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Runtime: 00:24:28

S1E26 Tough Tenderfoot

S1E26 Tough Tenderfoot - A newly arrived Scotsman runs afoul of his wicked American cousin who is bent on inheriting a family gold mine - even if it means murder!

6/5/2016 6:33:32 AM


Runtime: 00:24:27

S1E25 The Rain Wagon

S1E25 The Rain Wagon - During a drought that has hit Wileyville, crops are failing and tempers are soaring high. This drought brings two men with a Rain Maker to the town. During a demonstration, the express office is robbed and an innocent farmer is blamed. Buffalo Bill Jr. and his sis, Calamity set out to find the real villains.

6/5/2016 6:33:31 AM


Runtime: 00:24:31

S1E24 Boomer's Blunder

S1E24 Boomers Blunder - Buffalo Bill Jr. tries to discover why Caleb Boomer is so desperate to buy back 80 acres of land he sold to Judge Wiley.

6/5/2016 6:33:29 AM


Runtime: 00:26:00

S1E23 The Death of Johnny Ringo

S1E23 The Death of Johnny Ringo - A gunman posing as the notorious killer Johnny Ringo takes aim at a government courier.

6/5/2016 6:33:28 AM


Runtime: 00:24:29

S1E22 The Black Ghost

S1E22 The Black Ghost - Buffalo Bill Jr. tries to capture the Black Ghost, a masked outlaw trying to grab the land of a prosperous rancher. Bill falls for the ranchers pretty niece who is in cahoots with the villain. Fortunately, Calamitys feminine instincts cause her to distrust the woman and she follows her to the outlaws hideout.

6/5/2016 6:33:26 AM


Runtime: 00:24:29

S1E21 Trail of the Killer

S1E21 Trail of the Killer - Attempting to elude a posse led by Sheriff Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid and his henchman ride into Wileyville and charm Buffalo Bill Jr. and his friends.

6/5/2016 6:33:25 AM


Runtime: 00:26:43

S1E20 Empire Pass

S1E20 Empire Pass - The people of Wileynille are in a spot because a rival railroad is going to lay rails in Empire Pass. This would make Wileyville become a ghost town. Buffalo Bill Jr. comes up with a plan to save the town, but the rival railroad wont hear of this and Bill and his sis, Calamity, must warn the others before it is too late.

6/5/2016 6:33:23 AM


Runtime: 00:25:50

S1E19 Fugitive from Injustice

S1E19 Fugitive from Injustice - Young Papito Gonzales is on the run from a man who claims that the mare and colt the boy has are his. Papito soon comes to Wileyville while on the run and gets into trouble with some men who steal his mare. Bill and Calamity set out to help the boy reclaim his horses and clear a matter with the man who is looking for him.

6/5/2016 6:33:22 AM


Runtime: 00:00:00

S1E18 The Little Mavericks

S1E18 The Little Mavericks - The Little Mavericks

6/5/2016 6:33:20 AM


Runtime: 00:24:26

S1E17 Rails Westward

S1E17 Rails Westward - Bill falls for a pretty girl when she and her father arrive in Wileyville. He and Judge Wiley convince the newcomers to buy the stagecoach line from its shifty owner. The man is happy to sell since he knows that the railroad is building a spur to Wileyville, and his company will soon be worthless. When the pretty blonde blames Buffalo Bill for encouraging the bad business deal, the youngster determines to get her familys money back.

6/5/2016 6:33:19 AM


Runtime: 00:24:22

S1E16 Apache Raid

S1E16 Apache Raid - After moving their cattle onto the Apache Indian reservation, Gorman accuses the Indians of cattle rustling. Its up to Buffalo Bill Jr. and his sis Calamity to prove the Indians innocence.

6/5/2016 6:33:17 AM


Runtime: 00:25:59

S1E15 The Fight for Texas

S1E15 The Fight for Texas - A crooked rancher forces Calamity to send a telegraph to the commander of a company of Texas Rangers authorizing an incursion into Mexico to round up a gang of rustlers. He hopes that the Mexican authorities will force the Texas state government to shut down the only law enforcement organization in West Texas which will enable him to run all his illegal activities without interference from the authorities.

6/5/2016 6:33:15 AM


Runtime: 00:24:23

S1E14 The Devil's Washbowl

S1E14 The Devils Washbowl - A gang of swindlers are trying to rob Wileyville by claiming that a hot spring called the Devils Washbowl has water that it safe to drink even though it was not so in the past. Bill suspects somethings up and goes to the Washbowl to find out.

6/5/2016 6:33:14 AM


Runtime: 00:26:02

S1E13 Legacy of Jesse James

S1E13 Legacy of Jesse James - Survivors of Jesse James old outlaw gang try to recover his hidden loot with a pieces of a torn treasure map.

6/5/2016 6:33:13 AM


Runtime: 00:25:43

S1E12 Runaway Renegade

S1E12 Runaway Renegade - Buffalo Bill Jr., helps a former member of Jesse Jamess gang clear himself of a false murder charge.

6/5/2016 6:33:11 AM


Runtime: 00:24:29

S1E11 Redskin Gap

S1E11 Redskin Gap - Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch rob a stagecoach carrying a mines payroll. Butch knocks out the marshal guarding the money and exchanges identities with the unconscious lawman. While leafing through a stack of wanted posters, Bill discovers the truth and attempts to recover the loot with the help of his sister, Calamity and an old sea-dog called Barnacle Barney.

6/5/2016 6:33:10 AM


Runtime: 00:00:00

S1E10 Red Hawk

S1E10 Red Hawk - A crooked businessman is intent on getting the lucrative contract with the local mining companies. His plans to drive his competition out of business hit a snag when his rivals adopted son returns from college but, discovering the young man is an Indian, tries to use racial prejudice as a tool to accomplish his scheme.

6/5/2016 6:33:08 AM


Runtime: 00:24:29

S1E9 Lucky Horseshoe

S1E9 Lucky Horseshoe - Judge Wileys business is not doing so well due to the hard-to-beat prices of a competitor. Meanwhile, half of the supplies sent to the Indians always seems to go missing. Is there a connection between this new businesses low prices and the supply stealing? Bill is determined to find out who is behind it.

6/5/2016 6:33:07 AM


Runtime: 00:25:39

S1E8 Grave of the Monsters

S1E8 Grave of the Monsters - A professor and his men are taking a survey on the Navajo Reservation land so that they can get to the rock oil that is underneath the rocks. They murder the Indian agent and then try to kill the chiefs son White Eagle. Buffalo Bill Jr. is concerned for the land of his friends and tries to find out who is behind these killings and why.

6/5/2016 6:33:05 AM


Runtime: 00:00:00

S1E7 The Six-Gun Symphony

S1E7 The Six-Gun Symphony - The Six-Gun Symphony

6/5/2016 6:33:04 AM


Runtime: 00:25:58

S1E6 Pawnee Stampede

S1E6 Pawnee Stampede - The Pawnee strip is a piece of Federal land that has long been a haven for outlaws. When the government finally sends an officer down to Wileyville so they can open up the strip for homesteading, the courier is killed. Determined to get the strip open for homesteading, Bill, Calamity, Judge Wiley, and the Reverend, set out to get the petition signatures needed to make it official.

6/5/2016 6:33:02 AM


Runtime: 00:24:28

S1E5 The Calico Kid

S1E5 The Calico Kid - A poor miners daughter comes to town expecting to see a rich father.

6/5/2016 6:33:01 AM


Runtime: 00:00:00

S1E4 A Bronc Called Gunboat

S1E4 A Bronc Called Gunboat - A Bronc Called Gunboat

6/5/2016 6:32:59 AM


Runtime: 00:24:15

S1E3 Hooded Vengeance

S1E3 Hooded Vengeance - Renegades from the Clu Clux Clan are wreaking havoc on the ranches surrounding Wileyville. When the townspeople refuse to unhood the members, Bill and Calamity decide to do it themselves.

6/5/2016 6:32:58 AM


Runtime: 00:25:43

S1E2 First Posse

S1E2 First Posse - Bill teams up with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday to round up an outlaw gang.

6/5/2016 6:32:56 AM


Runtime: 00:24:22

S1E1 Fight for Geronimo

S1E1 Fight for Geronimo - Buffalo Bill Jr. and Calamity uncover a plot to release Geronimo from U.S. Army custody, so the outlaws can pretend to recapture him and collect the reward.

6/5/2016 6:32:54 AM