Thursday May 4, 2006

We're Back with a jam packed edition of DL.TV

Show notes:

Product Demos:

Viewer Questions and Feedback:

" /> - Video - DL TV Episode 58 Thursday May 4, 2006 Digital Life Television Episode 58 Thursday May 4, 2006

We're Back with a jam packed edition of DL.TV

Show notes:

Product Demos:

Viewer Questions and Feedback:

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DL TV Episode 58 Thursday May 4, 2006

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Digital Life Television Episode 58 Thursday May 4, 2006

We're Back with a jam packed edition of DL.TV

Show notes:

Product Demos:

  • Samsung Q1 The first Origami/UMPC we've gotten our hands on. Think baby Windows XP Tablet PC.
  • We know at least one viewer it's perfect for. What do we think? Watch the video!
  • Fortune Fountain's DialKeys brings the thumb keyboard to the Q1... thought you should know.
  • Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder
  • Costs $130, grabs 640x480 MPEG4 video, available at Target, and it works pretty darn well.

Viewer Questions and Feedback:

  • Can I get in trouble for dropping Cain and Able on a school computer? (Yes!)
  • What can I use to convert the Coax signal from my Dish reciever into something my monitor can use?
  • I've got a Mac Antivirus tip for you!
  • Are used CD/DVD/console game stores in touble?
  • Lots of T9 suggestions... thanks Tom, Jeffrey, Nic, Geuis, JDub, Adam, Owen, Jesse, Tyler and Dave!


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• 1366x768: This is not an HD resolution. OK, it is, but it's really annoying.
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• Camcorders: SD vs. HD for Marcos in Brazil
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• Thanks Lee, for the heads up on Weather meets the Google map API!
• We're going to CES in Las Vegas next week, you can come see us! We're taping Sunday at 1PM, Monday, Tuesday and Wedneday at 4PM. Our stage will be in the Sands Expo Center lobby, outside of Hall C. (The shows will be available for download Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning!)

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• MS Security Repsone Center Activated for new Windows Exploit (er.... proof of concept.)
• AACS Hacked on HD DVD
• And a heaping helping of viewer questions!
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Rob goes solo.

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• Home Theater sound options.
• Ultra-lite notebook round-up.
• Simple Steps to calibrating your HDTV.
• See y'all next year!