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Views: 4646

Runtime: 02:40:00

A Devastated Christmas Goes Loco Dec 6th in Pennsauken New Jersey..There was an absolute capacity crowd in Devastation University to witness what many called the very best show that DWF has had in a long time. The show started off with Kevin James vs. A DWF favourite Anhell Gonzalez. Kevin got the crowd riled up but Anhell stopped Kevin..


Winner Anhell Gonzalez

After that match The Southern Enforcer and Legendary Doc Diamond came to the ring to talk about Amadeus and Downtown Raphael. It didn't take long for them to hit the ring..Amadeus and Raphael got the upper hand 2 on 1 but Doc Diamond promised them something for later on in the evening.

The second match of the night was Arrogance vs. Loco Cruiserweight champion Alberto Libre Jr. What?? Arrogance is a bit big for a cruiserweight. First surprise of the evening.. Unannounced guest Mikey of the Spirit Squad came out to referee. This caught everyone by surprise as noone knew he would be in the building.
Alberto used his speed for much of the match, however the power of Arrogance caught up to him. Arrogance didn't seem to like the way Mikey was calling the match though and he got himself disqualified. Alberto climbed to the top rope while Arrogance was arguing with the ref and hit him with a dropkick. Mikey and Alberto then tossed him out of the ring. Celebration time Spirit Squad style!

Winner Alberto Libre Jr.

The next match was Corky vs. Dark Angel Slayer. Dark Angel got the crowd angered and Corky did his usual. They heavily favoured Corky. Corky was able to bring down the bigger Dark Angel and get the pin.

Winner Corky

The next match was the grudge match between The Latin Connection and The Lost Boys. This is a bitter battle that has been raging since the summer. This match was no different. It went back and forth with both teams hitting each other with all they had. Strange music started playing and out came The Latin Revolution. They let it be known they were here for gold...All of the Gold. A challenge was issued and accepted. Jan 24th a 3 way tag match. Then an all out was erupted, resulting in a double dq.

Match thrown out no winner.

After intermission a birthday girl was brought into the ring by Santa J. After the crowd sang Happy Birthday to her Santa J was presenting her with a cupcake and out came The Latin Revolution. They pushed the cupcake in her face and tossed Santa J into the ring. They then left Santa J layed out in the ring. The poor guy needed help to the back.

The next match was Victor Cohonnes vs. Dr. Ruthless.. clearly a mismatch in size Victor didn't want to be out there and his cohorts managed to get him disqualified. The big man then treated the crowd to a dance.

Winner Dr. Ruthless

The next match was another grudge match..Loco Hardcore champion Damien Pain vs. Crazii Shea. This match was brought on due to Crazii Shea throwing Damien off of a steel cage back in September! The match went all over the building, into the crowd and up on a balcony! It had weapons being used and trash cans! But in the end they were both knocked out. After the match they seemed to have forgotten they were mad at each other.

winner no winner

The next match of the night saw DWF Heavyweight champion Rockin' Rebel team up with WWE Hall of famer Nikolai Volkoff to take on a team of Sheiks managed by Bobby Reidel. Rebel was Rebel and Nikolai's big boots are still very effective.

Winner Rebel and Nikolai

The next match was a rematch from back in the summer. Bobby Piper vs. King Bash Manta. Bash was brutal but Piper was able to keep up. One sleeper hold later the match was over.

Winner Bobby Piper

And the main event of the evening....

Downtown Raphael and Amadeus vs. The Southern Enforcer and Doc Diamonds surprise.... Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart!
This was a quick match. Looked like TSE and Anvil had a great plan. Anvil tossed Raphael out of the ring and they doubleteamed Amadeus. One bossman slam and the match was over.
The last thing everyone saw was TSE carrying Simply Divine formerly his valet Lady D to the back. Does this mean she's back with TSE? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to for any further developements!



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