil had a great plan. Anvil tossed Raphael out of the ring and they doubleteamed Amadeus. One bossman slam and the match was over.
The last thing everyone saw was TSE carrying Simply Divine formerly his valet Lady D to the back. Does this mean she's back with TSE? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to for any further developements!

Sports  DWF  5869 
191 Trash Talkin' Radio 02-10-2009   This video has a long intro (19+ minutes)

Dave Hebner

He was a road agent and ref for the WWE for most of his career. He was part of some of the most historic matches of all time. He is now part of TNA and Ward-Hebner Promotions and will continue to be a force in the industry. This week we spreak to him about his career and future plans.

The Cruisin Cripples

They are another radio show that is on 2 days a week. On Mondays they are a Wrestling show and Thursday they tackle current events and other topics. This week we cover their show and what makes them unique in the business. We even have an exclusive segment called "Something that flattens my tires".

Bill Baker - Ace Frehley Scrapbook

He had a dream and idol. He was in a tribute band to his hero and eventually not only met him but became friends with him. Eventually he puts out a book on his hero. This week we talk to the make behind the pages. Dreams do come true.

Get your Ace Frehley Scrapbook Here

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  866 
192 Mr. Arrogance Speaks!  

Mr. Arrogance lets the world know exactly what he thinks of everyone.

Sports  Loco Wrestling  769 
193 Trash Talkin' Radio 01-20-2009  

Trash Talkin' Radio 01-20-2009

Death Falcon Zero

He was wrestling around the country until he was sent to prison. Now he was released to fight off the Zombie Slug Lords. What? Zombie Slug Lords? Does this seem a bit far fetched? Find out this week as we take on One Half of the Grapes Of Wrath


He is not just a wrestler, he is involved in many aspects of Entertainment. From Music to Wrestling, to Comic Books and more, he remains in demand in New York and the Northeast. He has worked in Movies and is helping with some Charity Events. This week we catch up with the Border Hound Himself


He started in the Mid 80's and had a chance to train with some of the best. He has had opportunies to work the Terriotries as well as WWF, ECW and many othees. Some of the names he worked with date back to the 70's. He is now working with Force One and is a Force to contend with as he makes his way to competition as the newly formed tag team with Chiki Cortes now known as the Latin Express and they get ready to take on the team of Crazy Ivan and Pete Nixon, known as the Repeat Offenders.

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  597 
194 Trash Talkin' Radio 02-03-2009  

Trash Talkin' Radio 02-03-2009


The Queen of extreme returns to the show. She will talk about the history of ECW as well as the current state of events. She will also talk about the upcoming Staten Island Super Sign.

Staten Island Super Sign

Tank Abbott

He was a monster and one of the early pioneers of MMA as he was feared. His punches are second to none and his love of fighting is just another weekend in a bar. He is back and ready to fight again. This week we talk to the powerhouse.

Mike Orlando

Musician extrardinaire coming to the show to share his love and desires. We will talk about his CD "Sonic Stop" among the many other projects he is currently working on.

Marvin Ward

He is a successful promoter in the Virginia Area and is looking to bring TNA talent to the Area. This week we talk about how he is not working closely with Dave Hebner and brings some great talent to a great promotion.

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  696 
195 Trash Talkin' Radio 02-17-2009  

Trash Talkin' Radio 02-17-2009

CW Anderson

He took time away from the business and now is back with a vengence. This week we find out where he has been and what his future plans are. Will we see the return of the Extreme Horsemen? Or is this the return of just the Enforcer.

Sheldon Goldberg

He is the owner and operator of New England Championship Wrestling. This promotion is a driving force in the New England area. This week we will talk about the history of this promotion and who some of the guys are that make it work

Tribute to the Passing of Trish's Grandfather

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  617 
196 Trash Talkin' Radio 02-24-2009  

Trash Talkin' Radio 02-24-2009

Daniel Puder

Former WWE Tough Enough Contestant and MMA star coming back on the show to talk about his return to MMA. He has a strong will to achieve and be the best in whatever he chooses


PWR has come a long way in Long Island. This week we will hear an announcement from them and where they are taking the company. They had some great talented wrestlers and continue to bring new ones to their promotion.

Celebrity Boxing Federation Review

Damon Feldman comes back on the show to talk about his next card with some new surprises. Who will take on Michael Lohan? What Hall Of Fame EX WWE Wrestlers will be in a match?

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  724 
197 Trash Talkin' Radio 03-10-2009 (Bret Hart Interview)  

Johnny Ova

The Million Dollar protege comes back to the show to talk about some very big things about to happen with PWR. These are maybe the biggest announcements from any Indy Promotion in years


He is a home grown spitfire from Long Island and one of the PWR stars. He comes on to talk about how he got started and how PWR has given him the opportunity to set the company on fire. This is his first time on our show. Listen to him as he heats up the airwaves

Diamond Mike

He is an Indy Manager and author of a book called "Why not me? Vince" He travels with his Wrestler across the country making a name for himself and in his book talks about how they have what it takes. This guy is a must listen interview.

Bret Hart

This guest is the Best there is, The Best there was was, and the Best there ever will be. Stay Tuned. You will hear all about how this man rose to the top and made it known how he was the best. He influenced many people and still remains a humble man!! His book is just being released in the UK for our overseas listeners.

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  741 
198 Trash Talkin' Radio 03-17-2009  

Bobby Lashley

He is a Former WWE/ECW World Champion, WWE United States Champion, as well as winning several PWI Awards. He won several Amateur awards and is very accomplished. He now is competing in MMA and is on the road to being the best. This weekend he is competing against Jason Guida and will try to make short work of him as well.

Lashley Nutrition

Balls Mahoney

He was scheduled to come on and was only able to come on for a few minutes to apologise for being unable to intercview. He should be on in the next couple of weeks.


There is a new promotion in town and they are called B4W. This week we talk to Ryan Kavanagh as he tells us what will make them different from all the other promotions. Their first show is just around the corner and will be the first of many featuring a roster of tried and true wrestlers.

We are saddened by the passing of Andrew "Test" Martin.

In Tribute here is an interview we had with him from 5/07/05 Interview we did.


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  480 
199 Trash Talkin' Radio 03-24-2009  

Steve Corino

He is the artist formerly known as the King of Old School as well as now known as Mr Wrestling 3. He comes on to talk about his venture in Puerto Rico and also with B4W with their show coming up this weekend.

Debra Marshall

She is one of the former WWE Diva's who made her way in the business through her association with Mongo Mc Michael and then became the wife of Stone Cold. She has been out of the scene for some time but makes her way back into the Spotlight. This week we find out where she has been and what the future hold for her


Mike Black returns to talk about the new 3AW. They have reformed and are ready to take on the wrestling community. They are a New Promotion with a new alliance of experienced people.

Private Donovan Warner & Sir Reginald Royce

Live in the studio we are joined by someone who is leave from his tour of duty in Iraq and His father. We took time to hear what Iraq is like from this young guy who has been stationed there. Very interesting interview and only on TTRS


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  685 
200 Trash Talkin' Radio 03-31-2009  

Judas Young

He works many of the Indy Feds as well as working for the NWA. He has worked for most of the notable Indy Feds in the North East. He is a very solid worker and has built a good reputation. This week we finally has a chance to talk to him as he goes into the next weekend for a very inportant match.


Dickie Rodz

At one time the only place you could find him was NYWC but now we are seeing his name pop up all over the US. This talented guy is making his name and making his way to name recognition. He returns to our show with some interesting news.

Gervase Peterson

He was on the original Survivor Series that launched the franchise. This Philadelphia native was one of the pioneers who played this game in its early stages and perhaps laid the groundwork for todays version. This week we see more about how the game is played and talk to him about his upcoming Celebrity Boxing match against Porno Star Travis Knight.


Travis Knight

He is known as a Porno actor and director. This week we find out how he goes from working it in the bedroom to the ring as he takes on Gervase Peterson from Survivor in a Celebrity Boxing match. This week we see if he will practice safe technics in the ring.

Tattoo Tony

He is the Tattoo artist of the stars as he makes his second appearance on the show. This time we will talk to him about a fundraiser he is organizing to help with Autism awareness. This weekend he has a bunch of bands donating their time for this worthy cause. Listen in as we do our part to promote this worthy cause.

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  656 
201 AC/DC Who Made Who Live  

AC/DC Who Made Who Live

not the best quality audio

Music  AC/DC  636 
202 AC/DC WHO MADE WHO Live 2006  


not the best quality audio

Music  AC/DC  623 
203 DLTV - Episode 111 - Friday November 10, 2006  
DLTV - Episode 111 - Friday November 10, 2006
What's new in Episode 111

• Nvidia's 8800 is FAST, ExtremeTech's Loyd Case gives us the deets.
• Vista Hits RTM
• PS3 and Wii ready to ship
• MacBook Gets Core 2 Duo
• More!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1068 
204 DLTV - Episode 112 - Wednesday November 15, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 112 - Wednesday November 15, 2006

What's new in Episode 112
• What to do when you PC is infested with a virus.
• How to connect a PCMCIA device to a USB port.
• A viewer tip on being anonymous online.
• MacBook RAM clarification.
• Tabasco in a Dell?!
• Thanks for your support.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1015 
205 DLTV - Episode 113 - Friday November 17, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 113 - Friday November 17, 2006

What's new in Episode 113


• We got a Wii in house and it sure is sweet. See what resident Wii owner, Jim Louderback, has to say about Nintendo's latest product, and whether or not you should stand in line this weekend to get one.

• With the battle between Internet Explorer and FireFox heating up it's easy to forget Opera Web Browser. We had the opportunity to talk to Opera Software's CTO about the abilities, direction and future of the Opera Web Browser.

• We had a viewer, Rob, ask about the true frame rate nature of 1080p output of the PS3, Xbox 360, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. The answer is a bit more complicated than it appears. For a comprehensive explanation, Robert Heron, suggests checking out Alvy Ray's site on the matter at

• JB wanted to know if he could replace the hard drive in his Inspiron 9100 and then use the included install disc that came with the computer to re-install Windows. The answer depends on a few things. Is there a hidden partition on the current hard drive that is require to re-install the software, is the install disc included just a backup image of what came from factory or an actual install disc. If anyone knows which applies specifically to the Inspirion 9100 please let us know.

• Finally a multitude of thoughtful viewers corrected us on a few of the questions we had on tuesday specifically on the locked file that could not be deleted. Many suggested a tool Unlocker available at the authors site here.

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1115 
206 DLTV - Episode 114 - Thursday November 23, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 114 - Thursday November 23, 2006

The Deets for Episode 114

• Our FTP problem is fixed, and the iPod, Mpeg4 and MP3, DivX, WMVand H.264 formats are up. Flash went up 2:00AM November 23. Joy. We can go home now.
• Wow... long show, 58 minutes. We almost ran out of tape. Lots of stuff in this one!
• Sony's PS3 is sold out. More Nintendo Wii units go on sale this Friday.
• Two obvious shopping tips: 1. Prices online can be cheaper, but paying for overnight shipping can kill your savings. Shop early. 2. Do your research --before-- you head to the store.
• Kids Stuff: FRS Radios, Radio Shack's Electronics Learning Lab, Lego Mindstorms, more!
• Our digital camera picks, from ultra cheap to ultra-swank.
• MP3 players: No shock, our top picks come from Apple, but we've got non-iPod options, too.
• Robots! PCMag's Lance Ulanoff gives us the holiday scoop on everything from toddler terrifying raptors to DIY robot kits.
• Graphics cards: pics at $150, $250 and mortagage payment.
• Robert's HDTV reccos, our take on Blu-ray and HD-DVD. (Did you know the new Xbox 360 HD DVD box can be hacked to run on a Mac or PC?)
• Cody wants cheap treats for HDTV owners.
• Stocking stuffers: thumb drives, Leatherman tools and more.
• Unix_Rootsu wants to know if he can build a new system this winter, or if he should wait for PCI-E 2.0 and DDR3 mobos.
• Thinking about a new system? Balancing dollars vs. power? Start with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300... or if you don't mind a little performance drop to go w/ AMD, an Athlon 64 X2.
• Rob needs a call on a MacBook for his daughter: what's the difference between a black and white model?
• Two wireless keyboard with mouse reccos for Nick.
• Did we mention satellite radio recievers are downright cheap?

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1099 
207 DLTV - Episode 115 - Tuesday November 28, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 115 - Tuesday November 28, 2006

What's new in Episode 115

• Apocalypse must be nigh: Patrick's Mom is buying a computer.
• HD DVD playback for $200? The folks at have the drivers you need to run an Xbox HD DVD Player on your Windows XP machine. You'll need HD DVD playback software... we're waiting for an add on for WinDVD 8 Know any that's shipping now? Email us at with the deets!
• Sending big files? Your top choices are,, and We've got more of your suggestions in the show.
• The best looking format for watching DL.TV? We've got an answer for Digital_B
• Dell's battery police are after Mike. What should he do...
• Larry says it's not, it's for the anonymous Internet access at work!
• How long should it take to capture digital video from a camcorder?
• Austin wants an "ultra compact camera that can use SD cards, is real good in low light and ha a 3x optical zoom." Wow.. tough list!
• How long should it take to capture digital video from a camcorder?

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1124 
208 DLTV - Episode 116 - Thursday November 30, 2006  
What's new in Episode 116

• Office 2007 tricks: Louderback shows us some of the nifty, and not so high profile, new features in 0ffice 2007.
• Patrick's looking for a legal download site that has downloads from major label bands. We've got an idea for him.
• Homer wants to know which bittorrent client we'd run on a mac. That'd be Azureus. It runs on anything w/ Java support.. Mac, PC or Linux. (We're big fans of µTorrent on XP, btw.)
• DL.TV = HD DVD propaganda? Silent on decent Blu-ray titles? Hardly, Rob. We've seen some great transfers on Blu-ray. And let's clear the air about which next gen DVD system you should buy.
• 500GB external hard drives? Edwin, we'll tell you exactly how we buy external storage.
• ColorMall has Robert's favehigh tech screen cleaning roller... but it's $165! Ouch.
• Speaking of ouch... DaddyDowse say's it's not Newky Brown, it's Dog.
• Vista Ships To Enterprise Customers
• More Wii, PS3 Units Available This Sunday
• Score 50 DRM free MP3s and help support DL.TV, try a trial subscription at

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1081 
209 DLTV - Episode 117 - Tuesday December 5, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 117 - Tuesday December 5, 2006

What's new in Episode 117

• Want a Silent PC? ExtremeTech's Jason Cross joins us to talk about his latest build.
• $300 gaming NIC? Is it a must have or a waste of cash? We've got the word for Intentsly and Merrell
• Josiah, Jason, Crhis, Bryan, Donald and co. ask "What happened to the MPeg4 feed?" (We droped it, please try the H.264 video instead!)
• Doppler: Mike's recco for subscribing to our video. It's free, and it works.
• Democracy, a very cool all in one tool for subscribing, downloading and watching video, can't read our RSS feeds. We're working to fix that ASAP.
• Robert says "Hey, finals are coming up for me in college. Do you guys have any advice for me?" Yup. Don't buy a Wii and start playing Zelda until --after-- finals are over!
• 20 gauge shotgun + malfunctioning DVD player = fun. Thanks for the pix Chase!
• And more!
• Help support DL.TV, try out a free offer of 50 DRM free songs from Emusic!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1214 
210 DLTV - Episode 118 - Thursday December 7, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 118 - Thursday December 7, 2006

What's new in Episode 118

• PC case reccos for Matt.
• Video on the Xbox: Roger's back with Team Blackbolt's 360 Blad Skin on top of XBMC on a modded Xbox. A cool way to browse video! (And can anybody code us up a DL.TV script?)
• What happened to Patrick's mouse from SmoothCreations? We show it off along with some more shiny paint jobs from ColorWare.
• Will Michael's brother notice if he replaces his VGA cable with a DVI cable?
• Are there any Bluetooth or wireless joysticks for the PC? We've got answers for Peter.
• DIY Notebook Repairs: We've got info for Roger.
• Backing up a 750GB hard drive is definately a nightmare Chad, unless you have lots of time or money.
• If you sign up for a free trial at, we get a bounty, and you get 50 free songs you can keep forever! Tons of good tunes, a credit card is required.

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1162 
211 DLTV - Episode 119 - Tuesday December 12, 2006  

 DLTV - Episode 119 - Tuesday December 12, 2006

• Democracy Works: Or at least it should. We've been tweaking our RSS feeds.
• Daniel's looking for a tool to automatically generate the XML for an RSS feed. We use a custom tool, so that's out. Got a suggestion for Dan? Email us!
• Headphones under $100? We've got two suggestions for Michel! BTW, we love nosing around the Headroom website to check out the mad array of headphones and gear... they've got some pretty solid reviews, too.
• "Why are web cams so darn "up and down the ladder" on prices?" Bob, it's all about glass, sensors, processing and build quality.... other than that, not much difference between them!
• H.264 rendering? We found the Mac Pro 25% faster than the G5, Curtis... throw more memory at it and it gets even faster.
• Matt's looking for an external battery for his notebook. Electrovaya offers models up to 300Wh, they're the Cadillac, but they aren't cheap. APC has a low cost 80Wh Universal Notebook Battery that sells for under $200.
• Joe says "Blu-ray burners have dropped under $599!"
• Lego flamethrower? Very cool. Thanks for the heads up, Matthew!


News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1186 
212 DLTV - Episode 122 - Friday December 22, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 122 - Friday December 22, 2006

• Patrick's Out For the Holidays
• GP2X: An open source portable gaming device...Is it any good?
• We have a quick look at OpenOffice. Can't afford the Office Suite from the other company, go to
• Roger received an email from Finland. Something about Finland and Russia are not one in the same. Oops.
• Ready for the Wii Weather? Robert has a first look at a cool update for the Wii.

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1152 
213 DLTV - Episode 123 - Tuesday December 26, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 123 - Tuesday December 26, 2006

In honor of the season we decided to crack the whip, literally, to get this stuff up tonight. No rest for the weary but hopefully you'll enjoy this small token of our gratitude for supporting us.

• Rob and Rog make amends and show the correct current version of
• Free CPU load testing software. CPU-Z
• Sharing your media library over the Internet.
• Online Anti-Virus Scan (Too bad doctor visits can be done the same way). Housecall
• Producer Scott Asnault offers up some choice Internet Radio Sites for folks who won't give up on, Yahoo's LaunchCast,, and Scott's fav Robert has one, too. If you have other suggestions, kick us an email at
• And of course your email questions!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1361 
214 DLTV - Episode 124 - Thursday December 28, 2006  

DLTV - Episode 124 - Thursday December 28, 2006

Rob goes solo.

• Surfing the web on your Nintendo Wii.
• Home Theater sound options.
• Ultra-lite notebook round-up.
• Simple Steps to calibrating your HDTV.
• See y'all next year!

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1265 
215 The DRUNKCAST w/ Lance Storm, Les Thatcher  

The DRUNKCAST w/ Lance Storm, Les Thatcher


It's that time again for THE DRUNKCAST! Your hosts Ed in San Antonio and PeachMachine are set for another two hour non-stop block of wrestling and MMA talk as they welcome legendary wrestling icon Les Thatcher to the show to talk WrestleMania, the WWE Hall of Fame and the state of the business today. They're also going to be joined on the 41st edition by returning guest and world famous wrestling superstar Lance Storm to talk about whatever's on his mind including possibly Crossing the Line to TNA Impact. Don't miss The DRUNKCAST every Friday night at 9 PM EST, 8 Central via If you do check out the replay here on or for free via iTunes (keyword: angrymarks) where you can get new shows as soon as they are posted. 10,000+ listeners a month can't be wrong - the AngryMarks Podcast Network is the BOMB~!
Sports  Angry Marks  707 
216 Trash Talkin' Radio 04-14-2009  


Always the innovator, he is working to break out in the mainstreme. He has appearances all over and is featured in several new movies. He is a good friend of the show and is always working on fundraising for charity.

April Hunter

Last time she was on the show was about 2 years ago. Alot has happened since then and we will use this time to catch up on her and her hubby's lifestyle. We will see how the Life on and out of the Business has treated them.



It has been a while since he was on the show and with CCW having another show coming up he returns and gives us an update. He is one of the guys coming into his own and he continues to strive to be the best out there.



Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  676 
217 Trash Talkin' Radio 04-28-2009  

Trash Talkin' Radio 04-28-2009

Lord Zoltan

Yes.... No.... Yes... No.... He has been since sometime in the 70's and is still out there working the Indys. This week we will learn about the early days of his career till now and how things have changed. He is a guy who has seen an industry totally change

News & Views

From current events to "What Burns my Trash" Segment. We will also talk about this past weekend in Quarryville as well as this coming weekend in Jersey City. We also will be talking about the upcoming Yankee Stadium Show too.

Kurt Kaoss & Marshall

Above the Mat was one of the Radio Shows who helped pave the way for our show and they were one of the first shows to reach out to us and even gave us our stream for listeners for several years. Tonight they came on the show to annouce a re-union show for early August.

Above the Mat

Keystone Wrestling Alliance

Nate Fike (Co-owner of KWA) came on to talk about their show in Jersey Shore PA which includes the likes of Rockin' Rebel, Jake the Snake Roberts, Kage and many more.

Keystone Wrestling Alliance MySpace

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  949 
218 Pro Wrestling Radio on TVByDemand 4-29-2009  

Pro Wrestling Radio returns live and online this Wednesday night April 29 at 7 PM/EST. The show is scheduled 7-8:15 PM/EST with an optional over time. I will take your calls throughout the entire show and I will take questions from the chat room. I will break down WWE Backlash and I want to hear your thoughts on it. What were your favorite matches? Do you agree with the finishes? I will give my thoughts on the "new" champions? I also want to talk about Ricky Steamboat and look more at wrestling comebacks. I also want to talk about some of pro wrestling's greatest feuds. What were your favorites? What dream matches are left in pro wrestling? We can talk about all of the backstage gossip, latest news, and more. I also want to get into some mma and talk about the announcement of Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva. I will also talk about anything else you have on your mind at 1-877-800-8834.

Call in with your question or comment toll-free 1-877-800-8834 or skype id - eric.gargiulo.
Listen live online with no downloads at
I also have a chat room open on the tvbydemand page during the show.
Check out radio show FAQs for any issues or questions on how to listen by clicking here.
John did a great job of answering all of your questions on

I have re-launched the Camel Clutch Blog.
I am back to talking pro wrestling, mma, NFL, politics, pop culture, and more.
The blog is now located at

Pro Wrestling Radio is available on I Tunes! Click here or copy and paste this link
You must have I Tunes installed in order for this to work. I have continued to upload archives and classics. There are plenty on there available for download.

Check out my website to listen and download recent and classic radio shows, read commentaries/diaries, latest Pro Wrestling Radio show news and updates, classic shows, my career gallery, and more.

Sports  Pro Wrestling Radio  1097 
219 DLTV - Episode 125 - Thursday January 2nd, 2007  
The Deets for Episode 125

• A Better Site for Weather... and help finding road closures
• Google Uses Algorithm to Fill Jobs
• Sizing a Power Inverter or Generator: Volts x Amps = Watts
• Digital cameras shutter lag: Is it gone yet?
• Our wallpaper is back!
• MS Security Repsone Center Activated for new Windows Exploit (er.... proof of concept.)
• AACS Hacked on HD DVD
• And a heaping helping of viewer questions!
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1202 
220 DLTV - Episode 126 - Sat January 4th, 2007  
• Scanning film? David Stone, PCMag's scanner mavin reccomends Canon CanoScan 8400F (or it's new follow up, the 8600). Six color scanning? Check out HP's Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner. BTW, OCR software doesn't suck anymore: OmniPage Professional 15 is the best OCR software out there.
• 1366x768: This is not an HD resolution. OK, it is, but it's really annoying.
• Power supplies... is there an advantage to putting 'em at the bottom of the case?
• Camcorders: SD vs. HD for Marcos in Brazil
• iTablet: Myth or Macworld? From Apple? Myth, tho Other World Computing will debut Axiotron's ModBook, a MacBook turned into a tablet before Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld next week!
• Thanks Lee, for the heads up on Weather meets the Google map API!
• We're going to CES in Las Vegas next week, you can come see us! We're taping Sunday at 1PM, Monday, Tuesday and Wedneday at 4PM. Our stage will be in the Sands Expo Center lobby, outside of Hall C. (The shows will be available for download Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning!)

• Dual format HD DVD/Blu-ray discs and dual format players? Are HD DVD and Blu-ray coming together?
• Adobe Reader 6 and 7 have Javascript security hole... time to upgrade to Reader 8! Or better yet, Foxit Reader! (Has anybody checked Foxit for the same flaw?)
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1269 
221 DLTV - Episode 127 - Monday January 8th, 2007  


• CES = The Consumer Electronics Show, the annual gathering of the CE industry... and quite the parade of new products. It's huge: 1.7 million square feet of floor space covered with 2,700 exhibitors, and thousands of new product announcements, from 2000 Watt PC Power supplies to 108 inch HDTVs. We'll be bringing you a serious taste of what's going on this week.
• UWB, Ultra Wide Band hits the street. First up, Toshiba's Portege R400. We're talking about a wireless port replicator... connected everything to your notebook but power without wires.
• A slick Vista interface customized for the family, a giant touch screen and a clean design = HP's TouchSmart PC.
• Next generation phones? Louderback brings us the Linksys iPhone, Netgear's Dual-Mode Cordless Phone with Skype on the WiFi/VoIP front, and D-Link's V-Click, which offers up GSM cell phone connectivy and SIP VoIP support for a WiFi connection.
• You can only buy it in Japan? Maybe not. Dynamism's CEO Douglas Krone brings some of the slickest products you never thought you'd see for sale in the US... Thanko's video wrist watch, Panasonic's HDC-SD1 (90 minutes of HD video on a 4GB SD card!), notebooks from Sony, Panasonic and Kohjinsha... and... yes, the new Nabaztag/tag (The next gen TechnoLustBunny can smell!)
• More products? Sure. How about Nokia's new Internet Tablet, the N800, Dash Navigation's Dash Express (in car GPS meets some serious wireless networking savvy)
• Ruggedized video camera? Sean, you're probably going to have to go with a case for that camera... and the best defense vivisection by your precocious 4 year old? We've got the only way prevent that.
• Got a Question? A tip? A product you're curious about Email us at

• It's true: Microsoft is adding an HDMI port, 120GB HD and what looks like a pretty slick interface for IPTV to the Xbox 360. Sorry if you just picked up one, Jake, we don't have the ship date or price yet, but this looks like a sweet upgrade.
News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1484 
222 Pro Wrestling Radio on TVByDemand 5-6-2009  

Pro Wrestling Radio returns live and online this Wednesday night May 6 at 7 PM/EST. The show is scheduled 7-8:30 PM/EST with an optional over time. I will be back on Pro Wrestling Radio this Wednesday night May 6 at 7 PM/EST. I will be joined by former WWE and WCW world tag team champion Jerry Saggs of the Nasty Boys. Jerry will talk about the career of the Nasty Boys, some great road stories, and reveal who is on the current hit list of the Nasty Boys. This should be a lot of fun and an interview that you don’t want to miss. I will take any questions for Jerry through the chat room. I will take your calls following Jerry’s appearance for the rest of the show. We can talk about all of the latest news and topics in the world of pro wrestling. Call in at 1-877-800-8834.


Former WWE star, Gene Snitsky joins Pro Wrestling Radio next Wednesday May 13.

Call in with your question or comment toll-free 1-877-800-8834 or skype id - eric.gargiulo.
Listen live online with no downloads at
I also have a chat room open on the tvbydemand page during the show.
Check out radio show FAQs for any issues or questions on how to listen by clicking here.
John did a great job of answering all of your questions on

I have re-launched the Camel Clutch Blog.
I am back to talking pro wrestling, mma, NFL, pop culture, and more.
The blog is now located at

Pro Wrestling Radio is available on I Tunes! Click here or copy and paste this link
You must have I Tunes installed in order for this to work. I have continued to upload archives and classics. There are plenty on there available for download.

Check out my website to listen and download recent and classic radio shows, read commentaries/diaries, latest Pro Wrestling Radio show news and updates, classic shows, my career gallery, and more.




Eric Gargiulo

Sports  Pro Wrestling Radio  875 
223 Trash Talkin' Radio 05-26-2009  

Andrew Anderson

He was in the Movie "The Wrestler" and has been in the Indy scene for a long time. Since his role in the movie he has seen a bit of interest from the mainstream entertainment world. This week we will explore the new opportunities that has come his way..


Nigel Sherrod

A long time friend of the Show and lifetime member of the Trash Clan. He was instrumental in securing some of the interviews on the show. Now he has a full time job working as the General Manager of RPW. Listen as we talk or thier future

Luscious Joe Sloan

He is the PWR Heavyweight Champion and has been working to help promote this organization This week we talk about the upcoming show in Staten Island. The PWR crew is helping raise money for the Frank J. Reali III Family Learn more about this great organization


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  2606 
224 Trash Talkin' Radio 06-09-2009  

Justin Credible

He isnt just good. No, No, No. He's not just great.... Its been a couple of years since we had him on the show and this week he returns. He has been making his name heard once again as he is making more appearances. He also has a Fanfest coming up in Auguest called Icons Of Wrestling. Fine out more this week.

Dara "Like Dat" Boyd

She was on the VH1 Series "Flavor of Love" as well as "Flavor of Love Charm School". We caught up to her at a charity event fund-raiser for Autism at the Dexter Entertainment complex. Learn more about her then you can imagin from this reality star.

Discussion on Promoters

What makes a good promoter? What makes a bad one? Sop you think you got what it takes?

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  723 
225 Pro Wrestling Radio 2009-07-15  

Pro Wrestling Radio 2009-07-15 Live Bruno Sammartino interview.

Sports  Pro Wrestling Radio  858 
226 Pro Wrestling Radio 2009-11-16  

November 16th 2009 edition of Pro Wrestling Radio.

Sports  Pro Wrestling Radio  818 
227 Trash Talking Radio 2009-11-17  

November 17th 2009 edition of Trash Talking Radio

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  548 
228 Loco/DWF Invasion II Nov. 7th 2009 Philadelphia  

Audio trailer and then complete show. DWF's debute show in Philly.

Loco/DWF Invasion II Nov. 7th 2009 Philadelphia

November 7th 2009

The show opened up with Amadeus coming out to the ring with his new Business advisor Vinny the Guido. Vinny had some derogatory remarks for the Philly crowd. Especially about the Phillies losing to the Yankees.

The real reason they were out, Amadeus announced to the crowd that he is the new DWF Commissioner. According to him he will handpick his opponent to defend the Loco Championship against. This brought out the Loco commissioner Jose Rivera.

Jose informed the crowd that Amadeus was just named the Captain Krunch spokesman. Also that Jose will be picking Amadeus's opponent for later in the evening.

Amadeus and Vinny then attacked Jose. We will all find out later who he will be facing when he defends the Loco championship.


The first match Corky vs. Jim Beam. A good match with action in and out of the ring. Corky caught Jim Beam with a quick pin but Jim then ripped the head off of Corky's Teddy Bear. Something tells me that this is not over between the two of them.

The next match The good ole boys really put it to a couple of newcomers. Chris Ansert and John Nonimus. The chops could be heard all over the building.

The next match The Latin Connection got their shot against Bad Karma for the tag titles. This match was a war between two good tag teams. They battled all over the place. In the end The Latin Connection got the pin. It was then announced that since this was a Loco show.. The Loco belts were the only ones up for grabs. So The Latin Connection are the Loco tag champs and Bad Karma are the DWF tag champs. Both teams have the Good ole boys breathing down their necks.


After Intermission...


The second half of the show opened up with the over 7 foot tall Southern Justice, the Loco Hardcore champion. He came out to the ring with Doc Diamond and grabbed the mic. He talked about seeing in the paper that a Loco Hardcore Icon was appearing somewhere.. It wasn't him though it was Damien Pain. A challenge was issued and accepted.

Damien Pain came out to the ring to face Southern Justice and was quickly tossed around the ring. A few cane shots and a chair shot later, Southern Justice proved he was more hardcore.

The next match was for the Loco Cruiserweight belt. Victor Cohones v Jesse Logan in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Victor and Jesse opened up the match at a fast pace both getting shots in. From the back The Southern Enforcer came out to ringside along with him Southern Justice. These two can surround the ring all by themselves. This clearly distracted Victor but he was still able to get the first fall. Shortly after that however, a distracted Victor was caught off guard and Jesse got the second fall. The rest of the Latin Connection came out at that point and battled with The Good ole boys. Then Victor took control of the match and got the third fall.


This brings us to the main event of the evening. Earlier Jose Rivera had said that he would announce Amadeus's opponent later..Now its later. Father Primus is announced. Amadeus is seen laughing in the ring. By the way the match went, Amadeus did not take him too seriously. Father Primus had some moments in the match where Amadeus looked like he was in trouble. However in the end Amadeus pinned Father Primus.

The Jose Rivera came out and said you are not done yet. They then announced his next opponent. Former Loco Champion Downtown Raphael. This was a brutal match. Downtown's chops are legendary and Amadeus felt every one of them. By the time this match was over the crowd was on their feet. They made the announcement Winner and NEW Loco Heavyweight Champion Downtown Raphael! The roof blew off of the building.

While the fans were starting to leave, Jose Rivera again grabbed the mic and called Downtown back to the ring. He congratulated Downtown for his win but said he had to strip him of the belt. At that point I wasn't sure if Jose was going to make it out of that building. He explained himself well though. A new Loco Heavyweight belt was brought out and handed to Downtown Raphael.

Sports  Loco Wrestling  1036 
229 Democracy Now!  

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

News  Politics  591 
230 WFMZ-TV TrafficTraffic cameras from the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania  

WFMZ-TV Traffic

Traffic cameras from the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania - provided by PennDOT District 5

News  Traffic Cams  433 
231 Fox 8 News - Cleveland, OH  

Fox 8 News - Cleveland, OH

Watch Fox 8 News from Cleveland, Ohio; iPhone users - click play to start the live video. We stream our morning news, noon news, 5pm to 7pm, and 9pm and 10pm newscasts (all times are Eastern). Please note you will see a blank screen during commercials.

News  Misc  846 
232 CPNLiveThe Conservative Political Network  


The Conservative Political Network, in association with, aims to bring you the latest in news, views and updates. We feaure regular guests like Dr. Alan Keyes, Larry Pratt and Bob Chapman. Our live coverage of live events across the nation is archived and broken down into easy-to-swallow, and stream, podcasts for your viewing pleasure! The show airs live, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00 pm. Please visit or for more information!

News  Misc  721 
233 Mystery Light Show Dazzles Web  

Mystery Light Show Dazzles Web

We've heard of the Northern Lights. But we've never seen anything like this. The good people of northern Norway were recently treated to quite a display. As you'll see in the video, a town was lit up with what looks like a shooting blue star that burst into a giant white spiral that then beams a ray of blue light from its center. It is beautiful and baffling. And completely mysterious.

Those who missed the Arctic show headed to the Web, causing searches on "norway spiral" to immediately surge into the stratosphere.

There has got to be a logical explanation: Residents hailing a masked superhero, perhaps? A Spirograph Photoshopped into the sky? Imminent alien invasion? Well, the various independent photos and videos coming in confirm it's not a fake. Scientists have said it's not the Northern Lights, although it is in the north and it is a light. One Norwegian astronomer quoted by the Daily Mail opined that at first he thought it was a "fireball meteor," but it went on too long. The reason behind the show is probably man-made.

More than likely say experts, it was a Russian missile. While the Russian Defense Ministry would not comment, the circumstantial evidence is mounting that this is what a spiraling rocket jettisoning fuel looks like. And it sure is pretty.

News  Misc  899 
234 Nine Trailer  

"Nine" is a vibrant and provocative musical that follows the life of world famous film director Guido Contini as he reaches a creative and personal crisis of epic proportion, while balancing the numerous women in his life including his wife, his mistress, his film star muse, his confidant and costume designer, an American fashion journalist, the whore from his youth and his mother.

Movies  Misc  674 
235 Pro Wrestling Radio 11-23-2009  

Pro Wrestling Radio November 23rd 2009

Sports  Pro Wrestling Radio  616 
236 DWF/Loco Thriller Oct. 24th 2009 - Corky VS Sheik VS Jim Beam match1  

DWF/Loco Thriller Oct. 24th 2009 - Corky VS Sheik VS Jim Beam match1

The show opened up with a 10 bell salute to the Legendary Captain Lou Albano.

The first match was a 3 way dance featuring Sheik Sheil Ali vs. Jim Beam vs. A Pennsauken favorite Corky. Sheik Sheil and Jim Beam seemed to work well together against Corky for a bit. After a double clothesline by Corky though, he was able to get some shots in. At one point though while Jim Beam had Corky down the lights went out, while it was dark Sheik Sheil Ali got the pin.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1056 
237 DWF/Loco Thriller Oct. 24th 2009 - Southern Justice VS Komacho match 2  

DWF/Loco Thriller Oct. 24th 2009 - Southern Justice VS Komacho match 2

Southern Justice came out to the ring to announce that Crazii Shea didn't show up for their showdown. However a new comer to Loco stepped up. His name is Komacho. Unfortunately for him Southern Justice made this match end really fast. Choke slam then a pin.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1171 
238 DWF/Loco Thriller Oct. 24th 2009 - Good Ol' Boys VS The Latin Connection match 3  

DWF/Loco Thriller Oct. 24th 2009 - Good Ol' Boys VS The Latin Connection match 3

The Southern Enforcer then came out to the ring and called for Commissioner Jose to come out from the back. It was decided by Jose and the fans that the Good Old Boys deserved another match against The Latin Connection for the number one contenders to go against Bad Karma for the DWF and Loco Tag Team titles.

The Latin Connection once again came out to the ring 4 strong. Loco's head ref JW Medina made one of them go to the back. The match started out with The Good old Boys getting the upper hand. The latin Connection took that back though with double team moves and interference by Victor Cohones. The match ended after a dropkick from the top rope and a bulldog off the top rope. Winners The Latin Connection. I still don't think that this situation has been resolved.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1114 
239 Trash Talking Radio 5-11-2010  

Jason the Suicide King

At the Last ECPW show in Cortland he was jumped bu the Enterprise making him greatly outnumbered. This week he speaks in the event as well as more upcoming events. He will also speak on his background and how he got in the buiness and how he is known for having the last laugh.


This week is the return of one of the oldest Indy Promotions out there. They have their War Games this weekdn in NJ.

Bob the Grouchy Critic

By popular demad, at least that is what he says. He says he had, yet another report for everyone out there. This week we wait with baited breathe to see what he has to review.

What Burns my Trash?


News & Views

All that is news, strange and current. Birthdays and more.


Dirty Dutch Mantell

Jose Estrada JR


April Hunter

Andrew Anderson

Party Rangers

Sheik Ziballa

Bulldog Blanski


Chad Szeliga - Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)

*This show is Sponsored by & DWF*

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  892 
240 Outlaws Den May 17th 2010  

The Outlaws Den Starring everyones favorite The Outlaw Franky G.  Check out the weekly show letting everyone know whats going on in DWF/Loco.

Sports  Loco Wrestling  2780 
241 Trash Talking Radio 6-1-2010  

Kevin Kleinrock
Here is a man who has done it all behind the scenes. From Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Consultant and Business Developer. He may be best known for his involvement in XPW PPV and Wrestling Society X. He also was a major part of Big Vision Entertainment and now is working on the Masked Republic "Viva La Lucha" PPV starting June 11.

Lexie Fyfe
She started as a Valet when she decided to put in the tights. She has become aforce in the Independent scene. This week we talk to the woman who not only had the opportunity to train with Matt Hardy and Johnny Rodz, but also was given the chance to play Hillary Clinton and defeat Obama on WWE

Lots of good birthdays this week as a member of the Led Zepplin, No Authority, Rolling Stones. SNL and a supermodel all have Birthdays this week

Passing of Gary Coleman, Art Linkletter and Dennis Hopper
News & Views
All that is news, strange and current. Birthdays and more.

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  689 
242 Cody Rhodes’ New Theme Song & Mirror Entrance  

Cody Rhodes’ New Theme Song & Mirror Entrance

The theme is Still Unknown! It debuted on Friday Night SmackDown July 9th 2010.

Sports  WWE  579 
243 Wrestling Needs to return to this!! Fan Participation UnControlled!  

Wrestling Needs to return to this!! Fan Participation UnControlled!

Fans Throw not 1 but at least 100 chairs into the ring! The way it was meant to be! Terry Funk and Cactus Jack.

Sports  Misc  994 
244 Trash Talking Radio July 20th 2010  

Marc Kreiger

After a sucessful return to ECPW last week in Emlira NY, He is set to push higher in the ranks and make it known that he is a force to reckon with. This week we find out more about his plans to grow in 2010.

Who's your Daddy?

After all these years of saying his father died in 86, Mike Trash reveals that his father is alive and touring with his new album. He claims that his father is a current rock star and that they do not speak, but reveals proof that Meatloaf is his father


A Dr, a Dirty Rat, wife of the King of all media, a football star, a wrestler, a friend, an SNL alumni and many more.

News & Views

More on the BP Spill, more Mel Gibson, Fathers killing sone and even more strange news

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  720 
245 Trash Talking Radio July 28th 2010  

Trash Talking Radio July 28th 2010 

Tim Sylvia

He is a very successful MMA fighter with credit including holding the UFC Championship as well as working for the Adrenaline MMA group. He is an expert in Boxing, Wrestling and Kickboxing and is coming to the show to talk about his next big fight

Gary Garver

He came into the spotlight thru some of his controversial interviews on the movie premieres and red carpet events for the Howard Stern Show. He is now doing his own show and this week we find out what he has been up to since leaving Stern

News Reviews and more!!

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  674 
246 Trash Talking Radio 08-24-2010  


Mike Trash's Birthday show

This year we decided to have no official guests. Once the show starts going it is anything goes. We know there are some messages that have been left for him.


If you want to leave a message for his birthday show, call 717-695-8500 for the secret studio line. Just don't tell anyone where you got the number.


Skaters, Home alone, Baseball, Basketball, Commander & chief. James Bond, Bond Girls, Rush, Moon, Martians, Hookers & a Radio Talk show host. How many can you guess?

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  717 
247 Trash Talking Radio 08-31-2010  

Tribute to Luna Vachon
She didn't do too many interviews. We were lucky enough to have her on our show. Tonight we will have 2 of her closest friends on the show.

Passed Away 8/27/10

11/08/05 Interview With Luna


Tribute to Skandor Akbar
He was a force in various different organizations. This week we examine his legacy and pay tribute to the man and Devastation, Inc. Passed Away 8/27/10


Tribute to Tough Tony Bourne
He was an amatuer Wrestler in High School and the navy before taking on Pro Wrestling. He is the father of Matt Borne and spent a big amount of his time in the pacific Northwest. Passed Away 8/19/10


Tribute to nightmare Ted Allen
The Nightmare was an influernc ein wrestling as he helped to train many of todays stars. He also spent time building the rings that were used in many promotions.


Tribute to Lance Cade
He was Trained by Shawn Michaels and had a goood run with the WWE along with Trebor Murdock. He had a chance to live his dream anmd passed at a very young age.

Passed Away 8/13/10.


Tribute to JC Bailey
He was a hard core wrestler who was know for his appearances in CZW, IWA Mid South and IWA East Coast. Passed Away 8/29/10.


Tribute to Eric Karnes
He wasn't a wrestler, or celebrity, but he was someone who touched many of us. Passed Away 8/25/10.


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  509 
248 Lovesong/Diary of a madman performed by APC  

A Perfect Circle is an American rock supergroup formed in 1999 by guitarist Billy Howerdel and Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan. The original incarnation of the band also included Paz Lenchantin on bass, Troy Van Leeuwen on guitar, and Tim Alexander on drums. The latest line-up featured Marilyn Manson bassist and former Nine Inch Nails bassist Jeordie White; former guitarist for The Smashing Pumpkins, James Iha; and session drummer Josh Freese, who is best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, Devo, and The Vandals. Despite having a varied cast since inception, the stylistic content of the songs has remained consistent with Howerdel as composer, and Keenan penning the lyrics.

A Perfect Circle has released three albums: Mer de Noms, Thirteenth Step and Emotive. A CD-DVD set, Amotion, has also been released and contains thirteen music videos in addition to a number of song remixes created by Danny Lohner. The group has not recorded, toured or released any new material since its hiatus began in 2004. Since then band members have worked on other projects; the most notable being Keenan's work on Tool's 2006 album 10,000 Days, and Howerdel's founding of the band Ashes Divide.

In a 2008 interview, Keenan announced that he and Howerdel have been working on new material, officially ending the group's hiatus.[5] On September 13, 2010, via their official Twitter and Facebook accounts, the band announced that Iha and Freese will be involved with the reunion, and that White would be replaced by Matt McJunkins, a former touring member of Puscifer and Ashes Divide.[6]

Diary of a Madman / Lovesong Lyrics

Screaming at the window
Watch me die another day
Hopeless situation
Endless price I'll have to pay

Diary of a madman
Walk the line again today
Entries of confusion
Dear diary, I'm here to stay.

Sanity now and beyond me
I will always love you.
However long I stay
I will always love you.
Whatever words I say
I will always love you.
There's no choice.

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I'm home again.

Voices in the darkness
Scream away my mental health
Can I ask a question
To help me save me from myself?

Sanity now and beyond me
I will always love you.
However long I stay
I will always love you.
Whatever words I say
I will always love you.
There's no choice.

[segues to]

I will always love you. [repeat 6x]

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I'm whole again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I'm whole again

I will always love you
There's no choice

Music  Misc  750 
249 Trash Talking Radio 9-14-2010  


Who let the dogs out or in or something. This week Brinstone returns to talk about his comic book release as well as some of the other projects.



Dab Savage
The Hype was formed in early 2010 and has become the biggest tag team around, this is your non-stop spot for everything hype. The Hype is composed of Dab Savage and Johny Romano. Thanks everyone for jumping on board....there is no turning back now!


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  510 
250 Trash Talking Radio 9-21-2010  

Davey O'Hannon
WWWF/NWA Wrestler. Member of the Cauliflower Alley Club, member of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. He has a ton of stories from the days of wrestling when the territories ruled. This week he will come on and talk about a fund raiser of great importance. Get your Tickets from him at (732) 283-0487 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (732) 283-0487      end_of_the_skype_highlighting for the PWHOF Fundraiser.



DWF Update
DWF/Loco Presents

The Aniversary Show

Sept. 25th 2010

@ Devastation U

Free Show! Just walk in and enjoy the show! Bell time 7:30Pm

Loco Tag Champions The Latin Revolution, DWF/Loco Starlet Champion Jamilia Craft, The Sultan of Bling Shiek Sheil Ali, The ICON Doc Diamond, "Loco Champion" Downtown Raphael, Indy's Voted most Hated Amadeus, The Southern Enforcer, Dr. Ruthless, DWF Heavyweight Champion Southern Justice, Alberto Libre Jr., Victor Cohones, Loco Heavyweight Champion Zito, Jesse Logan, The Latin Connection, DWF Popular Senior Referee 123 Spanky, Commentator/hosts John Solo, Franky G., Radical Robbie Morrison and Nikolai Volkoff

2309 Haddonfield Sorrell Rd (2301 Haddonfield Rd) Pennsauken NJ


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  520 
251 Trash Talking Radio Oct 19th 2010  

Chance Prophet
He has been the NWA champion and appeared on may NWA & Indy Promotions as well as appeared on WWE. Its been a little while since he was on the show and the countdown is on until his reality TV show comes on. This week we talk again to him about his upcoming projects.


AKA Afa Jr he was with the WWE . He is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa "The WIld Samoan". He is a former defensive lineman and all around athlete and is destined to become a another of the legendary Samoan.



DWF-Loco & DAWG Updates
Last weekend we travelled from NY to Philly to work for ECPW in Endicott NY to DWF-LOCO-AWFR in Philly. We update the shows and talk about upcoming shows.


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  381 
252 Pro Wrestling Radio Nov. 8th 2010  

Pro Wrestling Radio featuring Eric Guargiulo. November 8th 2010.

Sports  Pro Wrestling Radio  635 
253 Trash Talking Radio Oct. 26th 2010  

Donnie Johnson
He is a young and up & coming Indy Wrestler who has come a long way in a short time. He is

wrestling all over the North East. Join us on the journey with this guy as he climbs his way

to the top.


Simon Sermon
He is the first openly gay wrestler. He works out of the south east and has been a force to

reckon with. He is one of the guys who have dominated his area and is coming back on the

show for his second appearance to talk about



DWF-Loco & DAWG Updates
Who is the Empire? Whose side is Mike Trash on since he is part of both the Empire and DOS?

He was at the event but left before the confrontation.


NWA-DAWG saw Mike Trash go to try and put Biggie Biggs out with a secret weapon. Was the

Bounty collected?


Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  388 
254 'Nowhere to Hide': U.S. Army Testing New 'Smart' Weapons in Afghanistan  

'Nowhere to Hide': U.S. Army Testing New 'Smart' Weapons in Afghanistan from ABC News Online

News  Misc  788 
255 The Empire questions JoJo as number 1 contender  

The Empire Ron Starr and Nick Suave question JoJo as number 1 contender. Jose Rivera Jr. makes an announcement.

Sports  DWF  1208 
256 Trash Talkin' Radio 11-09-2009  

Trash Talkin' Radio 11-09-2009

Jake Davis

He is known as the "Machine" and will work you till you breakdown. He has a wealth of Knowledge of this business and is one of the owners of Elite Pro Wrestling. This week we will get updates on their show coming up this Friday at the Keyser national Guard Armory. 400 Kelley Drive, Keyser WV. 301-697-1901



He is a man without emotions and feels no pain. Is he sane or insane. He is a guy who is hard to handle in and out of the ring. His track record speaks for itself as he destroys his opponents. We catch up to this guy as he is being released from one of his long term stays.

DWF-Loco & DAWG Updates

Who is the Empire? Whose side is Mike Trash on since he is part of both the Empire and DOS? He was at the event but left before the confrontation

Mike Trash Talks About DWF-LOCO & DOS VS EMPIRE 

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  436 
257 Trash Talkin' Radio 11-16-2010  

Trash Talkin' Radio 11-16-2009

Tribute to the passing of a fan

Larry McGee was not a Wrestling Superstar, nor a Musician, or anyone you may have heard of, to TTRS he was family. This show is all about the fan and he loved the show and it helped him thru some very tough time. We will pay tribute to this fan

Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  454 
258 DWF/Loco 2010 Xmas Show - Mike Trash Honors the Passing Arkham  

DWF/Loco 2010 Xmas Show - Mike Trash Honors the Passing Arkham, but this doesnt sit well with the Empire.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1075 
259 DWF/ Loco 2010 Xmas Show - DWF-Loco Split announced Jose Riveria Jr v Southern Justice for DWF Comishoner  

DWF/ Loco 2010 Xmas Show - DWF-Loco Split announced Jose Riveria Jr v Southern Justice for DWF Comishoner

Jakie Daniels Announces her Debute Jan 15th

Sports  Wrestling Matches  819 
260 DWF/ Loco 2010 Xmas Show - 9-Loco HeavyWeight Championship - Champion Ahtu v The Empire's Tye Reno  

9-Loco HeavyWeight Championship - CHampion Ahtu v The Empires Tye Reno

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1010 
261 Trash Talking Radio Dec. 14th 2010  

I B Green
He is one half of the Degenerates of Society and along with Partner Kage have dominated Tag Team wrestling wherever they have worked. This week they will be in the debut card of 3DW.



Andrew Anderson
He returns with a New Commercial. You can help him get his commercial on teh superbowl. Voting starts in January but if you go to the site they will count the number of views as well.


How can you help him?
1) got to

2) if the Video doesn't start enter the word ""POWERBOMB" in the search area

3) Choose "POWERBOMB VI"

Help Spread the Word



New Years Resolutions
With the year coming to an end we will talk about our New Years Resolutions from Last year and see how we did. We will also talk about next year. How did you do? Call the hotline and let us know your last year, or next year resolutions

717-695-8500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              717-695-8500      end_of_the_skype_highlighting



Sports  Trash Talkin' Radio  516 
262 P!nk - Nobody Knows  

P!nk - Nobody Knows

Music  Pink  414 
263 P!nk - You Make Me Sick  

P!nk - You Make Me Sick

Music  Pink  390 
264 P!nk - Don't Let Me Get Me  

P!nk - Don't Let Me Get Me

Music  Pink  414 
265 P!nk - Last To Know  

P!nk - Last To Know

Music  Pink  390 
266 P!nk - There You Go  

P!nk - There You Go

Music  Pink  453 
267 P!nk - Funhouse  

P!nk - Funhouse 

Music  Pink  406 
268 P!nk - Sober  

P!nk - Sober  

Music  Pink  394 
269 P!nk - I Don't Believe You  

P!nk - I Don't Believe You 

Music  Pink  396 
270 P!nk - Sober (Live)  

P!nk - Sober (Live)

Music  Pink  436 
271 P!nk - Glitter In The Air (GRAMMYs on CBS)  

P!nk - Glitter In The Air (GRAMMYs on CBS)

Music  Pink  451 
272 P!nk - Glitter In The Air  

P!nk - Glitter In The Air

Music  Pink  420 
273 P!nk - P!nk - So What (Live)  

P!nk - P!nk - So What (Live)

Music  Pink  429 
274 P!nk - Trouble  

P!nk - Trouble

Music  Pink  394 
275 P!nk - Raise Your Glass  

P!nk - Raise Your Glass

Music  Pink  424 
276 Why the eagles game was canceled  

In Philly there is only one reason why they cancel a football game! watch and find out why. Notice the security guard in orange, now theres a target!

Misc  Misc  871 
279 Mike Trash and the DOS put the DWF on notice  

Mike Trash and the DOS put the DWF on notice

Sports  DWF  1044 
280 DWF On Fire VII Match 2 Bruiser Axl Lennox vs Joey Spades  

DWF On Fire VII 2011 Match 2 Bruiser Axl Lennox vs Joey Spades

Sports  Wrestling Matches  802 
281 Ordering a Pizza in 2015  

Ordering a Pizza in 2015

This is really not that unbeleivable. Its in the comedy section but should be in the political section 

Comedy  Comedians  490 
282 Diamond Dolls Wrestling-02-26-2011-Starlets in the Sky - Max Pornotelli Promo  

Diamond Dolls Wrestling-02-26-2011-Starlets in the Sky - Max Pornotelli Promo

Amadeus playing Max Pornotelli pays a surprise visit to the Starlets show and is interupted by The DWF HEavyWeight Champion and acting commishoner Southern Justice Dalton James.

Sports  Wrestling Matches  1517 
283 Max Pornotelli Responds Wahhh!  

On April 22nd Max Pornotelli responded... Wahhhh!

Sports  Phoenix Wrestling  611 
284 Conan O'Brien's 60 Minutes Inner Monologue  

Conan O'Brien's 60 Minutes Inner Monologue

What Conan O'Brien was really thinking during his '60 Minutes' interview with Steve Kroft.

Comedy  Misc  679 
285 Alyssa Milano's Evolution: Jersey Shore  

Alyssa Milano's Evolution: Jersey Shore

Alyssa Milano prepares for a new role.

Comedy  Misc  747 
286 Puppet High  

Puppet High

After a viral pandemic struck the world a few years ago, scientists had to scramble to stop the spread of the virus but they could do nothing for those who had already been infected. Now those who were exposed face their biggest challenge yet.... High School

Comedy  Misc  720 
287 Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation w/ Aaron Neville  

Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation w/ Aaron Neville

Tom Brokaw & Aaron Neville (Chris Parnell & Horatio Sanz; co-stars of the new Comedy Central Show, BIG LAKE) talk about the oil spill and Aaron lets Tom know about the true cost of the oil spill.
Comedy  Misc  810 
288 Jimmy Kimmel - Michel Gondry Directs JKL Monologue PART 1  

Jimmy Kimmel - Michel Gondry Directs JKL Monologue PART 1

Comedy  Misc  833 
289 Jimmy Kimmel - Cameron Diaz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1  

Jimmy Kimmel - Cameron Diaz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

Comedy  Misc  851 
290 Jimmy Kimmel - Cameron Diaz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2  

Jimmy Kimmel - Cameron Diaz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

Comedy  Misc  844 
291 Jimmy Kimmel - Cameron Diaz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 3  

Jimmy Kimmel - Cameron Diaz on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 3

Comedy  Misc  854 
292 The New Outlaws Den hosted by Dave Adams  

The New Outlaws Den Hosted by Dave Adams...

Exclusive interview with Nick Suave about what happened between him and the Empire.

Two Exclusive matches.

The Meatball vs. Slim Whiskey

Macdaddy Ron Starr, Ty Reno and Blackie with Empress Dyvyne vs. Marc Angel, Black Dragon and Raven Heart.

Plus many surprises.


Sports  Outlaws Den  1333 
293 DLTV - Episode 128 - Tuesday January 9, 2007  
What's new in Episode 128

• Blu-ray and HD DVD in one box? It's LG Electronics BH100... in stores February.
• Cell phones! Sascha Segan gives us the scoop on new phones from Samsung and Palm. (Motorola's got a new phone too... and yes, we just saw Apple's iPhone this morning!)
• Notebooks? HP's stylish TX1000 is a home entertainment table (w/ a pop out remote control!). Alienware dropped by two serious gaming notebooks... Robert couldn't stop petting the Area-51 m9750.
• GPS? We've got handhelds with onboard topo maps: Magellan's CrossoverGPS and DeLorme's Earthmate GPS PN-20, Garmin's new StreetPilot and Nuvi, and my personal favorite: the Astro GPS Dog Tracking System.
• iPod accessories? Try projectors, wirless speaker systems, Shure's latest hifi earplugs, two iPod centric alarm clocks, and ... pool floaties?
• One last product: a fold up UMPC with a bit of style!
• Microsoft Home Server
• Sony's 2nd gen Blu-ray players? When was the first gen player???
• Intel goes V8
• 108 inches... that's a big HDTV

News  DL TV (Digital Life TV)  1064 
294 DWF - Locked & Loaded - Match 5 - Man Thing -v- The Southern Enforcer  


Locked & Loaded

Match 5 - Doc Diamond Introduces the newest member of the Diamond Family a chain saw weilding loco as they come "Man Thing" which is not to the liking of the existing family members specifically DWF/Loco Heavy Weight Champion Southern Justice and his tag team partner The Southern Enforcer. 

Commissioner Jose Riveria has to throw oil on the fire and announces who Man Things first opponent will be .... The Southern Enforcer. This angers Doc Diamond and the owner of the fed quickly fires Jose. This firing kinda smooths things over with the tag team from the south. Until the end of match.. You gotta see what happens to understand.

Sports  DWF  1028 
295 DWF - Locked & Loaded - Match 6 - Diamond Studs -v- The Empire for Unified DWF-Loco Tage Team Belts  


Locked and Loaded 05-07-11

The Diamond Studz Johnny Feerless & Johnny Spades with Nick Suave verses The Empire Ron Starr & Tye Rheno for the Unified DWF/Loco Tag Team Belts. This match has so many surprises just imagine the empire with thier own brand of antics and Nick Suave Indy's most deceitful, double-dealing and misleading manager of super stars in the same ring!

Sports  DWF  1066 
296 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro - The Empire Introduces Themselves and The Lights Go Out  



Reloaded Intro

The Empire Introduces Themselves and The Lights Go Out - So just what happened and will Ron Starr recover enough to face his arch Nemisis Bulldozer in one of the most challenging matches to ever grace the squared circle? What weapons will the fans bring? Is McFoley's reign as the most hardcore wrestler ever to live in jeopardy? Watch and find out... And how does a Ref fit in with the empire?

Sports  DWF  1081 
297 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Match 1 - DA Law -v- The High Flying Kid Owen O'neil  



Match 1

Spanky 123 is your Ref, Radical Robby Morrison, Pool Shark and Dave Adams are the comentators. Manager and Finance Guru Loudy Brings DA Law to the ring to challenge The new comer and Devastation University/Loco Academy trained Managed by the very well known Nick Suave, The high Flying Kid Owen O'Neil. This kid is so fast the Luchadores are afraid to compete with him! This match is one for the record books. Will Mark Angel get revenge on Owen O'Neil? Will Bulldozer interfer on his partners behalf? Watch and find out!!

Sports  DWF  1053 
298 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 2 - Tye Rheno -v- Izzy Kessington  



Match 2

The Empire's Tye Rheno Verses Izzy Kessington.

Sports  DWF  1090 
299 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 8 Fans Bring The Weapons Lumberjack Match Bulldozer -v- Ron Starr  

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 8 Fans Bring The Weapons Lumberjack Match Bulldozer -v- Ron Starr

Bulldozer finally gets the opportunity to get the revenge he wants over Ron Starr (Leader of the Empire) ever since being kicked out of the empire Bulldozer has proven match after match that he is hardcore and definitly TOUGH ENOUGH for anything anyone has in their arsenals. (Hey Mcfoley you watching this young guy?) While DWF/Loco management said no way to phony light tube wrestling there is no lack of weapons from tape players to thumbtack encased bats. Lets just say our onbsite dr spent the rest of the night pulling tacks and bandaging up both contestants but your gonna hafta watch the video to believe it!! 

Sports  DWF  1202 
300 Outlaws Den July 1st 2011  

The Indepenence day edition of Franky G's  Outlaws Den starring David Adams. This one will be known as the Madness edition. See The High Flying Kid take on Ravage and Slim Whiskey take on Joey Spades. The rest of the Rookies were no where to be found. Plus all the news fit to print in DWF/Loco. Big news the FREE show coming up July 16th. Stars Stripes and Wrestle Freezone 2011.

Sports  Outlaws Den  1195 
301 DWF - 08-04-2011 Reloaded - The Full Show  

DWF - 08-04-2011 Reloaded - The Full Show

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 9 DWF-Loco Heavy Weight Championship Match Southern Justice Dalton James -v- Dr Ruthless Sports DWF 130
4 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 8 Fans Bring The Weapons Lumberjack Match Bulldozer -v- Ron Starr Sports DWF 158
5 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 7 Womans Championship Match Chrissy Johnson Defends against Robin Banks - Aida Marie and Desirre Sports DWF 181
6 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 6 DWF Cruiser Weight Championship Blackie Defends against LJ Cruz Sports DWF 120
7 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 5 - The Rookies -v- The Latin Nation Sports DWF 180
8 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 4 - Amadeus -v- Zito Sports DWF 94
9 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match3 - Ravage verses Newcomer Nathan Avery Sports DWF 112
10 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 2 - Tye Rheno -v- Izzy Kessington Sports DWF 114
11 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Match 1 - DA Law -v- The High Flying Kid Owen O'neil Sports DWF 102
12 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro - The Empire Introduces Themselves and The Lights Go Out Sports DWF 128
13 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro - Bulldozers Promo Against Ron Starr Sports DWF 108
14 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro for DVD

Sports  DWF  1469 
302 Empress Dyvyne goes off on DWF  

After what was supposed to be a tag team match Empress Dyvyne let everyone know how she feels.

Sports  DWF  1535 
303 Outlaws Den Freezone 3 - 4 7-22-2011  

The Late Frankie G. inspired Outlaws Den now hosted by David Adams. Featured on this episode..

The Dark Angel Slayer talks about his upcoming match with Ravage. They had been teamates at Freezone 3.

Ravage also speaks about the upcoming match. This one looks like it'll be violent.

The High Flying Kid Owen O'neill talks about defending his title..The championship anytime against anyone.

David Adams also used some time to tell Stephan Benson that he is training. Training so that noone will push him around like that again.

Sports  Outlaws Den  1046 
304 Butt Drugs  

A local commercial full of people endorsing Indiana's Butt Drugs. Not exactly what you think, but still awesome.

Comedy  Commercials  552 
305 Butt Drugs  

A local commercial full of people endorsing Indiana's Butt Drugs. Not exactly what you think, but still awesome.

Comedy  Commercials  553 
306 Southern Justice Campaign speech  

Southern Justice Dalton James Unified DWF Loco heavyweight champion responds to Blackie's insistance that he is ducking him. Blackie has been on the campaign trail for sometime now and this message was aprooved by The DWF/Loco heavyweight champion Southern Justice Dalton James.

Sports  DWF  986 
307 The Empire speaks about Aniversary  

Ron Starr and Ty Reno were recently discussing their matches at Doc Diamonds Aniversary show. Ron Starr and the cage match with IB Green and Ty Reno getting a shot at the DWF/Loco heavyweight champion Southern Justice Dalton James.

Sports  DWF  1001 
308 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Frank Talent 10 Bell Salute  

The show began with a 10 Bell salute in honor and remembrance of legendary Pennsylvania Athletic Commission employee, Frank Talent, who sadly passed away earlier this month. Frank touched the lives and careers of many in the world of professional wrestling in a variety of ways and he will be sorely missed by those who knew him and/or encountered him at any show while he was on the board. My personal crossings with Mr. Talent came early in my on-going tenure with American Championship Pro Wrestling (ACPW), based in Philadelphia. Although the meetings were brief, his reputation was validated through the stories of many wrestlers and officials I've worked with, and he was definitely a man that was about his business. R.I.P. Frank!

Sports  DWF  795 
309 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 -Nikolai Volkoff Sings God Bless America  

The 9th Annual Doc Diamond Anniversary show began with ring announcer David Adams in the middle of the ring, and he introduced the man of the hour, Doc Diamond, to the masses along with the legends in the building, led by WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff. Nikolai took center ring and sung of wonderful rendition of "God Bless America" to kick off the show. The crowd showed their appreciation, and as the veterans prepared to exit, the DWF Arena was filled with the sounds of DJ Khaled's "All We Do Is Win". The crowd reacted as The 215 Empire made their presence known and put an abrupt end. The super group made their way to the ring and proceeded to disrespect Volkoff, Doc Diamond, and company. "Mackdaddy" Ron Starr basically let told them they were "way past their prime", and how everyone in the sold out arena came out to see the Empire.....not them. The legends and the Empire continued to exchange words from across the ring until one side could take no more. Nikolai Volkoff had heard enough and decked Ron Starr with a stiff right hand! The rest of the Empire were absolutely stunned as the Hall of Famer took a step back and delivered a rolling senton splash on their leader! Volkoff then covered Starr and WWE Hall of Famer Dick Whorle got down to administer an infatic three count! The crowd erupted in cheers as the Empire tried to regroup and make sense of what just happened. They were not happy to say the least, and appeared to be regrouping for an attack. That all came to an end when DWF/Loco Unified World Champion, Southern Justice, made an appearance and entered the ring. The Empire decided that discretion was the better part of valor in this case as they retreated and left the legends alone, citing their upcoming matches later in the evening as the only thing stopping the Empire from ripping them apart.
Volkoff, Whorle, Doc, and company began to make their exits while Stephon Benson made his way in. The personal ring announcer for the Nigerian Nightmares took the mic from Southern Justice and proceeded to scold the champ about last month's vicious chokeslam to Ratboy that shattered his collarbone. Ratboy just so happens to be one of the Nightmares' personal trainers, and the monster savages from Nigeria were none too happy. Benson beraded Justice for several moments before taunting him and ultimately ending up in the clutches of the 7-foot giant. It appeared as if the loud manager was about the suffer the sam fate as Ratboy, but the Nigerian Nightmares emerged from the locker room to make the save. Saifu entered first and clipped Southern Justice from behind, chopping the big man down. The larger Maifu was right behind weilding a steel chair, and went to town on the champ's legs with the weapon. Saifu then choked Justice while Maifu applied the world's largest figure four leglock! While suffering in pain from the figure four, Saifu climbed the second turnbuckle and came crashing down on Justice with an unorthodox Vader Bomb. To make things worse, Justice had to deal with Benson screaming at him the whole time and shouting instructions to the Nightmares. The Nightmares were eventually satisfied with the destruction they'd caused, and relinguished their grip on the ring and the World champion.

Sports  DWF  811 
310 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 -Nathan Avery vs. Xavier Fate vs. Axel Lennox vs. Chris Kneival for #1 contender spot for TVByDemand Title  

Nathan Avery vs. Xavier Fate vs. Axel Lennox vs. Chris Kneival for #1 contender spot for TVByDemand Title

Nathan Avery def. Xavier Fate vs. Axel Lennox vs. Chris Kneival:
The action kicked off with fast and furious Fatal 4-Way match to determine the new #1 contender for the DWF/Loco Championship. The current champion, Jay Fury, joined the announce team at ringside to get a bird's eye view of the competition. This one was wild from the opening bell with neither man being able to establish a clear advantage. Xavier Fate was the one with an ace up his sleeve, seeing as though he's now a card-carrying member of The Empire, and the match was being officiated by the group's evil Ref-For-Hire, Jimmy Dylan. Dylan has proven to be a major factor in the outcome of several matches involving the Empire in recent months, but the quick pace of this contest posed a challenge for the fast counting official. This was an awesome contest that got the crowd on their feet and ready for an incredible night of wrestling. Fighting spilled out of the ring at times as these warriors fought tooth and nail with wreckless abandon. Several attempts to secure pinfalls were made, but to no avail. In the end, it was Nathan Avery with a wheel barrel into an inverted sit-out powerbomb on Kneival for the win. After the match, Jay Fury left the announce table with his title and entered the ring to face off with his next challenger for the Championship.

Sports  DWF  782 
311 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - IPWA Induction Ceremony  

IPWA Induction Ceremony

IPWA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony:
Representatives of the Independent Pro Wrestling Association were in attendance as well. They came to induct a new class into the IPWA Hall of Fame. The entire DWF/Loco locker room emptied and surrounded the ring after the night's guests returned to the ring with Doc Diamond. The inductees included Nikolai Volkoff, Dick Whorle, "Irish" Davey O'Hannon, Rockin Rebel, and Manny Soto. Congradulations to the 2011 IPWA Hall of Fame inductees!

Sports  DWF  713 
312 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - DWF/Loco Jr. Heavyweight Championship: LJ Cruz Vs Blackie  

DWF/Loco Jr. Heavyweight Championship:
LJ Cruz Vs Blackie {C}
LJ Cruz had been lobbying for a rematch with the longest reigning Jr. Heavyweight champion in DWF/Loco history ever since his former partner, Zito, inadvertantly cost him his title match against Blackie back on June 4th, 2011 at DWF "ReLoaded". LJ Cruz battled back to regain #1 contendership, and set his sights on the championship. Blackie had his Empire brother, Ty Reno, at ringside for this one, but was without the help of Jimmy Dylan, who also played a key factor in the June encounter by blatantly slow-counting Cruz on several occasions. Fans were guaranteed more of a fair shake this time around, and were treated to a great 1-on-1 contest. Both men went back and forth in amazing display of high-flying attacks and technical wrestling skills. Blackie gained an early advantage by jumping LJ before the bell, then springboarded off the bottom rope to deliver a DDT to Cruz. He put the boots to his challenge before connecting with his breath-taking version of Rolling Thunder. The champ punished LJ with an onslaught of forearm and elbow shots to the chest while jawjacking with the crowd. He then connected with a double stomp from the top before applying a picture perfect Lion Tamer. LJ Cruz refused to quit, and utilized a unique counter to reverse Blackie into a roll-up for a near fall. Cruz took over and connected with a series of kicks leading to a couple near falls. When he hoisted Blackie up and took him over in backdrop driver, the DWF Arena went pitch black! The fans buzzed with curiosity as the commentators suspected foul play by the Empire. To the credit of both competitors, they continued the match in what had essetially turned into a true "dark match". When the lights returned, LJ Cruz was caught choking Blackie in the corner with his boot. He went to whip Blackie to the opposite corner but the champion reversed and struck with this signature Black Slap. Blackie then lept to the top in one motion and flew down onto Cruz with his patented High Ass Frog Splash. The crash landing effected Blackie as much as it did his opponent, preventing him from making an immediate cover and possibly costing him a sure victory. Blackie made several attempts tp put this one away, but Cruz would not be denied. Ty Reno did everything in his power to cause distractions and give assists, but it wasn't enough. The crowd was shocked when Victor Cahones appeared out of nowhere and made his presence felt. He made his way into the ring with referee Jesse Logan's attention elsewhere and dropped Blackie in a Diamond Cutter. Blackie was out of it, and LJ Cruz was able to capitalize, securing the pinfall for the win and the championship. The crowd celebrated with LJ as he basked in the glory of ending Blackie's year-long title reign. What will Blackie have to say about the man he beat for the title coming back to screw him out of his prized possession?

Sports  DWF  862 
313 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 -"I QUIT" Match: Marc Angel vs. Owen O'Neill  

"I QUIT" Match: Marc Angel vs. Owen O'Neill

Marc Angel def. Owen O'Neill
Chrissy Johnson was once again present at the side of her love interest, Owen O'Neill, as he prepared for one last battle with his arch nemesis. These men engaged in a brutal series of matches earlier this Summer, but nothing was ever settled. Both agreed that this was the way to settle the beef once and for all. They went at it with reckless abandon in attempts to make the other utter or scream those two shameful words. Owen O'Neill put on a clinic at one point as he locked Angel in a series of submissions that included the Octopus and Terantula. When Angel wasn't able to get the words out of his gutsy opponent, he resorted to different tactics and brought four chairs in the ring. The chairs came into play, and O'Neill eventually found himself laid out on top of them after Angel erected them in the center of the ring like he was about to play musical chairs. Angel ascended the top rope and tried to end his enemy's career with a swanton bomb. When the bomb landed, nobody was home and Angel took the full impact on the steel. Referee Jimmy Dylan had seen enough of started clearing the ring of the chairs. Owen O'Neill seized the opportunity and applied a submission on the wounded Angel. Angel indeed tapped out in agony, but the ref was busy tossing chairs out of the ring. It probably wouldn't have mattered anyway since this was an "I Quit" match. In any event, O'Neill was convince he won and raised his arms in victory. This premature celebration allowed Marc Angel to sneak up behind and blast the "Airborn Angel" with a blatant low blow. He followed with a move that started out looking like a powerbomb and ended in a back-stabber. Angel went right into a submission, but O'Neill still refused to quit. A fed up Marc Angel snatched Owen to his feet and delivered a second modified back-stabber. Chrissy Johnson was visibly upset at ringside as Angel applied his subission again. He really wrenched back on it, but there was still no quit from O'Neill. It didn't look good at all, and when Chrissy noticed O'Neill was neither responding to her or the referee anymore, she had no choice but to throw in the towel...effectively ending the brutal contest, and possibly preventing her boyfriend from suffering serious or permanent injury. Marc Angel was elated to say the least, and he made sure to rub it in the faces of the Pennsauken faithful before leaving.

Sports  DWF  841 
314 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Rockin Rebel vs Bobby Piper  

Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Rockin Rebel vs Bobby Piper

Fresh off his IPWA Hall of Fame induction, Rockin Rebel entered the ring in his DWF return to take on Bobby Piper in a successful outting. Both men were on hand to honor the legendary Doc Diamond on this, his 9th anniversary.

Sports  DWF  742 
315 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - DWF/Loco Unified Tag Team Title Match: Diamond Studz vs. Nigerian Nightmares  

DWF/Loco Unified Tag Team Title Match:
Diamond Studz {C} vs. Nigerian Nightmares
The last time we saw the massive Nigerian Nightmares at Devastation U. was this past July when they were royally screwed out of their shot at these same DWF/Loco Unified tag titles. The straps were around the waists of the Empire back then, and the disgustingly blatant screwjob was once-again perpetrated by their hired referee. In a attempt to right that wrong, the Nightmares were granted another shot this month at Doc Diamond's Anniversary. The Nightmares laid Referee Jimmy Dylan out with a huge belly-to-belly suplex followed by their devastating Dumbo Drop (1,000+ lb. superplex) after he committed his crimes at FreeZone III. Although this match had nothing to do with the Empire, Dylan was somehow assigned the risky task of officiating the monsters in the ring once again. The ref's body language told the story that he remembered what happened to him all too well, and he was clearly trying keep his distance. Diamond Studz member Johnny Fearless also put his hands on Dylan, just last month. He dropped the cheating official in an amazing backbreaker/flatliner combo en route to the Studz' win over the Empire to become the tag champs. While the newly-minted champs couldn't have felt lucky at all having the Nightmares as first challengers, the Empire now had another reason to call foul for the administration purposely placing their ref in a clear and present danger. Saifu, the smaller of the Nightmares, tried to sneak attack Johnny Fearless as Dylan held the four title belts up for all to see. Fearless ducked and rolled out of the way and did the best he could to mount a couter attack. When he saw nothing was working, he quickly tagged out to Joey Spades. Spades hopped to the top turnbuckle and attempted a high cross-body on the near 500-lb. Saifu. The Nighmare caught him in mid-air, then proceeded to military press him like he was lifting weights before dropping him a huge powerbomb that would make anyone's liver quiver. Instead of making the cover, Saifu delt out a few more punishing blows before tagging out to the larger Maifu. As if they could understand anyway, the Nightmares completely ignored the orders of the referee, who wanted one of them out. Saifu Nigerian whipped Spades to the ropes and dropped him in a drop toe-hold...allowing Maifu to get a running start and come crashing down on Spades' helpless body with a spine-jolting senton back splash. The crowd erupted in amazement as Spades lay in pain. Johnny Fearless shouted words of encouragement, but his partner was in bad shape. Maifu attempted what he thought was a cover, but there was one problem. Joey Spades was still laid out face-first on the canvas, instead of on his back. Maifu seemed confused, so he decided to dish out more punishment. After a series of chops, Maifu draped Spades over the bottom rope and stepped his ginormous frame onto his opponent's back...applying stress to the throat and entire back area. Maifu again ignored the commands of the referee, but reliquished his grip short of being DQ'd. The savage beast did it in horrific fashion as he simply threw his feet out from under himself and dropped a vicious elbow to the small of the back of Spades. Maifu then choked his prey for several moments before turning the offense back over to his partner. He tagged Saifu on his head, the Saifu came in like a caged animal. He delivered an open thrust to the throat before attempting to rip the skin right off of Joey Spades's back. Saifu's pitbull-like tendacies kicked in as he tochered Spades with a trifecta of hard bodyslams. Johnny Fearless was finally able to sneak a blind tag in when Saifu went for another whip. He came in on Saifu's blind side and attempted to get something going for his team. He peppered Saifu with a number a forearm shots to the face, but failed at this attempted Irish whip. Saifu reversed and launched Fearless several feet in the air, leaving his body to crash violently on the canvas. Maifu had again made his way in illegally, and the Nightmares waited patiently to launch their next attack. Fearless stumbled to his feet and directly into the path of double spinning heel kicks from the behemouths. The crowd popped in disbelief before showing their appreciation for such athleticism. Maifu then applied a paralyzing nerve hold in an attempt to ware Fearless down. The champ fought the pain, worked to his feet, and freed himself after a series of elbows to the gut. He followed up with a standing dropkick, then Spades entered and connected with a one-legged drop-sault...staggering Maifu to the ropes. The reigning tag champs then put their heads together and flew off the top with stereo missle dropkicks to bring Maifu down for the first time in the contest, The Studz had the crowd behind them as they mounted some significant offense. They caught Saifu sleeping on the apron, then used more tandem offense on the downed Maifu. Fearless attempted to assist his partner on the cover, but the brute strength of Maifu was put on full display when Maifu kicked out...sending Spades flying into the air and Fearless stumbling off balance to the other side of the ring. Saifu made his way back in, and all hell broke loose. All four men battled fiercely, then the Nightmares focused on Spades again. Maifu shot him off into the ropes and went for a back bodydop, but Spades jumped up onto Maifu's back and used him to launch himself onto Saifu. An attempted huracanrana didn't take Saifu off his feet, but did cause him to stumble head-first into his own partner. The contact dropped Saifu and dazed Maifu, causing him to fall back into the ropes, locking his arms in the cables in the process. The Studz looked to capitalize as Fearless came off the top with a wild moonsault on Saifu as his partner tried to free himself. By the time Fearless made the cover, Maifu was just about free, and quickly went for the save. Fearless saw him coming and rolled out of harm's way, causing Maifu to drop th big elbow on his own man. The flustered Nightmares scrambled to thier feet under heavy fire from their opponents. Maifu showed his power again when he pushed Fearless off of him like a bug and sent him flying across the ring. Saifu joined his partner and both Nightmares charged Fearless in the other corner like two locomotives, squashing him like a bug one after the other with an impressive high/low manuever. Fearless rolled to the floor in agony, and the Nightmares returned their attention to Spades, who was trying to regroup on the apron. Saifu snatched him up and hung him out over the second rope for Maifu, who came crashing down across the back....flattening Spades to the canvas. Maifu again attempted to make a cover the wrong way, and the ref again tried to explain it to him. Confused and frustrated, Saifu snatched Jimmy Dylan up and glared at him with evil intentions. Dylan clearly remembered his last encounter with these mastadons, and desperately tried to free himself from Saifu's grip. Things went from bad to worse when Maifu joined the equation. Dylan continued to plead, but to no avail and the Nightmares delivered four thrust chops at once to the official. It was clear they thought Dylan was screwing them over like he did two months prior, but that wasn't the case this time. Dylan gasped for air while clutching his throat, then disqualified the Nightmares for their actions. The injured ref got out of dodge as the David Adams made the announcement. When Stephon Benson explained what happened, the Nightmares snapped. Maifu climbed to the top and Saifu followed. It wasn't long before Johnny Fearless fell victim to the ground-shaking Dumbo Drop. The Nightmares continued to stalk their prey and intimidate anyone trying to help the champs. They licked the Studz as if they were dinner before mercifully leaving the ring and allowing the fallen champions to recieve the necessary treatment they needed.

Sports  DWF  820 
316 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - DWF Diamond Dolls Tag Team Championship: "The Empress" Simply Dvyne & Chrissy Johnson w/Triple F def. Jackie Daniels & Desiree Rosado w/Prince Scoobi  

DWF Diamond Dolls Tag Team Championship:
"The Empress" Simply Dvyne & Chrissy Johnson {C} w/Triple F def. Jackie Daniels & Desiree Rosado w/Prince Scoobi
The situation in the women's division has been heating up as of late, and exploded with worldwide exposure last month with contributions made by Simply Dvyne and Prince Scoobi. Scoobi manages Aida Marie, who is the reigning Diamond Dolls champion. Marie no-showed her title defense against Dvyne last month, and Prince Scoobi came out to confront "The Empress" with the title belt. The conflict erupted into and all-out assault by Dvyne on the flamboyant manager. She laid him out with a DDT, suplexes, and a vicious chair assault. A radio and internet war of words ensued in the aftermath, making for a powder keg of a situation this past weekend. Simply Dvyne definately looked ready to fight, and came out with the Diamond Dolls championship belt she stole from Scoobi last month. Desiree, to her credit, didn't seem happy at all about whag happended to her manager, and she came with game face on as well. Desiree and Dvyne met at center ring to kick things off, and it was on from the door. Dvyne backed Desiree into the corner looking for the early upper hand and offered anything but a clean break. Desiree came back and gave Dvyne a taste of her own medicine. It was clear at this point that this one would not be pretty. The fighting females locked it up again and Desiree took Dvyne down in a headlock takeover. It addition to putting wrench on Dvyne's neck, she was able to secure a couple quick near falls. Dvyne made a fast counter into a headscissors to gain brief control, but Desiree freed herself and they both found themselves back on their feet in a stalemate. Dvyne charged towards her opponent, but Desiree was ready for her and caught her with a clothesline. The Triple L member followed up with a hip toss, then dropped Dvyne in an impressive spinning sidewalk slam. Prince Scoobi applauded with approval from ringside and shouted words of encouragement. After a near fall, Dvyne attempted to seek refuge on the outside. Desiree ignored the order from Spanky 123 to stay back, and instead decided to follow Dvyne to the ringside area. She continued her attack until Dvyne siezed control and drove Desiree back-first across the ring apron a couple times. Dvyne then showed total disreguard for her opponent's well being when she delivered a snap suplex on Desiree on the hard ringside floor. She then locked eyes with Scoobi after throwing Desiree back in and returning herself. Devyne scored a nea fall followinf a legdrop, and the fight contiued. The members of Tripl F taunted Desiree from ringside as Dvyne continued the punishment in ways that were often against the rules. She was sure she had the victory after connecting flush with a DDT, but Desiree had more fight left in her. She battled back until she countered Dvyne's cross-body attempt and turned it into a vicious swinging sidewalk slam. The crowd was impressed as her manager was, but the move only garnered a two count. Desiree looked to continue her attack, but Dvyne cut her off with a rake of the eyes and quickly tagged out. Chrissy Johnson charged in, but Desiree was waiting for her, and the champ was soon looking up at the lights. A tag was made to Jackie Daniels, and she entered to give it a go with the "Princess" of Triple F. Both Dolls went at it tooth and nail until Dvyne got involved from the apron to tip the scales back in her team's favor. Chrissy eventually tagged out and Dvyne came back in like a house of fire, all over Daniels. She connected with a backdrop driver before applying a rear body scissors, While attempting to squeeze the life out of Daniels. Dvyne applied a pair of Dragon Sleepers, but couldn't get the submission she was looking for. When Dvyne charged Jackie in the corner, she was met with a stiff boot to the face. Jackie hopped up to the turnbuckles, promting the Vampiress to climb the apron to provide a distraction. Prince Scoobi siezed this opportunity to snatch the handcuffs out of Vampiress's back pocket under everyone's nose before returning to his camp. Jackie flew off the ropes with ease, taking Dvyne down with a high cross-body. The match broke down as Desiree ran around and yanked Vampiress off the apron. The fight outside took Jackie's attention long enough to allow Dvyne to sneak in the back door and floor her with a unique neckbreaker for the final three. The crowd reacted as Triple F began to celebrate. Desiree and Vampiress continued to get attention at ringside, allowing Prince Scoobi to slide inside to manuever his way behind Simply Dvyne. The unsuspecting tag champion held her hands high in victory, then got blasted from behind by Prince Scoobi, who nailed her in the back of the head with her own teammates hand cuffs. The crowd couldn't believe what they'd just seen. They booed loudly as Scoobi handcuffed Simply Dvyne to the bottom rope before retrieving his charge's Diamond Dolls championship belt, and making a quick exit. He celebrated briefly on the outside before regrouping with his team and making a fast getaway. Vampiress realized what happened and unlocked her partner from the restraints. To say Simply Dvyne was upset would be putting it lightly. She snatched the microphone and delivered a dilibeate threat to Prince Scoobi about what she was going to do him when she found him.

Sports  DWF  887 
317 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Ron Starr vs. IBGreen Steel Cage Grudge Match  

Steel Cage Grudge Match:
"Mackdaddy" Ron Starr vs. IB "F'n" Green
The bitter rivalry between the 215 Empire and the DOS has been well documented, and has been going on nearly a year. There is plenty of hatred and bad blood to go around, and we were sure to see it spill over with both these men surrounded by steel. Starr entered the cage first, and to the suprise of no one, started this thing off with underhanded tactics. He kicked the cage door into IB Green's face as he entered, instantly busting him open. When Green was finally able to recover and climb in, Starr was all over him. He kicked, punched,and choked away at his arch nememsis in the opening moments of what turned out to be all-out brawl. Green had to deal constant antagonizing from the others members of the Empire outside the cage, as well as referee Jimmy Dylan on the inside. Green soon turned the tables and slowed Starr down by choking him with his wrist tape. He further gained control by being the first to introduce his opponent to the unforgiving steel. Dylan rushed to check on his comrade, but Green wasn't done. He continued to work on Starr by clawing and ripping away at his facial features in an attempt to permanently disfigure the Empire's leader. When Dylan attempted to intervene, he was backed into a corner by Green. The DOS member then attempted to climb the cage, but was caught by Starr and sent crashing down to the mat. "The Emperor" poured it on, and even threw caution to the wind by flying off the top rope with a big elbowdrop. Both men battled back and forth for several moments without gaining a clear advantage, then Ron Starr connected with a big powerslam for a near fall. Green fought back to his feet and eventually got in Jimmy Dylan's face about an apparent fast count moments earlier. The Empire's hired ref protested and defended his count while trying to get Green's bloody hands off of him. Ron Starr came from behind and attacked Green, causing Dylan to be squashed in the corner. It hadn't been a good night for the evil official, and it appeared he was now having complications breathing in the ring. He clutched his chest while motioning to Spanky 123 to enter the cage. He managed to utter the words, "I can't breathe.", and the DWF senior referee entered to replace him...effectively making this a fair contest, or so everyone thought. Both Starr and Green were wearing the proverbial crimson mask at this point, and things continued to get ugly. Almost as soon as Dylan got out of the cage, a mile-wide smile overcame his face. He laughed with his Empire bretheran on the outside as Starr continued the punishment on the inside. Then, in a blantant disreguard for the fact this was supposed to be a 1-on-1 encounter, Dylan opened the door and sent Blackie and Xavier Fate into the cage to assist Ron Starr. Ty Reno grabed a chair and stood guard outside the cage door with Dylan as a 3-on-1 assault ensued inside the steel structure. The crowd erupted in boos as IB Green fell victim to the numbers game. Spanky 123 did his best to restore order before Ron Starr no longer saw the need for a ref and decked him with a stiff right hand. That was Green's last hope as there was now no one to stop the massacre. A few wrestlers made attempts to run from the back and make a save, by they were met by Reno who laid them out one by one with a chair. The "Badazz" then joined the team inside the cage before passing a steel chain off to their ref. Jimmy Dylan tied the chain around the door to ensure no one got in or out while the Empire's business was being conducted. The wrestlers that were laid out on the outside now made attempts to climb the cage to save Green, but to no avail. In one of the most amazing sights of the night, Blackie showed just how much the Empire hates the DOS when he scaled to the very top of the cage....and came off with the highest High Ass Frog Splash known to man! The fans were on their feet for that, and things were looking rather grim for IB Green. Axel Lennox had finally seen enough and took Jimmy Dylan out of the equation by smashing his head into the steel cage door! The door was now open, but the Empire was standing guard waiting for someone to make a move. The calvary eventually made it inside, but only stood toe to toe with the Empire for a brief moment before again being outnumbered. Ron Starr grabed the mic and proceeded to talk about Empire being the best gang on the block and told Green his friends from the DOS really weren't his friends because they both wouldn't have left the country, leaving him here to fight the Empire alone this month. He then began to propose what seemed like another battle next month involving the entire DOS, but we never got to hear the full challenge due to Southern Justice making another appearance. The World champ was out to return the favor Green had did for him earlier on, ultimately put an end to the massacre taking place. The Empire began to retreat, but Justice attacked anyway, and the fight was on again. Starr and Dylan were able to escape, but the other three members weren't so lucky, and found themselves in the mercy of the champ. Once the Empire was all on the outside, a groggy IB Green grabed the mic and accepted Ron Starr's match for next month, marking the one year anniversary since the first shots were fired in this war. So we know there will be atleast one more clash between these two super powers, but we don't know what kind of match it will be yet.

Sports  DWF  977 
318 Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Fans Bring The Weapons/Cage Match:The Latin Nation vs The Rookies  

Fans Bring The Weapons/Cage Match:
The Latin Nation vs The Rookies
This one was wild and absolutely out of control before the bell started it, and long after it ended. These two teams definately hate each other, and the numerous battles inside the ring and outside in parking lots have been well documented over the past several months. The outcome of each meeting has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many of the competitors, which is why they demanded this match when they heard the 15-foot high cage was going up at this month's show. Fans had all kinds of weapons for the wrestlers to choose from, and the wrestlers had no problem using them. Security had the fun task as they tried to keep the combat area seperate from the innocent fans clamoring to get close to the battle. There were fights going on in and outside of the cage and all over DWF Arena from the moment these guys came through the curtain. Weapons of choice included a computer keyboard, cheese graters, file cabinets, shaving cream, baseball bats, boxing gloves, sticks, pipes, pots, crutches, and even a shopping cart, amongst MANY other things. This is the ultimate in fan participation, and the fans seemed to be having more than a good time in this one as they offered their weapons to their favorite wrestlers. It was impossible to follow all of the action due to the range of the battle. There was literally fighting all over the place. This wasn't your traditinal wrestling match by far. It didn't take long at all for the life juice to start flowing in this one, and it was coming from the faces of many of the competitors involved. This was the definition of a war of attrition, and it was clear that there would be more "survivors" than winners in this case, no matter what the outcome was. An all-out brawl is the only way todo it justice, and all ten men gave it their absolute all. In the end, it was the Latin Nation who survived and scored the pinfall and victory over the Rookies, bringing a wild and shocking Anniversary show to a final close.

Sports  DWF  5978 
319 Outlaws Den 11-04-2011 Empires Den  

The latest edition of The Outlaws Den starring David Adams. This week filling in for David was supposed to be Referee Ken and Poolshark. Ty Reno and Ron Starr had other ideas. They turned it into The Empires Den. Even the featured match.. It was a classic from Sept 17th Aniversary show. The infamous steel cage match between IB Green and Ron Starr. Watch and enjoy. And oh yes Moondog Ravage put a whuppin on two members of Management.

Sports  Outlaws Den  642 
320 The Outlaws Den second segment Nov 25th 2011  

This is the second segment of the Nov. 25th Outlaws Den. In this segment of The Outlaws Den Referee Ken filling in for David Adams "interviews" Moondog Ravage. Ravage talks about his upcoming war with Management.

Sports  Outlaws Den  763 
321 Full Edition The Outlaws Den Nov 25th 2011  

The full edition of The Outlaws Den from Nov. 25th. See Moondog Ravage tell Management that he's coming for them. Empress Dyvyne warns DWF that she is coming who was that masked man. After that Referee Ken interviewed Marc Angel..

Sports  Outlaws Den  660 
322 The Outlaws Den Opening Segment Dec. 2nd 2011  

Dec 2nd episode of The Outlaws Den. This is the opening segment. Stay tuned for more ... Including a three way match with Marc Angel vs Xavier Cross vs Dante Seras. Plus a title match Stan the man Stylez vs champion High Flying Kid Owen Oneil.

Sports  Outlaws Den  712 
323 The Outlaws Den Second segment Dec 2nd 2011  

In this segment... Three way match between Marc Angel, Xaviar Cross and Dante Seras. Stay tuned for more.

Sports  Outlaws Den  661 
324 The Outlaws Den 4th Segment Dec, 2 2011  

The 4th Segment of the Dec 2nd episode of The Outlaws Den. This segment features a match between champion Owen Oneill vs Stan the man Stylez.

Sports  Outlaws Den  706 
325 The Outlaws Den Closing Segment Dec 2nd 2011  

The closing Segment of the Dec 2nd Outlaws Den.

Sports  Outlaws Den  664 
326 The Outlaws Den Dec. 2nd 2011 Full Episode  

The full Dec 2nd episode of the Outlaws Den. See a triple threat match between Marc Angel Dante Seras and Xaviar Cross. Also a TVByDemand championship match between Stan the man Stylez and the champion high flying kid Owen Oneil.
Show hosted by DWF Commisioner Nick Suave and the financial miracle Loudy.

Sports  Outlaws Den  811 
327 The Outlaws Den Dec 9th 2011 Opening Segment  

Opening segment for the Dec. 9th episode of The Outlaws Den.

Sports  Outlaws Den  731 
328 Don't Judge Too Quickly We Don't  

Don't Judge Too Quickly We Don't

A compilation of awkward situations that are to embarrassing to explain that it's not what it looks like.

Comedy  Misc  727 


Undisputed DWF Heavyweight Champion Southern Justice Dalton James promised he'd bring his baby brother along at Fright Night. He never said little baby brother. Holy crap!!!! His brother is Brute Force and stands about 7'3" tall with a size 22 boot. Their original partner The Japnanese Beast got held up in customs and therefore couldn't make it. So Southern Justice teams with his baby brother Brute Force along with The Southern Enforcer. They are now known as The New Fabulous Freebirds and they take on Management (formerly The Rookies) led by Loco GM Jose Rivera, Jr. Management is made up of The Urban Goth Black Dragon, Slim Whiskey, Johnny Hated, Benn Rivers and Corey Thorr. The Ring Announcer is David Adams and Referee is Edward Mcguire.


Sports  DWF  1082 
330 The Outlaws Den Jan 6th Full Episode  

Jan 6th Episode of Frankie G's Outlaws Den. In this episode you will see... 3 of a kind member Stan the man Stylez take on The Empire's Xavier Fate. Then other 3 of a kind members Center of Attention Marc Angel and Xavier Cross take on Moondog Ravage and Moonpuppy Arf. Will the bounty on Moondog Ravage finally be collected?

Sports  Outlaws Den  752 
331 The Outlaws Den Jan 20th Opening Segment  

Jan 20th Episode of Frankie G's Outlaws Den opening segment. In this segment you will see The Empire's Ty Reno with Ron Starr taking on Management's Slim Whiskey.

Sports  Outlaws Den  830 
332 The Outlaws Den Jan 20th Second Segment  

Frankie G's Outlaws Den Jan 20th Episode. In this segment you see The center of attention Marc Angel from Three of a kind taking on YGW's Chris Wylde.

Sports  Outlaws Den  786 
333 The Outlaws Den Jan 20th Full Episode  

Jan 20th Episode of Frankie G's Outlaws Den opening segment. In this segment you will see The Empire's Ty Reno with Ron Starr taking on Management's Slim Whiskey.

Frankie G's Outlaws Den Jan 20th Episode. In this segment you see The center of attention Marc Angel from Three of a kind taking on YGW's Chris Wylde.

Jan 20th Episode of Frankie G's Outlaws Den. In this segment you will see Xavier Cross of Three of a kind taking on the TVByDemand champion Owen High Flying kid O'neil.

Sports  Outlaws Den  842 
334 Riot Television Episode 4  

No description available.

Sports  Riot Television  301 
335 The Outlaws Den Jan 27th Full Episode  

Jan 27th episode of Frankie G's Outlaws Den. In this segment you see the Bhutan Beast taking on Chris Wylde of YGW. Xavier Cross of 3 of a kind taking on B. Harman for the TVByDemand title. Mackdaddy Ron Starr taking on Myagi San.
High Flyin' kid Owen O'neil taking on Center of Attention Marc Angel and Sexual Spider Monkey Pinkie Sanchez in a 3 way dance.

Sports  Outlaws Den  868 
336 The Outlaws Den Feb 3rd Segment 1  

Feb 3rd episode of Frankie G's Outlaws Den. In this segment you see Ty Reno of the Empire along with Sienna Duvall taking on Nick Arcade making his debut.

Sports  Outlaws Den  1003 
337 The Outlaws Den Feb 3rd segment 4  

Feb 3rd episode of Frankie G's Outlaws Den. In this segment.. a tag team match featuring Macdaddy Ron Starr teaming with the pretty boy bad ass Ty Reno taking on Benn Rivers and Nick Arcade.

Sports  Outlaws Den  1065 
338 The Outlaws Den Feb 3rd Main Event  

The long awaited match between former partners and Diamond Stud members Joey Spades and Johnny Fearless. This match was taped in Dec. of 2011. The destruction of The Diamond Studs.

Sports  Outlaws Den  1027 
339 Frankie G's Outlaws Den 1-25 Segment 1 - Opening and 1st match 3 of a kind V YGW  

In the opening segment you will see YGW lead by DC Lurie taking on 3 of a Kind lead by Loudy.

A Surprise Gauntlet match is announced indicating the reurn of a former DWF/Loco Superstar! Who is it? Watch and find out! 
Sports  Outlaws Den  1076 
340 Frankie G's Outlaws Den May 18th Second segment  

In this segment you see Youth Gone Wild taking on Tim "Good News" Hughes and Justin Henry. Youth Gone wild in the middle of a comeback.. Will the real youngsters knock them off? Watch it and see...

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341 Frankie G's Outlaws Den 5-18-2012 Fourth Segment  

In this segment along with a tag team match featuring The Empire and Three of a Kind you will also see Promos about the June 30th show. Reloaded II.

The match is Financial Miracle Loudy's team Three of a Kind.. Marc Angel and Stan Stylez taking on The Empire.. Ron Starr and Ty Reno.

Other People featured in this video.. Blackie and Sienna Duval from the Empire. Xaviar Cross from Three of a Kind. Plus Black Dragon, Slim Whiskey, Dark Angel Slayer, Jose Rivera Jr and Indy wrestling Superstar Rebel.

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342 WWE Raw 6/11/12 Full Show (HQ) - Monday Night Raw  

WWE Raw 6/11/12 Full Show (HQ) - Monday Night Raw

Last evening’s WWE Raw was a three-hour affair which felt every bit as though it was stretching for time at every turn. Although the Hartford, CT crowd was definitely jacked and ready, being vocal the entire night, the audience was wasted on what felt like a subpar effort just one week away from the No Way Out pay-per-view.

The show begins with Johnny Ace, riding his scooter down to the ring, still selling his “injuries” from Cena from the Over the Limit pay-per-view. Johnny gets into the ring and can only get out “My name is John Laurinaitis” before Vince McMahon’s music hits.

Vinny Mac’s return brings a decent pop from the crowd. Vince gets into the ring and Johnny goes for a handshake but Vince refuses, declaring that he “has no idea where that hand has been.” Vince gives a fairly long speech about the situation, declaring that his decision to give Laurinaitis a performance evaluation “isn’t about friendship, it’s all business. “ Vince then asks Johnny to give him one reason he shouldn’t fire him on the spot, to which Johnny replies “People power!”

Vince continues to dress down Laurinaitis for his conduct, calling Laurinaitis out of his poor business decisions, such as bringing back Lesnar and signing the Big Show to a “no cut contract,” noting that Show “hasn’t performed at a high level since 1999.” Johnny begins to sweat, struggling to come up with reasons to keep his job, noting that he has friends who will vouch for him.

With Johnny on the defense, Sheamus’ music hits and out comes the World Heavyweight champ. Sheamus tells the world that yes, Johnny is a friend. The sort of friend who will fine you half a million dollars just because he can. Sheamus accuses Johnny of abusing his power, while McMahon points out that hashtag “Fire Johnny” is trending worldwide on Twitter. Sheamus tells Vince to kick Laurinaitis “out on his arse.”

Vince seems to agree, and tells Johnny that if he is not impressed by Raw this evening, Johnny Ace will be out of a job by the end of the night. With that, Vince makes Laurinaitis limp his way to the back as he steals Johnny’s scooter and pushes it off the entrance ramp, much to the chagrin of immobile seniors everywhere.

Following the opening segment, Sheamus simply stays in the ring, and the first match of the evening is between he and “The Banzai Bald Guy,” Tensai, whose gimmick does seem geared up for one final, desperate charge at getting over.

The pair get a lot of time for their match, and perform at a fairly high level in a physical bout between two big men. The crowd directs quite a few “Albert!” chants towards Tensai, who picks up his second loss in two weeks as he’s pinned following a Brogue Kick from virtually out of nowhere. Following the match, Tensai brutalizes his manager/”worshipper” in the words of Cole, Sakamoto. This beating drags on for far too long and brings pretty much zero reaction from the crowd, which is not a good sign for Tensai.

After the match is a backstage segment featuring Vince, Johnny, and Teddy Long. Vince tells Johnny that the match he just saw was “strike one” against Johnny. Vince then asks Johnny who will replace Alberto Del Rio to face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight title at No Way Out this weekend, since Del Rio is now out of action indefinitely following a concussion. Johnny struggles for an answer until Vickie Guerrero shows and suggests that Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger should wrestle Sheamus in a triple threat match, an idea which Vince seems to approve of.

Johnny stalls for a moment, then declares that he has a great idea, but would like to hear Teddy’s idea first. Long suggests a fatal-four-way elimination match between Ziggler, Swagger, the Great Khali, and Christian to determine the number one contender. Johnny nods and says that’s exactly what he was thinking, then sends Teddy off to get coffee while he tries to suck up to Vince some more. Johnny offers Vince a fist-bump, but Vince simply looks at his fist and tells Johnny he has small hands before he walks away.

Back in the arena, Tensai is still sulking about the loss, then proceeds to brutalize his manager/”worshipper” in the words of Cole, Sakamoto. This beating drags on for far too long and brings pretty much zero reaction from the crowd, which is not a good sign for Tensai.

Next up, Matt Striker interviews R-Truth about the fallout from his Big Show Beatdown a few weeks back. Truth says he’s feeling fine, but the beating left Lil’ Jimmy “traumatized.” Truth tells Jimmy that he “can’t be so sensitive,” then talks about how great it’s going to be to see Show lose this Sunday, which brings a huge punch from off screen as Big Show knocks Truth out in the middle of his interview. Big Show has to be the sneakiest human being alive given how often he seems to be able to slug people in the face without warning. One would think a seven foot tall, five hundred pound man would be hard not to notice but apparently that’s not true.

The next match of the night is a mixed tag match, with United States champ Santino teaming with Divas champion Layla to face Beth Phoenix and Ricardo Rodriguez. The match seems to be WWE’s obligatory comedy/divas segments rolled into one, with most of the action involving Beth and Layla. Beth picks up the victory with a Glam-slam to Layla. Following the match, Rodriguez gloats over a Layla and Santino until Santino rips Ricardo’s shirt off, revealing a Justin Bieber shirt underneath. Har har.

Head backstage, where David Otunga is chatting with Vince. Small, insignificant exchange between the pair in which Vince compares lawyers to parasites. In the middle of their conversation, Kofi Kingston busts in wanting a match with the Big Show for knocking out Truth. The match is made, and more significantly it’s made into a cage match as a preview for the Show/Cena bout on Sunday.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring to a decent “Yes!” chant from the Hartford crowd. Bryan cuts a fairly long promo directed at his No Way Out opponents. Bryan has a great moment in which he says that AJ had a chance to be with “all this,” indicating himself, and then says “once you go Bryan, there’s no bother tryin’” which brings a big “Yes!” chant from the crowd. Bryan declares that come Sunday, he’ll be walking out of No Way Out as the champ, which brings WWE champion CM Punk to the ring.

Punk gets on the mic and says that this Sunday, he’s either going to be “the deranged, out of his mind freak” or Kane to retain his belt. Bryan tells Punk he used to respect him, but now he’s a “sellout” who “panders to everyone.” Rather long back and forth ensues between the pair in which Punk eventually calls Daniel Bryan “Goatfaced,” which is roughly one step away from calling him a scruffy-looking nerf herder. The crowd actually starts a “Goatface!” chant, which ends upon Kane’s arrival.

Kane just popped out to remind the two he is no stranger to doing crazy things, bringing up the occasions in which he has set Jim Ross on fire, electrocuted Shane McMahons testes, and tombstoned a priest. Kane isn’t even able to say a whole lot more as AJ heads down to the ring now. AJ addressing the lot of them, telling Kane that she’s “looked into his eyes and knows he has a heart,” telling Bryan that “you never forget your first,” and telling Punk that he’s “the coolest guy” in the world. AJ says that on Sunday, she knows the best man will win.

On top of all the craziness happening in the ring, out comes Johnny Ace, who stops the fun by arranging a tag match, teaming Kane and Daniel Bryan against CM Punk... and AJ.

Following that ordeal is the fatal-four-way number one contenders match. The match opens with Khali being eliminated in fairly short order, followed by some excellent wrestling by the trio remaining. Surprisingly, the crowd is firmly behind Dolph Ziggler for the entirety of the match. Dolph pins Swagger after Christian puts Swagger down with the Killswitch, then Ziggler nails the Zigzag on Christian for the win to a huge pop. After the match, Sheamus and Ziggler have a face off at the top of the entrance ramp.

Backstage we are treated to another Vince McMahon filler segment, in which Vince has run ins with Natalie Neidhart, followed by the Funkadactyls. The Funkadactyls tell Vince they have heard he likes to get funky and Vince confirms the rumor by yelling “Somebody call my momma!” and breaking out into an embarrassing dance segment. Maybe if DX ever makes the Hall of Fame they can use this as their new clip to make fun of Vince with. The other one was a bit outdated.

Ryback squash match time as he faces off against Willard Fillmore and Rutherford Hayes, “The Commander in Chiefs.” Very audible “Goldberg” chants through the whole match, which runs to its conclusion very predictably. WWE can’t keep feeding Ryback skinny local talent forever, so one has to wonder how this schtick is going to play out when he actually has to wrestle members of the roster.

More Vince time, as Vince gives pointers to Hornswoggle on how to best mock Jim Ross. Remember, folks, no one ever accused Vince McMahon of being a class act. Cena comes in as Hornswoggle exits and encourages McMahon to can Laurinaitis. Otunga follows, telling Vince that he’s only an attorney part time, so it’s alright. Vince tells Otunga to can it, telling him no one respects someone who will kiss another person’s rear... after which the camera shows William Regal. Apparently Vince forgot about his own experience in butt-kissing.

After those wonderfully tasteless antics the show gets back to some wrestling, with the steel cage match between Kofi Kingston and the Big Show. The match is dominated by Show, who eventually knocks Kofi out with a WMD, then paces around the cage taunting the audience and taking his time in getting the win. With both WWE Tag Team champs thoroughly manhandled by the Big Show this evening (and the past few weeks in general) one has to wonder if the belts will even be defended on Sunday.

Sin Cara in action next, facing off against Curt Hawkins. The crowd is dead in this boring contest in which Sin Cara scores yet another win.

Vince and Daniel Bryan have a moment backstage. Vince tells Bryan that if Bryan were just walking down the street with groceries, “no one would mistake him for a WWE superstar.” Vince McMahon, undermining talent left and right this evening.

Heath Slater heads out to the ring for a match with a “former Raw main eventer” who turns out to be Vader. Great reaction from the crowd for Vader throughout the match, with, “Let’s go Vader!” chants, “You still got it” chants, and “Vader Bomb!” chants. The big man picks up the win in dominating fashion and sticks around the ring for a bit to soak up the adulation from the crowd.

AJ is in back freaking out about the upcoming tag match. CM Punk tells her to relax and just let him take care of it, as it’s basically just a handicap match. Punk tells her to go “against every fiber of her being” and try not to do anything crazy.

Main event time, as Kane and Bryan head out first for their match with Punk and AJ. The match is a little rushed, and seems to be more about establishing storyline than about wrestling, as at one point AJ is accidentally tagged in and has a very strange moment with Kane, in which she skips around him and eventually leaps on to him and kisses him. Kane tags out to Bryan, AJ tags out to Punk, and the match ends fairly quickly as Punk kicks Bryan then pins him following an elbow drop.

Vince McMahon comes out for the closing segment, flanked by security, and calls out Laurinaitis. Big Johnny keeps begging off, telling Vince that he’ll be needed to keep Raw and Smackdown successful. Vince isn’t having any of it and seems about to can Big Johnny when Big Show’s music hits.

Show heads to the ring and lays into Vince for what he perceived as the years of humiliation that McMahon put him through. Show tells Vince that he had always done what was asked of him, but no more, then promises to take out Vince’s “Golden Goose” this Sunday at No Way Out. Cue the music of the Golden Goose himself, John Cena.

Cena yaps for what feels like forever without actually saying anything, and finally Vince breaks up the monotony by saying that this Sunday, if Big Show loses, Johnny Ace will be fired. The ring explodes into an all out brawl at this point, as Cena and Big Show fight off security guards to get at one another. In the middle of the fracas, Big Show accidentally plants McMahon with a WMD which was intended for Cena, and the show goes off the air to the crew calling for medical assistance for McMahon and Cena asking “What happened?” as Show slowly walks up the ramp towards the back.

If this evening is any indication, three hours of Raw is going to be too long every week. The show was stocked with filler, and in the three hours of time only one new match was added to the No Way Out card, with the exclusion of the replacement World Heavyweight title match. Going into this pay-per-view, only five matches have been announced, with an additional match announced for the free pre-show event.

This evening leaves only one question: Why expand to an additional hour if neither the wrestling nor the storytelling will benefit?  

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343 Frankie G's Outlaws Den 5-18-2012 Fifth Segment  

In this segment you see a match between the Airborn Angel Owen O'neil and The Empire's King of the Cruiserweights Blackie. Oh wait this just in... Sienna Duvall was added to the match. Wait so is this going to be a handicap match or will more problems surface for the Empire to deal with. You will have to watch and see...

Others featured in this video.. Ty Reno, Nick Suave and Salamander Jones. 

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344 Black Sabbath 13  
1. "End of the Beginning"   8:05
2. "God Is Dead?"   8:52
3. "Loner"   4:59
4. "Zeitgeist"   4:37
5. "Age of Reason"   7:01
6. "Live Forever"   4:46
7. "Damaged Soul"   7:51
8. "Dear Father"  



After a series of reunion tours from 1997 to 1999, which included shows at Ozzfest, the original line-up of Black Sabbath began work on a new album with producer Rick Rubin in the spring of 2001;[4] however, the sessions were halted when Ozzy Osbourne was called away to finish tracks for his solo album Down to Earth, which was released in October of that year.[7] Tony Iommi recalls, "It just came to an end. We didn't go any further, and it's a shame because [the songs] were really good".[8] Iommi commented on the difficulty getting all of the band members together to work on material:

It's quite different recording now. We've all done so much in between. In [the early] days there was no mobile phone ringing every five seconds. When we first started, we had nothing. We all worked for the same thing. Now everybody has done so many other things. It's great fun and we all have a good chat, but it's just different, trying to put an album together.[8]

After one more reunion tour in mid-2001, where they again headlined Ozzfest, Black Sabbath went on hiatus again. In March 2002, Osbourne's Emmy winning reality TV show The Osbournes debuted on MTV, and quickly became a worldwide hit. The show introduced Osbourne to a broader audience, and to capitalise, Sanctuary Records (who own Black Sabbath's back catalogue) released the live album Past Lives, which featured concert material recorded in the 1970s, including the previously unofficial Live at Last album. The band remained on hiatus until mid-2004, when they returned to headline Ozzfest 2004 and 2005. In November 2005, Black Sabbath were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame,[9] and in March 2006, after eleven years of eligibility, the band were inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[10]

While Osbourne was working on his new solo album in 2006, Rhino Records released Black Sabbath: The Dio Years, a compilation of songs culled from the four Black Sabbath releases featuring Ronnie James Dio. For the release, Iommi, Geezer Butler, Dio and Vinny Appice reunited to write and record three new songs as Black Sabbath. The Dio Years was released on 3 April 2007, reaching No. 54 on the Billboard 200, while the single "The Devil Cried" reached No. 37 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.[11] Pleased with the results, Iommi and Dio decided to reunite the Heaven and Hell era line-up for a world tour. Because the line-up of Osbourne, Butler, Iommi and Bill Ward were still officially called Black Sabbath, the new line-up opted to call themselves Heaven & Hell, after the album of the same name, to avoid confusion. Ward was initially set to participate, but dropped out before the tour began due to musical differences with "a couple of the band members".[12] He was replaced by former drummer Vinny Appice, effectively reuniting the line-up that had featured on the Mob Rules and Dehumanizer albums. After releasing their only studio album The Devil You Know in 2009, Dio died after a battle against stomach cancer on 16 May 2010,[13] and following a tribute concert with former Black Sabbath vocalist Glenn Hughes,[14] Heaven & Hell disbanded.

On 11 November 2011, Black Sabbath hosted a private announcement ceremony at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, California. Hosted by former Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins, the event featured all four original Black Sabbath band members.[15][16][17][18] At the event, Black Sabbath announced they would be officially reuniting, following months of rumours. The reunion was said to feature an appearance at the 2012 Download Festival, and a newly recorded studio album by Rubin expected to be released in late 2012.[5] When Rollins asked the band why they chose to reunite now, Iommi responded "It's now or never. We get along great. Everything's really good."[5] Butler also commented that the new material sounds like the "old Sabbath style and sound."[5] On 18 November 2011, Black Sabbath announced that they would be touring Europe in May and June 2012.[19]


On 9 January 2012, it was announced Iommi had been diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma,[20] which was not expected to impede the group's activity. Because of his cancer diagnosis, work sessions for 13, which were supposed to take place in Los Angeles, California, were moved to Iommi's home in England.[21] On 2 February 2012, Ward publicly announced that he would not participate in the Black Sabbath reunion unless he was given a "signable contract." The following day, the other group members announced they had "no choice but to continue recording without him," but also said "our door is always open" for Ward to return to the band.[22] In February 2012, the band announced that they would not continue the world tour but would play the Download festival in June 2012. Instead of Black Sabbath, the tour would feature Osbourne and a revolving line-up of guest musicians, billed as "Ozzy and Friends". On 11 April, Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell announced that Black Sabbath would perform at Lollapalooza 2012. Farrell said this would be Black Sabbath's only American concert in 2012.[23] On 15 May 2012, Ward posted on his website that "after a final effort to participate in the upcoming Sabbath shows a failure to agree has continued" and that he would not be participating in the reunion shows, but would "remain with an open mind and a position of willingness to negotiate 'signable' terms with Sabbath's representatives in the future."[24] On 18 May 2012, Ward was cropped out of photos on[25] On 19 May 2012, Butler released a statement expressing sadness at Ward's decision. He further unveiled that drummer Tommy Clufetos was rehearsing with them in England.[26]

On 2 June 2012, Osbourne told NME that Black Sabbath had written "about 15 songs so far". He also said that 2013 was a good clue as to what the album would be called.[27] The band returned to the studio to continue work on the album on 23 August 2012.[28] An interview that October confirmed the title of one of the new songs, "God Is Dead?".[29] On 12 January 2013, Black Sabbath announced that the album would be called 13 and was expected to be released in June. It was also announced that drummer Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave joined in during the recording sessions to complete the drum tracks for the album.[3]

In a January 2013 interview at NAMM, which took place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, Butler stated that 13 was not the final title of the album and it would possibly be changed; however, this turned out not to be the case.[30] The band released a brief documentary on their time in the studio via YouTube in February 2013.[31]


On 4 April 2013, Black Sabbath unveiled the cover artwork for 13.[32] The artwork was created by Zip Design in London. Zip commissioned sculptor Spencer Jenkins to create an 8-foot-tall "13" from wicker, which was then set on fire in the Buckinghamshire countryside. The flames were visible for miles. The image was shot by photographer Jonathan Knowles. A behind-the-scenes video, also shot by Jonathan Knowles's team, was released by Zip Design, showing the numbers' construction.[33]

Touring and promotion[edit]

Prior to the album's release, Black Sabbath embarked on their first tour of Australia (initially kicking off in New Zealand) since 1974 in April and May 2013.[34] They also headlined Ozzfest Japan on 12 May 2013.[35] These dates had been arranged to allow Iommi to return to the UK for lymphoma treatment once every six weeks.[36] From late July to early September 2013, Black Sabbath will embark on their first North American tour in eight years.[37] After that, they will tour Latin America in October, followed by Europe in November and December.[38]

The first single, "God Is Dead?", was released to radio on 18 April 2013, and as a digital download and on YouTube on 19 April.[39][40] Black Sabbath appeared on the season 13 finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, in which they performed another new song, "End of the Beginning".[41] The song also plays during the end credits of the 2013 comedy film This Is the End, although it is not listed on the film's official soundtrack.[citation needed] The album became available for streaming on iTunes on 3 June 2013.[6]

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345 911 Tribute Video by Chris Valentine  

Chris Valentine is a noted Musician and Videographer. In this musical video he performs a tribute to America and the 911 victims.

News  Misc  811 
346 Olympic Speed Skater Olga Graf Unzips to Bare Chest forgetting she has nothing under her sjun tight speedsuit!  

Olympic Speed Skater Olga Graf Unzips to Bare Chest forgetting she has nothing under her sjun tight speedsuit!

Sports  Misc  874 
347 Loco Wrestling's Friday Night Madness 03-28-2014 Whole Show  

Loco Wrestling's Friday Night Madness 03-28-2014 Whole Show 

  1. The Director of the LightHouse Tells us about the LightHouse
  2. Super Pogo Verses "The Belly To Belly Suplex King" Franky James
  3. Ty Reno Verses Corkey
  4. The Dub Boys Verses Smooth Agression
  5. Gee Vader Verses "The Kensington Madman" Billy Black
  6. TVByDemand Champion Franky James Defends against Ty Reno
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348 Loco Wrestling's Friday Night Madness 05-23-2014 Dark Match  

Loco Wrestling's Friday Night Madness Dark Match 05-23-2914

Manny Strong Verses Downtown Raphael

This was a supposed to be a non recorded match for the live studio audience only. but we decided to put it up anyway.

Sports  Loco Wrestling  1562 
349 I Am Bruce Lee  

I Am Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee is universally recognized as the pioneer who elevated martial arts in film to an art form, and this documentary will reveal why Bruce Lee's flame burns brighter now than the day he died over three decades ago. The greatest martial artists, athletes, actors, directors, and producers in the entertainment business today will share their feelings about the one who started it all. We will interview the people whose lives, careers, and belief systems were forever altered by the legendary "Father of Martial Arts Cinema". Rarely seen archival footage and classic photos will punctuate the personal testimonials. Prepare to be inspired.

Misc  Misc  1158 
350 Friday Night Madness 06-27-2014  

Friday Night Madness 06/27/2014

Friday Night Madness was yet another show of brute strength and shear will this week with strongmen battling it to settle scores, to fight for supremacy or just to feed their egos.

The show started with a respectful ten-bell dedicated to a dear and trusted friend, Michael Fels aka. Peewee, medic and support for many in the business. His loss is greatly felt.

After the remembrance, the show swung into full gear with Corky coming out in his very sweet and very looney way to give the kids in the audience candy. He is immediately followed out by Prosecutor Pat, who takes the mic and without hesitation begins to berate and belittle poor Corky. Prosecutor Pat asserts his authority and makes claims for the championship, cocky and audacious of him, considering this is his Loco debut. Having chased Corky away, Pat readies himself for his match against Manny Strong, a crowd favorite who then makes his way out to the ring.

Prosecutor Pat, takes control of the match but not for long as Manny Strong recovers and fights back. In an effort to avoid Manny Strong and regain his composure Prosecutor Pat goes ringside before coming back in to regain control. The two battle back and forth and Manny Strong hits Prosecutor Pat with a devastating Superplex, but he recovers and continues his vicious assault on Manny Strong before covering him. In a show of determination Manny Strong kicks out at two, much to the crowd's delight. Prosecutor Pat once again tries to cover, but Manny Strong, once again kicks out. Battling back and forth these two tirelessly go at it. Prosecutor Pat manages to avoid Strong's offense and covers him again. But Strong kicks out before the three count. As the action moves outside of the ring the two go at each other with fury as the ref inside the ring counts. The two make their way back into the ring where Prosecutor Pat Snapmares Strong and hits him with an elbow. Prosecutor Pat now in control delivers a clothesline to Strong and finally pins him with a three count. Prosecutor Pat asserts his dominance, he is the winner.

The second match of the night involves one of the Dub boys, Mr Nate Carter, accompanied by his partner, Dave McCall taking on singles action against one half of Smooth Aggression, Onslaught also accompanied by his partner, Rob Prefontaine. There is heavy tension as both teams stare each other down, the ref forces the other team members out of the ring as the bell rings and the match begins. No time is wasted as both men tear into each other, going blow for blow as fists are being thrown about. Eventually Onslaught takes control of Cater, wrangling him and the ref is forced to break the two a part. It took no time for these two to be at each other again as each goes back and forth fighting for dominance. Onslaught eventually gains the upper hand and attempt to cover Carter, who kicks out and battles back. As both men once again go at each other this time each one bringing the other down. Both men slowly regain themselves and come back up and once again they are locked in a fury. As they fight they roll out of the ring and it becomes a brawl. Unable to bring the match back to order, with the other tag team partners joining in the fray, the ref calls for the bell. The bell does little to quiet the anger of these two and the fight continues, only to be stopped by the locker room which has to come and physically pull the men a part. But instead of the fight being squashed, all hell breaks loose and a full on rumble breaks out. Eventually lines are drawn and competitors take sides on opposite ends of the ring, from outside.

Commissioner Nick Suave comes ringside and takes the mic. He makes an offer and decides to give everyone a chance to say what they need to say. In lieu of that he decides to give Rob Prefontaine and Dave McCall a chance at an official match, to which they both agree.

It takes no time for these two to get things started. Immediately following a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, Prefontaine rolls up and attempts to pin McCall. After McCall kicks, the two battle each other furiously, tumbling out of the ring, still going at each other ringside. The ref begins to count and they are forced to climb back into the ring and the fight continues. Prefontaine once again tries to pin McCall, who again kicks out before three. The two make work of each other, each giving the other all he has, each countering the other. As the fight goes on Onslaught outside of the ring gets the crowd riled up, inside McCall delivers a devastating kick to the head of Pefontaine. McCall now dominating the match continues his assault on Prefontaine who tries to battle back. The two go back and once again take things out of the ring. As Prefontaine and McCall go at it, Onslaught and Carter stand face to face. Onslaught calls out Carter as Prefontaine makes his way back into the ring and McCall remains on the outside. The ref counts and reaches ten, and McCall loses as a result of a count-out. This match was nothing if not wrought full of action and a clear biting anger between the two teams.

The following match between Slim Whiskey, who is accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner: Black Dragon, and The Nightmare Billy Black who is accompanied by his friend, mentor and teddy bear: Buddy the Therapy Bear. The match starts with Slim Whiskey taking control and attempting to pin, but Billy Black kicks out before the three count. The two go back and forth as Bill Black eventually takes control of the match. In an effort to confuse, or perhaps anger Billy Black, Slim Whiskey distracts Billy Black and delivers a DDT to Buddy the Therapy Bear. Now set off and enraged beyond belief Billy Black is on a mission to tear Slim Whiskey apart. Billy Black uses his friend, Buddy, to whip a clothesline at Slim Whiskey taking him down for a pin. Slim Whiskey manages to kick out before the three count but he's not saved. Billy Black, still in control delivers a big body slam on Slim Whiskey followed by a massive leg drop and another pin. Slim Whiskey somehow kicks out at two. As the two men regain themselves the ref takes a moment to make sure the other, unwitting competitor in this match, Buddy is okay. Apparently he is, and the match continues. Slim Whiskey once again gains control of the match and heads for the top ropes, but is shaken off by Black Dragon. Accidentally? This give Bill Black the opportunity to stalk Slim Whiskey and cash in on a win, which he does. Slamming Slim Whiskey and then pinning him for the 1,2,3 Billy Black picks up the win and leaves the ring still in and uproar about Buddy the Therapy Bear.

Meanwhile, the end of the match also saw the end of a tag team partnership. As Slim Whiskey questions Black Dragon's roll in this match it is clear that the tension building between these partners has risen past something that can be talked about. It becomes completely evident when their argument turns to blows. Slim Whiskey hits Black Dragon with a lush before yelling “it's over” and leaving his former friend in the ring.

For the main event, a tag team match, Kenny Stryker takes over a referee.

Approaching the ring first is Frankie Pickard, a clear crowd favorite. He is followed by his tag team partner for this match, Gee Vader. Vader, a another crowd favorite hears chants from enthused fans. Out next are their opponents: Mack Daddy Ron Star and his tag team partner: Allstar Athlete Brandon Mitchell, accompanied by the always gorgeous Desi-Rae. Mitchell starts off the match with Pickard and a big lock-up. The two go back and forth, tensions are high and they are clearly matched for each other. Blow for blow each man holds his own. As the match goes on Mitchell gains momentum and eventually begins to dominates, he tags in Star who immediately takes control of Pickard. Pickard attempts to tag in his partner Vader who prevents him from doing so. As Star tags in Mitchell, Pickard digs deep and manages to take control long enough to make the tag to Vader who comes in hot. Vader makes quick work of Mitchell, dominating the match. Vader and Pickard double team Mitchell and Vader then tags Pickard back in. The two go back and forth furiously battling each other and supremely defending one from the other. Mitchell gains control and once again tags in Star who pulls out the stops on Pickard. Pickard reaches for his partner Vader and tags him in. Vader dominates the match once more, until an unknown attacker comes from nowhere to assault Vader. Mitchell and Star use the opportunity to take advantage and together, pin Pickard for the three count winning the match.

As Pickard regains himself, Vader gets his hands on the unknown assailant and brings him to the center of the ring. He and Pickard decide to teach this person “a lesson” and make an example out of him. This kind of thing won't be tolerated, by no one. Frankie Pickard takes to the mic to express his respect for Gee Vader for what he does, and declares war on Mack Daddy Ron Star and the Allstar Athlete Brandon Mitchell. This isn't over, it is clear that there is going to be much more to come.

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351 Friday Night Madness; July 12th 2014  

Friday Night Madness; July 12th 2014


Another exciting night of wrestling brought to you by Loco Wrestling & started off with a bang as Corkey, accompanied by Sid comes out to give candy to the crowd. The festivities were almost immediately halted as bully Prosecutor Pat appears and orders Corkey and Sid to cease and desist, shoving an order to do so at them. Defiant Corkey promptly shows Prosecutor Pat a [hand-written, in crayon] license to give candy to the kids in the crowd. Prosecutor Pat takes from Corkey the “license” he clearly worked so hard on, and rips it to sheds. As Prosecutor Pat's bullying continues, Gee Vader appears to put an end to it. Prosecutor Pat objects, and calls Vader out for a match for his title to which Vader agrees. As Prosecutor Pat leaves, Vader helps Corkey and Sid continue to give candy out to the crowd.


After Gee Vader, Corkey and Sid leave, Frankie Pickard comes ringside to  make a pledge against bullying. He encourages the audience to say no to bullying.


The first match of the night starts with Brandon Mitchell, accompanied by the beautiful Desi-Rae, vs. Manny Strong. Both men gave it their all as they went back and forth each besting the other. As the fight continued and Strong began to take control of the match, Desi-Rae interfered giving Mitchell the opportunity to steal one and win the match.


In the following fatal three-way match up Darien Jackson, Slim Whiskey and making his debut, Loverboy Lamarr James face each other. Early on Jackson and Whiskey team up on the much larger James, attempting to take him down. Despite this, James manages to take control and slowly and methodically attacks both opponents. As James attempts to cover Whiskey, Jackson breaks up the pin and goes after James himself. He can't quite get James down, once again he and Whiskey double team Jackson. Eventually Jackson is taken out and Whiskey manages to power through and cover James for the 1,2,3. Slim Whiskey decides to celebrate in-ring by chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels.


The third match of the night starts off with Black Dragon coming to the ring accompanied by Tony Badlands. Soon following is The Nightmare Billy Black accompanied by Buddy the Therapy Bear. Tony Badlands immediately begins to antagonize Buddy and Billy aggressively reminds him to not touch the bear. As the match starts up, Billy Black dominates Black Dragon. The two men go back and forth, each out maneuvering the other. Eventually Billy hits a huge choke slam on Black Dragon and covers for the three-count. As Billy Black celebrates his win, Tony Badlands decides to approach Buddy. Upon seeing this, Black goes berserk on Badlands and everyone within reach. Buddy doesn't like to be touched, and Black will enforce that. DO NOT TOUCH THE BEAR!


Up next, Smooth Aggression takes on tag team champions; The Dubb Boys. Vicious and aggressive Nate Carter starts the match against Rob Prefontaine, it immediately becomes more of a brawl than a wrestling match. Prefontaine takes control of the match and tags in his partner, Onslaught who comes in with a nasty clothesline to Carter. As Smooth Aggression control the match Brandon Mitchell appears ringside to taunt and take a shot at Onslaught. The Dubb Boys take advantage of this distraction and Onslaught is rolled up for the three-count. The Dubb Boys are now the new tag team champions.


The championship is on the line in the next match. As agreed previously, Gee Vader is facing Prosecutor Pat; putting his championship on the line. As the match starts up Prosecutor Pat initially voids Vader, attempting to lower Vader's guard before taking control of the match. Vader takes back control of the match, forcefully fighting back. Seeing that he is losing control of the match, and the title going further away from his grasp, Prosecutor Pat uses his brief to strike Gee Vader. Unlucky for the Prosecutor, the ref sees this cheat and declares a disqualification. Gee Vader retains his title and Prosecutor Pat is left to leave the ring, tale tucked and empty handed.


In the night's Main Event not only is the Loco title up but the loser also leaves Loco. Ron Starr takes on Frankie Pickard in a match that will change everything. Ron Starr approached the ring first. As Frankie Pickard follows, he is attacked by the Dubb Boys. Starr takes the mic and reminds Pickard that there is a reason he's the champ; “I'm the smartest guy in the room”. Taking advantage of Pickard's weakened state, Starr goes to work on his opponent and attempts a roll up. Pickard kicks out before three, but Starr continues to work on him. It seems as though Starr may make quick work of Pickard. As Frankie Pickard regains himself, he begins to battle back, gaining leverage within the match. Starr decides to take the belt and attempts to leave, but is stopped from doing so and forced back into the ring. Once again Pickard is in control of the match, it seems he may take it back from Starr.  As it seems that Pickard may win this Brandon Mitchell comes out to the ring to attack Pickard. In the midst of the attack another unknown comes ringside to defend Pickard as does Smooth Aggression. It becomes a free-for-all brawl and the ref has his hands full breaking it up. After all the men but Starr and Pickard are removed from the ring it is now a waiting game. Which of these men will regain themselves to win this match? They come up together, but Pickard takes over the match, gathering strength he manages to out maneuver Starr and in a surprise Frankie Pickard manages to cover Ron Starr for the three-count. Frankie Pickard is now the Loco Champion and Ron Starr must leave the company.


As his colleagues from the back come out to congratulate and celebrate with Frankie Pickard, he takes the mic and reminds Ron Starr the stipulation...Loser leaves Loco. He enlists the crowd to join him in a few rounds of “Nah nah nah, hey hey hey; Goodbye.” Ron Starr has left Loco.

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352 Ken Striker Show S1 E1 - Interviewing Madness  
Ken Striker Show S1 E1 - Interviewing Madness

Join Kenny Striker in the very 1st Episode of The Kenny Striker as interviews Independent Wrestling's Top Names and Future Superstars. His 1st guest is none-other then the demented Maddness.


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353 Top Rope Radio on TV 01-11-2015  

Top Rope Radio on TV 01-11-2015


Sports  Top Rope Radio/TV  1595 
354 Top Rope Radio on TV 01-18-2015  

Top Rope Radio on TV 01-18-2015







Sports  Top Rope Radio/TV  1400 
355 Top Rope Radio on TV 01-25-2015  

Top Rope Radio on TV 01-25-2015 


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356 "Hubris" (Full Film) Iraq War Documentary - Rachel Maddow (02-18-2013)  

"Hubris" (Full Film) Iraq War Documentary - Rachel Maddow (02-18-2013)


msnbc host Rachel Maddow reports on how the Bush administration viewed the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as an opportunity to remove Saddam Hussein from power in part one of Hubris.   You can read more about the Bush administration’s marketing of a war they had already decided to wage; take a look at Rumsfeld’s secret documents; and read an interview with the co-author of “Hubris”: he talks about torture, secrets, and what we still don’t know.

This documentary lays the foundation to prove that a United States President can commit HIGH TREASON and never be punished for it.

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357 Friday Night Maddness 02-06-2015  

Friday Night Maddness 02-06-2015

The first episode of the 16 week season.

  1. "Opportunity Knocks" Tournament Match Xavier Fate vs. Mr. Nate Carter
  2. Manny Strong vs. Hugo Grimm
  3. Rob Prefonatane vs. Frankie Pickard
  4. TVBYDEMAND.COM CHAMPIONSHIP Slim Whiskey vs. Champion Billy Black with Buddy the Bear
  5. El Mexicano vs. Gee Vader
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358 Top Rope Radio on TV 02-08-2015  

Top Rope Radio on TV 02-08-2015


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359 Friday Night Maddness 02-13-2015  

Friday Night Maddness 02-13-2015 

  1. Guerro Latino Verses Gee Vader
  2. El Coqur V Loco HeavyWeight Champion Franky Picard
  3. Slim Whiskey Verses Mystery Opennant
  4. Manny Strong Verses Champion Billy Black with Buddy the Bear
  5. Eddy BlackWater Verses Ron Starr
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360 Top Rope Radio on TV 02-15-2015  

Top Rope Radio on TV 02-15-2015


Sports  Top Rope Radio/TV  4718 
361 Friday Night Maddness 02-20-2015  

Friday Night Maddness 02-20-2015

  • Darien Jackson vs Hugo Grimm
  • El Guerrero Latino & El Furio vs Hairy Sanchez
  • Slim Whiskey vs Corkey
  • Manny Strong vs Champion Billy Black
  • Chad Bravo vs Rob Prefontane
  • Blackwater vs King Blackie


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362 Police in California Murder Homeless Man and then claim it was justified