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Chop Benefit Show 4-12-2012 Promo Featuring Loudy

Chop Benefit Show 4-12-2012 Promo Featuring Loudy

Loudy describes what CHOP Means to him and his battle as a child with Cancer and then gives an interview accompanied by Xavier Cross and Dante.



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Ron Star Does an advertisement for Devastation University/Loco Academy

Ron Star Does an advertisement for Devastation University/Loco Academy



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Short Promo for 2012

2012 A short Promo. The best is yet to come.



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Undisputed DWF Heavyweight Champion Southern Justice Dalton James promised he'd bring his baby brother along at Fright Night. He never said little baby brother. Holy crap!!!! His brother is Brute Force and stands about 7'3" tall with a size 22 boot. Their original partner The Japnanese Beast got held up in customs and therefore couldn't make it. So Southern Justice teams with his baby brother Brute Force along with The Southern Enforcer. They are now known as The New Fabulous Freebirds and they take on Management (formerly The Rookies) led by Loco GM Jose Rivera, Jr. Management is made up of The Urban Goth Black Dragon, Slim Whiskey, Johnny Hated, Benn Rivers and Corey Thorr. The Ring Announcer is David Adams and Referee is Edward Mcguire.




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"The Pretty Hate Machine" Jason Gotti vs Steve The Teacher at Devastation Wrestling Federation 7/19/08

"The Pretty Hate Machine" Jason Gotti vs Steve The Teacher at Devastation Wrestling Federation 7/19/08



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Voice of Choice with Southern Justice (DWF)

From Devastation Wrestling Federation event on 2/19/11. Visit and for more. Also be sure to check out for more DWF/Loco Wrestling action!



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The Voice of Choice and AC Smooth at Devastation Wrestling

From Devastation Wrestling Federation event on 2/19/11. Visit and for more. Also be sure to check out for more DWF/Loco Wrestling action!



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DWF Match 1 Night of Legends Nov. 12th 2011

DWF - Legends - 11-12-2011 Match 1 - Dante Ceras v The Peace Maker v Andrew "The Reinforcer" Anderson with Tommy Cairo



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Fans Bring The Weapons/Cage Match:The Latin Nation vs The Rookies

Fans Bring The Weapons/Cage Match:
The Latin Nation vs The Rookies
This one was wild and absolutely out of control before the bell started it, and long after it ended. These two teams definately hate each other, and the numerous battles inside the ring and outside in parking lots have been well documented over the past several months. The outcome of each meeting has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many of the competitors, which is why they demanded this match when they heard the 15-foot high cage was going up at this month's show. Fans had all kinds of weapons for the wrestlers to choose from, and the wrestlers had no problem using them. Security had the fun task as they tried to keep the combat area seperate from the innocent fans clamoring to get close to the battle. There were fights going on in and outside of the cage and all over DWF Arena from the moment these guys came through the curtain. Weapons of choice included a computer keyboard, cheese graters, file cabinets, shaving cream, baseball bats, boxing gloves, sticks, pipes, pots, crutches, and even a shopping cart, amongst MANY other things. This is the ultimate in fan participation, and the fans seemed to be having more than a good time in this one as they offered their weapons to their favorite wrestlers. It was impossible to follow all of the action due to the range of the battle. There was literally fighting all over the place. This wasn't your traditinal wrestling match by far. It didn't take long at all for the life juice to start flowing in this one, and it was coming from the faces of many of the competitors involved. This was the definition of a war of attrition, and it was clear that there would be more "survivors" than winners in this case, no matter what the outcome was. An all-out brawl is the only way todo it justice, and all ten men gave it their absolute all. In the end, it was the Latin Nation who survived and scored the pinfall and victory over the Rookies, bringing a wild and shocking Anniversary show to a final close.



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Ron Starr vs. IBGreen Steel Cage Grudge Match

Steel Cage Grudge Match:
"Mackdaddy" Ron Starr vs. IB "F'n" Green
The bitter rivalry between the 215 Empire and the DOS has been well documented, and has been going on nearly a year. There is plenty of hatred and bad blood to go around, and we were sure to see it spill over with both these men surrounded by steel. Starr entered the cage first, and to the suprise of no one, started this thing off with underhanded tactics. He kicked the cage door into IB Green's face as he entered, instantly busting him open. When Green was finally able to recover and climb in, Starr was all over him. He kicked, punched,and choked away at his arch nememsis in the opening moments of what turned out to be all-out brawl. Green had to deal constant antagonizing from the others members of the Empire outside the cage, as well as referee Jimmy Dylan on the inside. Green soon turned the tables and slowed Starr down by choking him with his wrist tape. He further gained control by being the first to introduce his opponent to the unforgiving steel. Dylan rushed to check on his comrade, but Green wasn't done. He continued to work on Starr by clawing and ripping away at his facial features in an attempt to permanently disfigure the Empire's leader. When Dylan attempted to intervene, he was backed into a corner by Green. The DOS member then attempted to climb the cage, but was caught by Starr and sent crashing down to the mat. "The Emperor" poured it on, and even threw caution to the wind by flying off the top rope with a big elbowdrop. Both men battled back and forth for several moments without gaining a clear advantage, then Ron Starr connected with a big powerslam for a near fall. Green fought back to his feet and eventually got in Jimmy Dylan's face about an apparent fast count moments earlier. The Empire's hired ref protested and defended his count while trying to get Green's bloody hands off of him. Ron Starr came from behind and attacked Green, causing Dylan to be squashed in the corner. It hadn't been a good night for the evil official, and it appeared he was now having complications breathing in the ring. He clutched his chest while motioning to Spanky 123 to enter the cage. He managed to utter the words, "I can't breathe.", and the DWF senior referee entered to replace him...effectively making this a fair contest, or so everyone thought. Both Starr and Green were wearing the proverbial crimson mask at this point, and things continued to get ugly. Almost as soon as Dylan got out of the cage, a mile-wide smile overcame his face. He laughed with his Empire bretheran on the outside as Starr continued the punishment on the inside. Then, in a blantant disreguard for the fact this was supposed to be a 1-on-1 encounter, Dylan opened the door and sent Blackie and Xavier Fate into the cage to assist Ron Starr. Ty Reno grabed a chair and stood guard outside the cage door with Dylan as a 3-on-1 assault ensued inside the steel structure. The crowd erupted in boos as IB Green fell victim to the numbers game. Spanky 123 did his best to restore order before Ron Starr no longer saw the need for a ref and decked him with a stiff right hand. That was Green's last hope as there was now no one to stop the massacre. A few wrestlers made attempts to run from the back and make a save, by they were met by Reno who laid them out one by one with a chair. The "Badazz" then joined the team inside the cage before passing a steel chain off to their ref. Jimmy Dylan tied the chain around the door to ensure no one got in or out while the Empire's business was being conducted. The wrestlers that were laid out on the outside now made attempts to climb the cage to save Green, but to no avail. In one of the most amazing sights of the night, Blackie showed just how much the Empire hates the DOS when he scaled to the very top of the cage....and came off with the highest High Ass Frog Splash known to man! The fans were on their feet for that, and things were looking rather grim for IB Green. Axel Lennox had finally seen enough and took Jimmy Dylan out of the equation by smashing his head into the steel cage door! The door was now open, but the Empire was standing guard waiting for someone to make a move. The calvary eventually made it inside, but only stood toe to toe with the Empire for a brief moment before again being outnumbered. Ron Starr grabed the mic and proceeded to talk about Empire being the best gang on the block and told Green his friends from the DOS really weren't his friends because they both wouldn't have left the country, leaving him here to fight the Empire alone this month. He then began to propose what seemed like another battle next month involving the entire DOS, but we never got to hear the full challenge due to Southern Justice making another appearance. The World champ was out to return the favor Green had did for him earlier on, ultimately put an end to the massacre taking place. The Empire began to retreat, but Justice attacked anyway, and the fight was on again. Starr and Dylan were able to escape, but the other three members weren't so lucky, and found themselves in the mercy of the champ. Once the Empire was all on the outside, a groggy IB Green grabed the mic and accepted Ron Starr's match for next month, marking the one year anniversary since the first shots were fired in this war. So we know there will be atleast one more clash between these two super powers, but we don't know what kind of match it will be yet.



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Star Blazer v Moondog Ravage

Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Star Blazer v Moondog Ravage




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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - DWF Diamond Dolls Tag Team Championship: "The Empress" Simply Dvyne & Chrissy Johnson w/Triple F def. Jackie Daniels & Desiree Rosado w/Prince Scoobi

DWF Diamond Dolls Tag Team Championship:
"The Empress" Simply Dvyne & Chrissy Johnson {C} w/Triple F def. Jackie Daniels & Desiree Rosado w/Prince Scoobi
The situation in the women's division has been heating up as of late, and exploded with worldwide exposure last month with contributions made by Simply Dvyne and Prince Scoobi. Scoobi manages Aida Marie, who is the reigning Diamond Dolls champion. Marie no-showed her title defense against Dvyne last month, and Prince Scoobi came out to confront "The Empress" with the title belt. The conflict erupted into and all-out assault by Dvyne on the flamboyant manager. She laid him out with a DDT, suplexes, and a vicious chair assault. A radio and internet war of words ensued in the aftermath, making for a powder keg of a situation this past weekend. Simply Dvyne definately looked ready to fight, and came out with the Diamond Dolls championship belt she stole from Scoobi last month. Desiree, to her credit, didn't seem happy at all about whag happended to her manager, and she came with game face on as well. Desiree and Dvyne met at center ring to kick things off, and it was on from the door. Dvyne backed Desiree into the corner looking for the early upper hand and offered anything but a clean break. Desiree came back and gave Dvyne a taste of her own medicine. It was clear at this point that this one would not be pretty. The fighting females locked it up again and Desiree took Dvyne down in a headlock takeover. It addition to putting wrench on Dvyne's neck, she was able to secure a couple quick near falls. Dvyne made a fast counter into a headscissors to gain brief control, but Desiree freed herself and they both found themselves back on their feet in a stalemate. Dvyne charged towards her opponent, but Desiree was ready for her and caught her with a clothesline. The Triple L member followed up with a hip toss, then dropped Dvyne in an impressive spinning sidewalk slam. Prince Scoobi applauded with approval from ringside and shouted words of encouragement. After a near fall, Dvyne attempted to seek refuge on the outside. Desiree ignored the order from Spanky 123 to stay back, and instead decided to follow Dvyne to the ringside area. She continued her attack until Dvyne siezed control and drove Desiree back-first across the ring apron a couple times. Dvyne then showed total disreguard for her opponent's well being when she delivered a snap suplex on Desiree on the hard ringside floor. She then locked eyes with Scoobi after throwing Desiree back in and returning herself. Devyne scored a nea fall followinf a legdrop, and the fight contiued. The members of Tripl F taunted Desiree from ringside as Dvyne continued the punishment in ways that were often against the rules. She was sure she had the victory after connecting flush with a DDT, but Desiree had more fight left in her. She battled back until she countered Dvyne's cross-body attempt and turned it into a vicious swinging sidewalk slam. The crowd was impressed as her manager was, but the move only garnered a two count. Desiree looked to continue her attack, but Dvyne cut her off with a rake of the eyes and quickly tagged out. Chrissy Johnson charged in, but Desiree was waiting for her, and the champ was soon looking up at the lights. A tag was made to Jackie Daniels, and she entered to give it a go with the "Princess" of Triple F. Both Dolls went at it tooth and nail until Dvyne got involved from the apron to tip the scales back in her team's favor. Chrissy eventually tagged out and Dvyne came back in like a house of fire, all over Daniels. She connected with a backdrop driver before applying a rear body scissors, While attempting to squeeze the life out of Daniels. Dvyne applied a pair of Dragon Sleepers, but couldn't get the submission she was looking for. When Dvyne charged Jackie in the corner, she was met with a stiff boot to the face. Jackie hopped up to the turnbuckles, promting the Vampiress to climb the apron to provide a distraction. Prince Scoobi siezed this opportunity to snatch the handcuffs out of Vampiress's back pocket under everyone's nose before returning to his camp. Jackie flew off the ropes with ease, taking Dvyne down with a high cross-body. The match broke down as Desiree ran around and yanked Vampiress off the apron. The fight outside took Jackie's attention long enough to allow Dvyne to sneak in the back door and floor her with a unique neckbreaker for the final three. The crowd reacted as Triple F began to celebrate. Desiree and Vampiress continued to get attention at ringside, allowing Prince Scoobi to slide inside to manuever his way behind Simply Dvyne. The unsuspecting tag champion held her hands high in victory, then got blasted from behind by Prince Scoobi, who nailed her in the back of the head with her own teammates hand cuffs. The crowd couldn't believe what they'd just seen. They booed loudly as Scoobi handcuffed Simply Dvyne to the bottom rope before retrieving his charge's Diamond Dolls championship belt, and making a quick exit. He celebrated briefly on the outside before regrouping with his team and making a fast getaway. Vampiress realized what happened and unlocked her partner from the restraints. To say Simply Dvyne was upset would be putting it lightly. She snatched the microphone and delivered a dilibeate threat to Prince Scoobi about what she was going to do him when she found him.



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - DWF/Loco Unified Tag Team Title Match: Diamond Studz vs. Nigerian Nightmares

DWF/Loco Unified Tag Team Title Match:
Diamond Studz {C} vs. Nigerian Nightmares
The last time we saw the massive Nigerian Nightmares at Devastation U. was this past July when they were royally screwed out of their shot at these same DWF/Loco Unified tag titles. The straps were around the waists of the Empire back then, and the disgustingly blatant screwjob was once-again perpetrated by their hired referee. In a attempt to right that wrong, the Nightmares were granted another shot this month at Doc Diamond's Anniversary. The Nightmares laid Referee Jimmy Dylan out with a huge belly-to-belly suplex followed by their devastating Dumbo Drop (1,000+ lb. superplex) after he committed his crimes at FreeZone III. Although this match had nothing to do with the Empire, Dylan was somehow assigned the risky task of officiating the monsters in the ring once again. The ref's body language told the story that he remembered what happened to him all too well, and he was clearly trying keep his distance. Diamond Studz member Johnny Fearless also put his hands on Dylan, just last month. He dropped the cheating official in an amazing backbreaker/flatliner combo en route to the Studz' win over the Empire to become the tag champs. While the newly-minted champs couldn't have felt lucky at all having the Nightmares as first challengers, the Empire now had another reason to call foul for the administration purposely placing their ref in a clear and present danger. Saifu, the smaller of the Nightmares, tried to sneak attack Johnny Fearless as Dylan held the four title belts up for all to see. Fearless ducked and rolled out of the way and did the best he could to mount a couter attack. When he saw nothing was working, he quickly tagged out to Joey Spades. Spades hopped to the top turnbuckle and attempted a high cross-body on the near 500-lb. Saifu. The Nighmare caught him in mid-air, then proceeded to military press him like he was lifting weights before dropping him a huge powerbomb that would make anyone's liver quiver. Instead of making the cover, Saifu delt out a few more punishing blows before tagging out to the larger Maifu. As if they could understand anyway, the Nightmares completely ignored the orders of the referee, who wanted one of them out. Saifu Nigerian whipped Spades to the ropes and dropped him in a drop toe-hold...allowing Maifu to get a running start and come crashing down on Spades' helpless body with a spine-jolting senton back splash. The crowd erupted in amazement as Spades lay in pain. Johnny Fearless shouted words of encouragement, but his partner was in bad shape. Maifu attempted what he thought was a cover, but there was one problem. Joey Spades was still laid out face-first on the canvas, instead of on his back. Maifu seemed confused, so he decided to dish out more punishment. After a series of chops, Maifu draped Spades over the bottom rope and stepped his ginormous frame onto his opponent's back...applying stress to the throat and entire back area. Maifu again ignored the commands of the referee, but reliquished his grip short of being DQ'd. The savage beast did it in horrific fashion as he simply threw his feet out from under himself and dropped a vicious elbow to the small of the back of Spades. Maifu then choked his prey for several moments before turning the offense back over to his partner. He tagged Saifu on his head, the Saifu came in like a caged animal. He delivered an open thrust to the throat before attempting to rip the skin right off of Joey Spades's back. Saifu's pitbull-like tendacies kicked in as he tochered Spades with a trifecta of hard bodyslams. Johnny Fearless was finally able to sneak a blind tag in when Saifu went for another whip. He came in on Saifu's blind side and attempted to get something going for his team. He peppered Saifu with a number a forearm shots to the face, but failed at this attempted Irish whip. Saifu reversed and launched Fearless several feet in the air, leaving his body to crash violently on the canvas. Maifu had again made his way in illegally, and the Nightmares waited patiently to launch their next attack. Fearless stumbled to his feet and directly into the path of double spinning heel kicks from the behemouths. The crowd popped in disbelief before showing their appreciation for such athleticism. Maifu then applied a paralyzing nerve hold in an attempt to ware Fearless down. The champ fought the pain, worked to his feet, and freed himself after a series of elbows to the gut. He followed up with a standing dropkick, then Spades entered and connected with a one-legged drop-sault...staggering Maifu to the ropes. The reigning tag champs then put their heads together and flew off the top with stereo missle dropkicks to bring Maifu down for the first time in the contest, The Studz had the crowd behind them as they mounted some significant offense. They caught Saifu sleeping on the apron, then used more tandem offense on the downed Maifu. Fearless attempted to assist his partner on the cover, but the brute strength of Maifu was put on full display when Maifu kicked out...sending Spades flying into the air and Fearless stumbling off balance to the other side of the ring. Saifu made his way back in, and all hell broke loose. All four men battled fiercely, then the Nightmares focused on Spades again. Maifu shot him off into the ropes and went for a back bodydop, but Spades jumped up onto Maifu's back and used him to launch himself onto Saifu. An attempted huracanrana didn't take Saifu off his feet, but did cause him to stumble head-first into his own partner. The contact dropped Saifu and dazed Maifu, causing him to fall back into the ropes, locking his arms in the cables in the process. The Studz looked to capitalize as Fearless came off the top with a wild moonsault on Saifu as his partner tried to free himself. By the time Fearless made the cover, Maifu was just about free, and quickly went for the save. Fearless saw him coming and rolled out of harm's way, causing Maifu to drop th big elbow on his own man. The flustered Nightmares scrambled to thier feet under heavy fire from their opponents. Maifu showed his power again when he pushed Fearless off of him like a bug and sent him flying across the ring. Saifu joined his partner and both Nightmares charged Fearless in the other corner like two locomotives, squashing him like a bug one after the other with an impressive high/low manuever. Fearless rolled to the floor in agony, and the Nightmares returned their attention to Spades, who was trying to regroup on the apron. Saifu snatched him up and hung him out over the second rope for Maifu, who came crashing down across the back....flattening Spades to the canvas. Maifu again attempted to make a cover the wrong way, and the ref again tried to explain it to him. Confused and frustrated, Saifu snatched Jimmy Dylan up and glared at him with evil intentions. Dylan clearly remembered his last encounter with these mastadons, and desperately tried to free himself from Saifu's grip. Things went from bad to worse when Maifu joined the equation. Dylan continued to plead, but to no avail and the Nightmares delivered four thrust chops at once to the official. It was clear they thought Dylan was screwing them over like he did two months prior, but that wasn't the case this time. Dylan gasped for air while clutching his throat, then disqualified the Nightmares for their actions. The injured ref got out of dodge as the David Adams made the announcement. When Stephon Benson explained what happened, the Nightmares snapped. Maifu climbed to the top and Saifu followed. It wasn't long before Johnny Fearless fell victim to the ground-shaking Dumbo Drop. The Nightmares continued to stalk their prey and intimidate anyone trying to help the champs. They licked the Studz as if they were dinner before mercifully leaving the ring and allowing the fallen champions to recieve the necessary treatment they needed.



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Rockin Rebel vs Bobby Piper

Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Rockin Rebel vs Bobby Piper

Fresh off his IPWA Hall of Fame induction, Rockin Rebel entered the ring in his DWF return to take on Bobby Piper in a successful outting. Both men were on hand to honor the legendary Doc Diamond on this, his 9th anniversary.



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 -"I QUIT" Match: Marc Angel vs. Owen O'Neill

"I QUIT" Match: Marc Angel vs. Owen O'Neill

Marc Angel def. Owen O'Neill
Chrissy Johnson was once again present at the side of her love interest, Owen O'Neill, as he prepared for one last battle with his arch nemesis. These men engaged in a brutal series of matches earlier this Summer, but nothing was ever settled. Both agreed that this was the way to settle the beef once and for all. They went at it with reckless abandon in attempts to make the other utter or scream those two shameful words. Owen O'Neill put on a clinic at one point as he locked Angel in a series of submissions that included the Octopus and Terantula. When Angel wasn't able to get the words out of his gutsy opponent, he resorted to different tactics and brought four chairs in the ring. The chairs came into play, and O'Neill eventually found himself laid out on top of them after Angel erected them in the center of the ring like he was about to play musical chairs. Angel ascended the top rope and tried to end his enemy's career with a swanton bomb. When the bomb landed, nobody was home and Angel took the full impact on the steel. Referee Jimmy Dylan had seen enough of started clearing the ring of the chairs. Owen O'Neill seized the opportunity and applied a submission on the wounded Angel. Angel indeed tapped out in agony, but the ref was busy tossing chairs out of the ring. It probably wouldn't have mattered anyway since this was an "I Quit" match. In any event, O'Neill was convince he won and raised his arms in victory. This premature celebration allowed Marc Angel to sneak up behind and blast the "Airborn Angel" with a blatant low blow. He followed with a move that started out looking like a powerbomb and ended in a back-stabber. Angel went right into a submission, but O'Neill still refused to quit. A fed up Marc Angel snatched Owen to his feet and delivered a second modified back-stabber. Chrissy Johnson was visibly upset at ringside as Angel applied his subission again. He really wrenched back on it, but there was still no quit from O'Neill. It didn't look good at all, and when Chrissy noticed O'Neill was neither responding to her or the referee anymore, she had no choice but to throw in the towel...effectively ending the brutal contest, and possibly preventing her boyfriend from suffering serious or permanent injury. Marc Angel was elated to say the least, and he made sure to rub it in the faces of the Pennsauken faithful before leaving.



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - DWF/Loco Jr. Heavyweight Championship: LJ Cruz Vs Blackie

DWF/Loco Jr. Heavyweight Championship:
LJ Cruz Vs Blackie {C}
LJ Cruz had been lobbying for a rematch with the longest reigning Jr. Heavyweight champion in DWF/Loco history ever since his former partner, Zito, inadvertantly cost him his title match against Blackie back on June 4th, 2011 at DWF "ReLoaded". LJ Cruz battled back to regain #1 contendership, and set his sights on the championship. Blackie had his Empire brother, Ty Reno, at ringside for this one, but was without the help of Jimmy Dylan, who also played a key factor in the June encounter by blatantly slow-counting Cruz on several occasions. Fans were guaranteed more of a fair shake this time around, and were treated to a great 1-on-1 contest. Both men went back and forth in amazing display of high-flying attacks and technical wrestling skills. Blackie gained an early advantage by jumping LJ before the bell, then springboarded off the bottom rope to deliver a DDT to Cruz. He put the boots to his challenge before connecting with his breath-taking version of Rolling Thunder. The champ punished LJ with an onslaught of forearm and elbow shots to the chest while jawjacking with the crowd. He then connected with a double stomp from the top before applying a picture perfect Lion Tamer. LJ Cruz refused to quit, and utilized a unique counter to reverse Blackie into a roll-up for a near fall. Cruz took over and connected with a series of kicks leading to a couple near falls. When he hoisted Blackie up and took him over in backdrop driver, the DWF Arena went pitch black! The fans buzzed with curiosity as the commentators suspected foul play by the Empire. To the credit of both competitors, they continued the match in what had essetially turned into a true "dark match". When the lights returned, LJ Cruz was caught choking Blackie in the corner with his boot. He went to whip Blackie to the opposite corner but the champion reversed and struck with this signature Black Slap. Blackie then lept to the top in one motion and flew down onto Cruz with his patented High Ass Frog Splash. The crash landing effected Blackie as much as it did his opponent, preventing him from making an immediate cover and possibly costing him a sure victory. Blackie made several attempts tp put this one away, but Cruz would not be denied. Ty Reno did everything in his power to cause distractions and give assists, but it wasn't enough. The crowd was shocked when Victor Cahones appeared out of nowhere and made his presence felt. He made his way into the ring with referee Jesse Logan's attention elsewhere and dropped Blackie in a Diamond Cutter. Blackie was out of it, and LJ Cruz was able to capitalize, securing the pinfall for the win and the championship. The crowd celebrated with LJ as he basked in the glory of ending Blackie's year-long title reign. What will Blackie have to say about the man he beat for the title coming back to screw him out of his prized possession?



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - IPWA Induction Ceremony

IPWA Induction Ceremony

IPWA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony:
Representatives of the Independent Pro Wrestling Association were in attendance as well. They came to induct a new class into the IPWA Hall of Fame. The entire DWF/Loco locker room emptied and surrounded the ring after the night's guests returned to the ring with Doc Diamond. The inductees included Nikolai Volkoff, Dick Whorle, "Irish" Davey O'Hannon, Rockin Rebel, and Manny Soto. Congradulations to the 2011 IPWA Hall of Fame inductees!



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Dr. Ruthless vs Big Poppa Chill

Dr. Ruthless vs Big Poppa Chill

This was a nice surprise for the crowd in attendance, who love Dr. Ruthless beyond belief, but have unfortunately been unable to see him in a couple months. The DWF Arena went nuts when Ruthless went emerged through the curtain dancing and electrifying the fans like only he can. The reigning DWF/Loco Jersey Champion went toe-to-toe with Big Poppa Chill, and eventually used his size advantage, however slight in this case, to garner the victory. After the contest, Dr. Ruthless kept with his tradition and invited many of the fans into the ring with him to dance, the families some really great photo-ops of their kids inside the ring.



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Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 -Nathan Avery vs. Xavier Fate vs. Axel Lennox vs. Chris Kneival for #1 contender spot for TVByDemand Title

Nathan Avery vs. Xavier Fate vs. Axel Lennox vs. Chris Kneival for #1 contender spot for TVByDemand Title

Nathan Avery def. Xavier Fate vs. Axel Lennox vs. Chris Kneival:
The action kicked off with fast and furious Fatal 4-Way match to determine the new #1 contender for the DWF/Loco Championship. The current champion, Jay Fury, joined the announce team at ringside to get a bird's eye view of the competition. This one was wild from the opening bell with neither man being able to establish a clear advantage. Xavier Fate was the one with an ace up his sleeve, seeing as though he's now a card-carrying member of The Empire, and the match was being officiated by the group's evil Ref-For-Hire, Jimmy Dylan. Dylan has proven to be a major factor in the outcome of several matches involving the Empire in recent months, but the quick pace of this contest posed a challenge for the fast counting official. This was an awesome contest that got the crowd on their feet and ready for an incredible night of wrestling. Fighting spilled out of the ring at times as these warriors fought tooth and nail with wreckless abandon. Several attempts to secure pinfalls were made, but to no avail. In the end, it was Nathan Avery with a wheel barrel into an inverted sit-out powerbomb on Kneival for the win. After the match, Jay Fury left the announce table with his title and entered the ring to face off with his next challenger for the Championship.



Runtime: 00:06:43

Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 -Nikolai Volkoff Sings God Bless America

The 9th Annual Doc Diamond Anniversary show began with ring announcer David Adams in the middle of the ring, and he introduced the man of the hour, Doc Diamond, to the masses along with the legends in the building, led by WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff. Nikolai took center ring and sung of wonderful rendition of "God Bless America" to kick off the show. The crowd showed their appreciation, and as the veterans prepared to exit, the DWF Arena was filled with the sounds of DJ Khaled's "All We Do Is Win". The crowd reacted as The 215 Empire made their presence known and put an abrupt end. The super group made their way to the ring and proceeded to disrespect Volkoff, Doc Diamond, and company. "Mackdaddy" Ron Starr basically let told them they were "way past their prime", and how everyone in the sold out arena came out to see the Empire.....not them. The legends and the Empire continued to exchange words from across the ring until one side could take no more. Nikolai Volkoff had heard enough and decked Ron Starr with a stiff right hand! The rest of the Empire were absolutely stunned as the Hall of Famer took a step back and delivered a rolling senton splash on their leader! Volkoff then covered Starr and WWE Hall of Famer Dick Whorle got down to administer an infatic three count! The crowd erupted in cheers as the Empire tried to regroup and make sense of what just happened. They were not happy to say the least, and appeared to be regrouping for an attack. That all came to an end when DWF/Loco Unified World Champion, Southern Justice, made an appearance and entered the ring. The Empire decided that discretion was the better part of valor in this case as they retreated and left the legends alone, citing their upcoming matches later in the evening as the only thing stopping the Empire from ripping them apart.
Volkoff, Whorle, Doc, and company began to make their exits while Stephon Benson made his way in. The personal ring announcer for the Nigerian Nightmares took the mic from Southern Justice and proceeded to scold the champ about last month's vicious chokeslam to Ratboy that shattered his collarbone. Ratboy just so happens to be one of the Nightmares' personal trainers, and the monster savages from Nigeria were none too happy. Benson beraded Justice for several moments before taunting him and ultimately ending up in the clutches of the 7-foot giant. It appeared as if the loud manager was about the suffer the sam fate as Ratboy, but the Nigerian Nightmares emerged from the locker room to make the save. Saifu entered first and clipped Southern Justice from behind, chopping the big man down. The larger Maifu was right behind weilding a steel chair, and went to town on the champ's legs with the weapon. Saifu then choked Justice while Maifu applied the world's largest figure four leglock! While suffering in pain from the figure four, Saifu climbed the second turnbuckle and came crashing down on Justice with an unorthodox Vader Bomb. To make things worse, Justice had to deal with Benson screaming at him the whole time and shouting instructions to the Nightmares. The Nightmares were eventually satisfied with the destruction they'd caused, and relinguished their grip on the ring and the World champion.



Runtime: 00:02:52

Doc Diamond's Anniverary Show 9-17-11 - Frank Talent 10 Bell Salute

The show began with a 10 Bell salute in honor and remembrance of legendary Pennsylvania Athletic Commission employee, Frank Talent, who sadly passed away earlier this month. Frank touched the lives and careers of many in the world of professional wrestling in a variety of ways and he will be sorely missed by those who knew him and/or encountered him at any show while he was on the board. My personal crossings with Mr. Talent came early in my on-going tenure with American Championship Pro Wrestling (ACPW), based in Philadelphia. Although the meetings were brief, his reputation was validated through the stories of many wrestlers and officials I've worked with, and he was definitely a man that was about his business. R.I.P. Frank!



Runtime: 00:02:00

DWF Fright Night Oct 15th 2011 Promo Jose Works Out

DWF Fright Night Oct 15th 2011 Promo Jose Works Out



Runtime: 00:13:20

The Empire speaks about Aniversary

Ron Starr and Ty Reno were recently discussing their matches at Doc Diamonds Aniversary show. Ron Starr and the cage match with IB Green and Ty Reno getting a shot at the DWF/Loco heavyweight champion Southern Justice Dalton James.



Runtime: 08:00:00

Southern Justice Campaign speech

Southern Justice Dalton James Unified DWF Loco heavyweight champion responds to Blackie's insistance that he is ducking him. Blackie has been on the campaign trail for sometime now and this message was aprooved by The DWF/Loco heavyweight champion Southern Justice Dalton James.



Runtime: 00:16:00

Empress Dyvyne goes off on DWF

After what was supposed to be a tag team match Empress Dyvyne let everyone know how she feels.



Runtime: 02:35:55

DWF - 08-04-2011 Reloaded - The Full Show

DWF - 08-04-2011 Reloaded - The Full Show

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 9 DWF-Loco Heavy Weight Championship Match Southern Justice Dalton James -v- Dr Ruthless Sports DWF 130
4 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 8 Fans Bring The Weapons Lumberjack Match Bulldozer -v- Ron Starr Sports DWF 158
5 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 7 Womans Championship Match Chrissy Johnson Defends against Robin Banks - Aida Marie and Desirre Sports DWF 181
6 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 6 DWF Cruiser Weight Championship Blackie Defends against LJ Cruz Sports DWF 120
7 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 5 - The Rookies -v- The Latin Nation Sports DWF 180
8 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 4 - Amadeus -v- Zito Sports DWF 94
9 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match3 - Ravage verses Newcomer Nathan Avery Sports DWF 112
10 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 2 - Tye Rheno -v- Izzy Kessington Sports DWF 114
11 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Match 1 - DA Law -v- The High Flying Kid Owen O'neil Sports DWF 102
12 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro - The Empire Introduces Themselves and The Lights Go Out Sports DWF 128
13 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro - Bulldozers Promo Against Ron Starr Sports DWF 108
14 DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro for DVD



Runtime: 00:10:38

DWF/Loco 07-16-2011 Stars Stripes and Wrestle "Freezone" - Promos- Morrison Motel

Morrison's Motel

At Last Months Live DWF Show during intermission Morrison's Motel was the highlight. Starring Robby Morrison he used the timeslot to setup a match for the annual DWF/Loco Star's Stripes and Wrestle. Who is the match between? Well, watch the video and find out. We promise you won't be disappointed!



Runtime: 00:19:31

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 9 DWF-Loco Heavy Weight Championship Match Southern Justice Dalton James -v- Dr Ruthless

DWF/06-4-2011 Reloaded/Match 9 DWF-Loco Heavy Weight Championship Match Southern Justice Dalton James -v- Dr Ruthless



Runtime: 00:29:32

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 8 Fans Bring The Weapons Lumberjack Match Bulldozer -v- Ron Starr

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 8 Fans Bring The Weapons Lumberjack Match Bulldozer -v- Ron Starr

Bulldozer finally gets the opportunity to get the revenge he wants over Ron Starr (Leader of the Empire) ever since being kicked out of the empire Bulldozer has proven match after match that he is hardcore and definitly TOUGH ENOUGH for anything anyone has in their arsenals. (Hey Mcfoley you watching this young guy?) While DWF/Loco management said no way to phony light tube wrestling there is no lack of weapons from tape players to thumbtack encased bats. Lets just say our onbsite dr spent the rest of the night pulling tacks and bandaging up both contestants but your gonna hafta watch the video to believe it!! 



Runtime: 00:14:37

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 7 Womans Championship Match Chrissy Johnson Defends against Robin Banks - Aida Marie and Desirre

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 7 Womans Championship Match Chrissy Johnson Defends against Robin Banks - Aida Marie and Desirre. This is actually two matches in one. You gotta watch this to see what happens..



Runtime: 00:20:05

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 6 DWF Cruiser Weight Championship Blackie Defends against LJ Cruz

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 6 DWF Cruiser Weight Championship Blackie Defends against LJ Cruz



Runtime: 00:12:50

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 5 - The Rookies -v- The Latin Nation



Match 5

The Rookies verses the Latin Nation.



Runtime: 00:18:58

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 4 - Amadeus -v- Zito



Match 4

Amadeus -v- Zito. The Voice of Internet Entertainment Radio Classy Mike Trash (who can be heard right here on every Tuesday Night at 7pm) and LJ Cruz accompany Zito to the ring. In Amadeus's corner is Danta Seras and Marc Angel. This match was bound to happen as former partners Amadeus and Zito have alot of bad blood to settle. Will this be the final battle that puts the YGW to rest? Will any of the other former members of YGW show up to take sides? Mike Trash and LJ Cruz have thier far share of sworn enimes too.. Oh did we mention a special appearance by The Rookies?



Runtime: 00:08:43

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match3 - Ravage verses Newcomer Nathan Avery



Match 3

Ravage verses Newcomer Nathan Avery



Runtime: 00:12:40

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded - Match 2 - Tye Rheno -v- Izzy Kessington



Match 2

The Empire's Tye Rheno Verses Izzy Kessington.



Runtime: 00:15:49

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Match 1 - DA Law -v- The High Flying Kid Owen O'neil



Match 1

Spanky 123 is your Ref, Radical Robby Morrison, Pool Shark and Dave Adams are the comentators. Manager and Finance Guru Loudy Brings DA Law to the ring to challenge The new comer and Devastation University/Loco Academy trained Managed by the very well known Nick Suave, The high Flying Kid Owen O'Neil. This kid is so fast the Luchadores are afraid to compete with him! This match is one for the record books. Will Mark Angel get revenge on Owen O'Neil? Will Bulldozer interfer on his partners behalf? Watch and find out!!



Runtime: 00:11:43

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro - The Empire Introduces Themselves and The Lights Go Out



Reloaded Intro

The Empire Introduces Themselves and The Lights Go Out - So just what happened and will Ron Starr recover enough to face his arch Nemisis Bulldozer in one of the most challenging matches to ever grace the squared circle? What weapons will the fans bring? Is McFoley's reign as the most hardcore wrestler ever to live in jeopardy? Watch and find out... And how does a Ref fit in with the empire?



Runtime: 00:02:50

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro - Bulldozers Promo Against Ron Starr

DWF - 06-4-2011

Reloaded Intro

 Bulldozers Promo Against Ron Starr

Bulldozer Tells the crowd about the upcoming Fans bring the Weapons match that will happen later on in the show. What you don't get to see is the "comotion" just prior to this clip The entire Empire was in the ring and the lights went out and When they came back on masked men were beating on the empire which resulted in an injury top Ron Starr's knee.



Runtime: 00:01:01

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro for DVD

DWF - 06-4-2011 Reloaded Intro for DVD



Runtime: 00:25:36

DWF Locked n Loaded 5-7-2011 Match 7 The Main Event Southern Justice Defends the Loco-DWF Heavy Weight Title Against Sheik Shiel Ali


Locked and Loaded 5-7-11

Southern Justice defends the most sought after prize in Indy Pro Wrestling, the combined DWF/Loco Heavy Weight Title Belt against Sheik Shiel Ali. Special appearance by The Rowdy One



Runtime: 00:16:50

DWF - Locked & Loaded - Match 6 - Diamond Studs -v- The Empire for Unified DWF-Loco Tage Team Belts


Locked and Loaded 05-07-11

The Diamond Studz Johnny Feerless & Johnny Spades with Nick Suave verses The Empire Ron Starr & Tye Rheno for the Unified DWF/Loco Tag Team Belts. This match has so many surprises just imagine the empire with thier own brand of antics and Nick Suave Indy's most deceitful, double-dealing and misleading manager of super stars in the same ring!



Runtime: 00:11:49

DWF - Locked & Loaded - Match 5 - Man Thing -v- The Southern Enforcer


Locked & Loaded

Match 5 - Doc Diamond Introduces the newest member of the Diamond Family a chain saw weilding loco as they come "Man Thing" which is not to the liking of the existing family members specifically DWF/Loco Heavy Weight Champion Southern Justice and his tag team partner The Southern Enforcer. 

Commissioner Jose Riveria has to throw oil on the fire and announces who Man Things first opponent will be .... The Southern Enforcer. This angers Doc Diamond and the owner of the fed quickly fires Jose. This firing kinda smooths things over with the tag team from the south. Until the end of match.. You gotta see what happens to understand.



Runtime: 00:18:07

DWF - Locked & Loaded - Match 4 - 8 Man Tag Match Johnny Hadden and Ben Rivers and Black Dragon and Slim Whiskey Verses The Latin Connection and La Familia Unified and represting Loco Wrestling as Latin Nation


Locked & Loaded

Match 4 - 8 Man Tag Match Johnny Hadden and Ben Rivers and Black Dragon and Slim Whiskey Verses The Latin Connection and La Familia Unified and represting Loco Wrestling as Latin Nation



Runtime: 00:16:45

DWF - Locked & Loaded - Match 3 Ravage v The High Flying Kid Owen O'Neil.wmv


Locked & Loaded

Match 3 Ravage v The High Flying Kid Owen O'Neil.wmv



Runtime: 00:22:13

DWF - Locked & Loaded - Match 2 Dante and Amedeus vs LJ Cruise and Ztio with Mike Trash


Locked & Loaded

Match 2 Dante and Amedeus vs LJ Cruise and Ztio with Radio Talk Show Host Classy Mike Trash. Jesse Logan Refferying



Runtime: 00:16:40

Reloaded Aftermath

The Aftershow. Reloaded Aftermath. Reloaded June 4th 2011.



Runtime: 00:16:02

DWF Locked & Loaded 05-17-2011-Match 1 Cruiser Weight Championship Blackie Defends against Victor Cohones


Locked & Loaded


Match 1 Cruiser Weight Championship Blackie Defends against Victor Cohones



Runtime: 00:00:45

DWF _ Locked & Loaded 05-17-2011-DVD Intro

DWF _ Locked & Loaded 05-17-2011-DVD Intro



Runtime: 00:05:00

Locked and Loaded opening 10 Bell Salute for Osama Bin Laden

Before Locked and Loaded actually started Shiek Shiel Ali came out to demand a 10 bell salute for Osama Bin Laden. The result... Well you just gotta watch.



Runtime: 00:10:00

Urban Legend vs Johnny Hated DWF On Fire VII

Opening match from DWF On Fire VII Feb. 19th 2011. Urban Legend vs Johnny Hated at Devastation University.



Runtime: 00:05:00

The Empire trash talking

The Empire trash talks a couple of DWF wrestlers. Sending a message to the DOS.



Runtime: 00:02:00

Mike Trash and the DOS put the DWF on notice

Mike Trash and the DOS put the DWF on notice



Runtime: 00:02:02

Dalton James talks to the DWF commisioner

After two matches against the current DWF Heavyweight champion Dimitrius Arion, Southern Justice decided it was time to get a special match.



Runtime: 00:03:00

The Empire questions JoJo as number 1 contender

The Empire Ron Starr and Nick Suave question JoJo as number 1 contender. Jose Rivera Jr. makes an announcement.



Runtime: 00:03:34

Jingle all the Way Commercial

Commercial for the next DWF/Loco show Dec 4th @ Devastation U. Bring a new unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots and get free admission. Otherwise 6 bucks gets you in the door @ 2301 Haddonfield Road Pennsauken New Jersey. 7:30 Pm Belltime.



Runtime: 00:03:00

Simply The Empire

Empress Simply Divine and The Empire talking about the 4th of Dec. DWF/Loco's Toys for Tots show. Jingle all the way! Our annual drive for Toys for Tots. Come out and see the Christmas Beatings.



Runtime: 00:03:00

YGW talks about The Columbian Cartel

YGW talks about The Columbian Cartel. Amadeus and Slayer want revenge for being busted open at Monster Mash.



Runtime: 00:03:00

The Bulldozer and The Empire

While Jay Fury was speaking to our cameras The Bulldozer was trying to workout. The Empire paid a visit. 



Runtime: 03:00:00

DWF/Loco Monster Mash Halloween Show 2010

DWF/Loco Annual Halloween Show 2010


Ron Starr introduced The Empire. Loudy and Bulldozer Matt Justice were fired. Nick Suave was brought out as the new manager.

JoJo defeated Mike Goldstein and Zito in a Loco Heavyweight contendership match.

The Southern Enforcer Defeated Da Law

Latin Enforcer challenged The Southern Enforcer

Blackie Defeated Joey Spades to retain The Loco Cruiserweight Title

The Latin Connection defeated La Famillia

Kage and IB Green defeated Ron Starr and Ty Reno due to outside interference by Bulldozer Matt Justice

YGW came out with WNJC and WBCB Dj's

Columbian Cartel and YGW Amadeus and Slayer no contest

Fans were shocked as Amadeus was carried off a bloody mess.

Autumn Breeze and Simply Divine battled to a draw. Then battled beyond. They had to be pulled apart.

Dr. Ruthless defeated Jonny Casteda Jesse Logan and Slim Whiskey to regain the New Jersey State title.

Demitrious Arion defeated Chill Sean Carr and Dalton James to win the DWF Heavyweight title.



Runtime: 00:05:00

The Bulldozer gets taught a Lesson ??

Nick Suave and his henchman decided to teach the Bulldozer a lesson. But did they? or did they wake up a sleeping giant? Only time will tell.



Runtime: 00:05:00

The Columbian Cartel

The Columbian Cartel show their true colors. I wonder what their plans are for DWF/Loco?



Runtime: 00:05:00

The Monster Ahtu

The Monster Ahtu introduces himself to two newcomers to DWF/Loco. Sept. 11th 2010 at Devastation University. DWF/Loco's Freezone.



Runtime: 00:00:50

The Patriot Speaks about Devastation U.

The Patriot Speaks about Devastation University.



Runtime: 00:28:20

Wargames Excursion Recap Show

The Recap show from DWF/Loco Wargames Excursion. The Outlaw Franky G and Radical Robbie Morrison take you match by match thru Wargames Excursion.



Runtime: 03:00:00

DWF/Loco May 15th 2010 War Games Revenge

DWF/Loco May 15th 2010 War Games Revenge COMPLETE SHOW



Runtime: 00:21:15

The Recap Show May 15th 2010

The Recap show Revenge May 15th 2010. Starring The Outlaw Franky G. and Radical Robbie Morrison.



Runtime: 00:02:05

Dillinger Intro

Dillinger introduces himself to the DWF/Loco fans.



Runtime: 00:02:05

Starlet Jamilla Craft introduces herself

Starlet Jamilla Craft introduces herself to the DWF/Loco fans.



Runtime: 00:02:10

Zito and Jose Rivera Jr. Talk about Bad Blood

Zito and Jose Rivera Jr. talking about Bad Blood.



Runtime: 00:05:00

The Macintyre Brothers say hello to Jose Rivera Jr.

The Macintyre Brothers introduce themselves to Jose Rivera Jr.



Runtime: 00:01:29

The Return of Starlet Simply Divine

The Return of Starlet Simply Divine



Runtime: 00:12:00

DWF & Loco Recap show March 20th 2010 Aftermath

DWF & Loco Recap show March 20th 2010 Aftermath starring John Solo, Robbie Morrison and Southern Justice.



Runtime: 00:17:00

DWF & Loco Wrestling Feb 20th 2010 Recap Show

DWF & Loco Wrestling Feb 20th 2010 Recap Show

John Solo & Sean Beckerman Host the Recap Show describing each match and its outcome from tonights Live show.

Special guests Southern Justice, DWF Comishioner and Loco Heavy Weight Champion Ameadeus and Loco Comish Jose Riveria.



Runtime: 00:01:19

DWF/Loco War Games/St. Valentine Day Massacre Audio Promo

DWF/Loco War Games/St. Valentine Day Massacre Audio Promo



Runtime: 02:18:00

DWF/Loco Wrestling Jan 23rd 2010 Deadly Ground Complete Show

DWF/Loco Wrestling Jan 23rd 2010 Deadly Ground Complete Show in Pennsauken NJ

Dangerous Ground Results

Victor Cohones injured surrenders his CruiserWeight title.
Battle Royal for the vacated Cruiserweight Championship
Winner: Adrienne Bliss

? vs. JoJo
Winner: JoJo

Sheik Sheil Ali and Amadeus vs. Latin Connection
Winner: Sheik Sheil Ali and Amadeus

Chris Ansert vs. Kage
Winner: Kage

Corky vs. Downtown Raphael
Winner: Downtown Raphael

Good Old Boys vs ?
Winner Good Old Boys

For the Loco HardCore Title
Souther Justice vs The Southern Enforcer
Winner: Southern Justice

For the Vacant DWF Heavyweight Title
Zito vs. Anhell vs. Sheik Sheil Ali
Winner: Sheik Sheil Ali



Runtime: 00:06:12

DWF/Loco Jan 23rd 2009 Good Ole Boys

DWF/Loco Jan 23rd 2009 Good Ole Boys. Is there trouble within this southern tag team?



Runtime: 00:02:00

Audio Ad for Jan 23rd 2010 DWF/Loco Deadly Ground

Audio Ad for Jan 23rd 2010 DWF/Loco Deadly Ground



Runtime: 00:06:00

DWF/Loco Sean Beckerman Debut: Amadeus/Jose Rivera Jr.

On a Loco Wrestling training night Sean Beckerman makes his debut as the official DWF/Loco Face and tries to get an interview with The Loco Wrestling General Manager Jose Rivera Jr. Amadeus Interupts the interview



Runtime: 00:05:38

DWF-Loco Southern Justice Entrance Video

DWF-Loco Southern Justice Entrance Video



Runtime: 00:02:00

DWF/Loco Thanks!

A thank you from all of us at DWF/Loco



Runtime: 00:03:00

John Solo Devastation

John Solo talks about why YOU should go to Devastation University.



Runtime: 00:03:00

Downtown Raphael talks about Devastation University

Downtown Raphael Talks about Devastation University



Runtime: 00:03:00

Angel Gonzalez Speaks

Angel Gonzalez talks about why you should go to Devastation University.



Runtime: 00:03:00

Amy Lee Talks about Devastation U

Amy Lee talking about Devastation University.



Runtime: 00:46:00

DWF/Loco Wrestling Thriller 10/24/2009

DWF/Loco Wrestling Thriller 10/24/2009



Runtime: 01:54:41

DWF Loco August 1st 2009 Back With a Vengeance - Succeeding Where Others Failed

In front of 250+ people (almost sold out show) The Stars of DWF and Loco Wrestling performed at thier old stomping grounds in Pennsauken NJ at the B&B Boxing & Fitness Club. Featuring:

  • The Debut performance of "Zito" DWF's First graduate from the new school
  • The Debut of the new Loco Commisioner Jose
  • The Debut of tag team the Good 'Ol' Boys
  • The Debut of tag team Bad Carma
  • The Latin Connection
  • Both the DWF and Loco Heavy Weight Champions (Anhell & Raphael) taking on the two last standing from the Battle Royal,           The fans chose who faced who.
  • The first time Amy Lee Bleeds in a match!
  • The Debut of Mercury to The DWF & Loco Families



Runtime: 00:02:00


Back with a Vengeance. DWF/LOCO doing what we do best!



Runtime: 00:02:00

Devastation University Commercial

The latest Devastation University commercial.



Runtime: 00:02:00

Devastation Commercial

Devastation University Commercial.



Runtime: 00:00:54

Amadeus Simply Divine and Cisco threaten The Southern Enforcer and Amy Lee

Amadeus Simply Divine and Cisco threaten The Southern Enforcer and Amy Lee



Runtime: 00:02:21

Devastaion U

The Latest Commercial for Devastation U



Runtime: 02:40:00

DWF/Loco "A Devastated Christmas Goes Loco" 12/6/2008

A Devastated Christmas Goes Loco Dec 6th in Pennsauken New Jersey..There was an absolute capacity crowd in Devastation University to witness what many called the very best show that DWF has had in a long time. The show started off with Kevin James vs. A DWF favourite Anhell Gonzalez. Kevin got the crowd riled up but Anhell stopped Kevin..


Winner Anhell Gonzalez

After that match The Southern Enforcer and Legendary Doc Diamond came to the ring to talk about Amadeus and Downtown Raphael. It didn't take long for them to hit the ring..Amadeus and Raphael got the upper hand 2 on 1 but Doc Diamond promised them something for later on in the evening.

The second match of the night was Arrogance vs. Loco Cruiserweight champion Alberto Libre Jr. What?? Arrogance is a bit big for a cruiserweight. First surprise of the evening.. Unannounced guest Mikey of the Spirit Squad came out to referee. This caught everyone by surprise as noone knew he would be in the building.
Alberto used his speed for much of the match, however the power of Arrogance caught up to him. Arrogance didn't seem to like the way Mikey was calling the match though and he got himself disqualified. Alberto climbed to the top rope while Arrogance was arguing with the ref and hit him with a dropkick. Mikey and Alberto then tossed him out of the ring. Celebration time Spirit Squad style!

Winner Alberto Libre Jr.

The next match was Corky vs. Dark Angel Slayer. Dark Angel got the crowd angered and Corky did his usual. They heavily favoured Corky. Corky was able to bring down the bigger Dark Angel and get the pin.

Winner Corky

The next match was the grudge match between The Latin Connection and The Lost Boys. This is a bitter battle that has been raging since the summer. This match was no different. It went back and forth with both teams hitting each other with all they had. Strange music started playing and out came The Latin Revolution. They let it be known they were here for gold...All of the Gold. A challenge was issued and accepted. Jan 24th a 3 way tag match. Then an all out was erupted, resulting in a double dq.

Match thrown out no winner.

After intermission a birthday girl was brought into the ring by Santa J. After the crowd sang Happy Birthday to her Santa J was presenting her with a cupcake and out came The Latin Revolution. They pushed the cupcake in her face and tossed Santa J into the ring. They then left Santa J layed out in the ring. The poor guy needed help to the back.

The next match was Victor Cohonnes vs. Dr. Ruthless.. clearly a mismatch in size Victor didn't want to be out there and his cohorts managed to get him disqualified. The big man then treated the crowd to a dance.

Winner Dr. Ruthless

The next match was another grudge match..Loco Hardcore champion Damien Pain vs. Crazii Shea. This match was brought on due to Crazii Shea throwing Damien off of a steel cage back in September! The match went all over the building, into the crowd and up on a balcony! It had weapons being used and trash cans! But in the end they were both knocked out. After the match they seemed to have forgotten they were mad at each other.

winner no winner

The next match of the night saw DWF Heavyweight champion Rockin' Rebel team up with WWE Hall of famer Nikolai Volkoff to take on a team of Sheiks managed by Bobby Reidel. Rebel was Rebel and Nikolai's big boots are still very effective.

Winner Rebel and Nikolai

The next match was a rematch from back in the summer. Bobby Piper vs. King Bash Manta. Bash was brutal but Piper was able to keep up. One sleeper hold later the match was over.

Winner Bobby Piper

And the main event of the evening....

Downtown Raphael and Amadeus vs. The Southern Enforcer and Doc Diamonds surprise.... Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart!
This was a quick match. Looked like TSE and Anvil had a great plan. Anvil tossed Raphael out of the ring and they doubleteamed Amadeus. One bossman slam and the match was over.
The last thing everyone saw was TSE carrying Simply Divine formerly his valet Lady D to the back. Does this mean she's back with TSE? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to for any further developements!



Runtime: 00:12:00

Amy Lee in Tennessee 11-23-2008

Amy Lee in Tennessee 11-23-2008



Runtime: 00:11:00

Lady D Makes Her Debut

On Novemeber 23rd 2008 Devastation University Student Lady D made her debut as a professional Wrestler for Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling in Tennessee.

To become a Pro wrestler your self



Runtime: 00:04:00

Drive BY II: Taco Beat Down

Drive BY II: Taco Beat Down The Lost Boys get revenge for the beating they took in Driveby I and issue thier challenge.



Runtime: 00:01:30

Prelude to Drive by 2

Yarr answers the Latin Connection. They may have gotten the best of him and Wolf once but for 15 years they have been doing the very same thing. He tells his fans and the Latin Connection to just stay tuned.



Runtime: 00:04:30

DWF: Damian Pain Addresses his Fans

DWF: Damian Pain Addresses his Fans



Runtime: 00:03:50

DWF "Drive BY" Monster Mash Oct 18th 2008 Promo Lost Boys v Latin Connection

DWF/Loco Oct 18th 2008 Monster Mash Promo Lost Boys v Latin Connection



Runtime: 00:00:31

Promo: Doc Diamond with Southern Enforcer Oct 18th School Show

Promo: Doc Diamond with Southern Enforcer Oct 18th 2008 School Show



Runtime: 00:03:00

DWF - Devastation U - Get Devastated

The first of many to come school promo videos featuring some of the many superstars that trained and are associated with the school.



Runtime: 01:00:00

The Rowdy Zone Starring Doc Diamond

The Debute show of The Rowdy Zone with special Guest legend Doc Diamond of Devastation Wrestling co-starring Bob "The Encyclopedia" Brinsfield of Loco Wrestling



Runtime: 00:02:00

Southern Enforcer/Lady D segment 1

DC Lurie trying to get Southern Enforcer on the April 26th DWF show.



Runtime: 00:02:00

The Lost Boys DWF University

The Lost Boys explain why you should sign up to be trained at DWF University.



Runtime: 00:02:00

Lost Boys Promo 4-21 2008

The Lost boys invade the DWF. Looking for gold and teams to mangle!



Runtime: 00:01:15

Shiek Farwad Muhammaad

Shiek Farawd Muhammaad talking about April 26th DWF show.



Runtime: 00:00:56

DWF - The Rowdy One

DWF The Rowdy One - Pro Wrestler Attacks a fan.. April 2007

Doc Diamond's Devastion Wrestling Federation (DWF) from the Devastation Wrestling University



Runtime: 00:04:51

DWF - PHY vs. Frizzo

Screw Job of the year.... dec. 2006

Doc Diamond's Devastion Wrestling Federation (DWF) from the Devastation Wrestling University



Runtime: 01:17:00

DWF No Boundries

Devastation Wrestling Federation Presents

No Boundries

November 18th 2006

Matches Include:

Cartoon vs. Fierce Fuego

Amadeus vs. Frankie Frizzo

Vinnie The Fixxer vs. Nikolai Volkoff

Shiek Ali/Russian Assassin vs. Patriot/Big Slam

Crazii Shea vs. Twiggy Ramirez

Patch vs. Glen Osbourne

Sal Sincere vs. Angel Gonzalez



Runtime: 01:57:37

DWF Monster Mash

DWF Monster Mash

October 14th 2006